Small home appliance store decoration skills sharing

creative small household electrical appliances can make people’s lives more convenient, open a small home appliance store is also very profitable. So, you may want to ask, how to open a small home appliance store? Open a small household electrical appliances store you need to know a lot of things, this time, a small home appliance decoration to introduce.

1, small home appliance store decoration design and appliance VI harmony. The main channel is spacious, not less than 2 meters, the second channel is smooth, not less than 1.5 meters, small appliances to join design glass doors and windows have obvious color difference, logo out, caused the attention of the customer, to prevent hidden dangers.

The design and decoration of

2, small household electrical appliances store decoration design on both sides of the gate, usually in the blank wall hung service commitments in the KT display board, the cashier put up the payment notice, at the top of the stairs and the appropriate position whereby "delivery notice", "return flow", "from your satisfaction, service make every day special commitment" and other home appliances.

3,   door wall light shelves of uniform height, uniform size of about 50CM, bright and beautiful, the booth arrangement for customers with comfortable, shop layout, layout at roughly the store manager of home appliance store decoration design should tend to beautify the layout.

4,   electrical display stress, promotional products and focus on the sale of the brand can be placed in the doorway or conspicuous place, how to open a small home appliance store? The rest of the brand should be arranged reasonably, small household electrical appliances to join the business items block distribution is clear, reasonable arrangement of the brand, the layout of the prominent theme of the best-selling varieties. Gifts should be placed neatly, beautiful.

5,   the hanging flag plays to publicize and beautify the environment, home appliance store decoration design when hanging the flag, should pay attention to its height and distance, and to consider the influence of the surrounding environment, can block the light and brand tag.

6,   sometimes in the shop around from the ceiling above the showcase but also have a certain space, we can draw a row of garland or other decorations, if the next space is relatively large, you can also hang some hanging flowers in the shop.

7,   POP plays a pivotal role in the propaganda posters in the appliance store decoration design, writing must be beautiful, and put the suspension should be beautiful, small appliances to join including put the poster frame must be suitable for the environmental requirements, some stainless steel plate placed posters must be in line with the order. How to open a small home appliance store? The audition also can hang a small indoor painting or simply hang a POP poster overview.

8, small home appliances store decoration design signage must be bright, humble, hanging to dazzling.

9, small household electrical appliances store decoration design of square column mostly hung some appliances printing, some can be made with glass printing. Bright lights off elegant atmosphere.

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