Specialty shop to make money what tricks

under the background of competition is now so fierce, if you want to sell to make money, we only have to master more tricks, can let the shop business become more popular, earnings will be more. So, what are the specialty shop to make money? Let Xiaobian to you through the analysis of a case.

is a strong original director, a state-owned Chengdu office sent, he is responsible for most of the time, he would go to the shop to buy some specialty products to overseas and foreign guests, some guests feel delicious but also find a strong buy.

is a business that sold a specialty ah, he also do office also tired, middle-aged, not a put a life like this, so he determined to retreat from the unit, just concentrate on his Sichuan specialty shop.

specialty store Scenic District stores, shops and community shops, a strong one began to dare to put stall to engage in too much, the election of a large residential area, opened a 70 square meters of Sichuan specialty shop.

But when a

when the stores open, some state-owned enterprises are not friends he had known to goods, and later asked to know the company, group purchase products industry fell sharply, demand also reduce a lot of business gifts. Now fewer gifts, public funds to buy less specialty. Strong traditional network resources can not play a fundamental role!!

? The Duke decided to accept the baptism of the market, all starting from the market. He made a few strokes, the specialty store led to a new height, 70 flat specialty stores, March 2014 to the new year in February 2015, earned about 1000000!

first recruit, decisively change the specialty store category combination

The original

category is mainly gifts demand, tea, wine, bacon sausage, beef, Dried tofu, Zhang Fei Sichuan is full of Polygonum multiflorum and so on, the product quality; now increase the daily need lo, also sell Qinghai unique old yogurt, and agricultural and sideline products, such as soil, wild edible fungus such as egg dry cargo. These categories are district residents daily need to drop

second strokes, every day promotion

The original

do promotion, but are products of a discount, do a membership card offers, are now engaged in daily category promotions, such as Sichuan Jianmen Pass chicken chicken, after only 38 blocks. So, attract many community residents to panic buying ah, a strong sell this will keep the chicken, but to other daily store category of sales.

third, member preferential system

do 1000 to send 200, but also to enjoy the special offer daily, every day is special offer quantity is recommended

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