Opened in the classroom in the hot pot shop 90 college students entrepreneurial story

college students venture now in the society has been very common, at the same time, there are some students in the school have embarked on a business and get rich when there is no graduate Road, next, Xiaobian to introduce too, let’s look at her story.

Chengdu "Apprentice" female students opened Hot pot shop

This Hot pot shop is located in Lanzhou City,

summer afternoon, "classroom" not many guests wearing a red scarf, several young people are eating. The "classroom" broadcast, a children’s song for having heard it many times came: "I picked up a penny in the street……" Behind the podium on the blackboard, is a group of playful cartoon chalk. The platform after the wall, there are 8 red characters: Study hard every day.

"are the most discussed topic and positioning of the Hot pot shop, what kind of Hot pot shop, opened a number of large-scale." In the meantime, a Guangdong restaurant with a family atmosphere as the theme of a food magazine recommended Nie Dandan’s attention.

"can not blindly imitate, we need innovation, flexibility." Nie Dandan thought she had just left the campus, classroom, also think of the creation of Jay Chou, singing "three year two class": "you recommended to polish eyes

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