The cigarette mildew summer to do what work

although winter is coming, not many of the owners are still suffering from the loss of cigarettes in the summer Due to improper handling, the relevant work is not in place, resulting in a lot of cigarettes, cigarette products are on the mold, can not be sold, which is a very big loss for the shop. If you want to learn from the lessons of 2016, want to do a good job in 2017 to work cigarette mildew, pay attention to the following points.

client manager visited the market, found that some of the cigarette retail customers keep a misunderstanding, think now is cigarette film packaging, moisture-proof performance, lack of attention to the cigarette storage problem. Some cigarettes piled up in the hot and humid in the warehouse, some cigarettes and other commodities are mixed and the long-term, the cigarette display cabinet long-term exposure in the sun.

a small number of retail stores appear to change the packaging of cigarettes, the smell of the variation of the smell, poor, consumers are not satisfied with the complaints, the impact on the reputation of the store, but also caused some economic losses. At present, with the summer high temperature season, cigarette keeping maintenance is particularly prominent, we should give full attention, understand the principle of cigarette mildew as soon as possible to take measures, do the work of cigarette mildew.

cigarette is a special commodity, it does not mark the shelf life. Alone in the current packaging is not enough to ensure the long-term quality and safety of cigarettes, the quality of how long it is mainly depends on the preservation of conservation. Cigarette mildew usually occurs during storage, the principle is to mold in proper environment and rapid growth and reproduction, decomposition of cigarette contents, damage to the organizational structure changes so that the cigarette quality fundamentally.

cigarette mildew mainly lies in the "two" (temperature and humidity) to effectively control the adverse conditions within the fungal growth. National Tobacco Corporation explicitly requires: "the temperature of the reservoir is controlled at 25 DEG C to 30 DEG C, and the relative humidity is controlled in the range of 55% ~ 65%……" In order to ensure the safety of cigarette in summer. This is still a lot of retail households have a certain degree of difficulty and workload. At present, in general, lingshouhu friends according to their own conditions, to make tobacco mildew in summer, should adhere to the "three note":

is a note of the cigarette is placed in a cool dry and ventilated, mats, and other goods smell isolated places, not for a long time on the ground. The stock of small retail households such as the cigarette can be placed in a good moisture-proof effect of the iron box, cylinder and other large containers, and then put some desiccant is better. Don’t take long time to put the cigarette in the hot sun exposure, so as not to make the packaging fade, not only affect the appearance, will make the normal temperature and moisture change of cigarette smoking and its influence.

two is to pay attention to arrange the purchase to maintain a reasonable inventory, Qin Qin Qin sales, accelerate turnover. In accordance with the limited supply of tobacco policy, visit the delivery cycle combined with market demand, system >

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