Summer ice cream shop costs as low as freezing point

is the ice cream in summer carnival season, ice cream shop business is an unprecedented hot, summer ice cream shop, the cost is not high, 100 percent profit, to shop, you can get rich as soon as possible, so the freezing point of business opportunities, how can you miss?

upfront investment including decoration, labor, rent, join, purchase, to about 25000 yuan. Because the store location is near the supermarket, community, school, "my shop environment is simple and generous, very flavor ice cream, the price is not high, the rich variety of changes, so to attract a large number of" freezing point lovers ", live near people are willing to come in, relax a. Selling two thousand or three thousand per day is not a problem. In addition, I also with fast food and barbecue to sell, complement each other, basically no off-season, year-round income is very considerable, at least earn a about 200000".

open franchise stores, the equipment investment is 18 thousand yuan, the shop area of 5-10 square meters, 220 volt power supply, staff of 1-2 people, more than 1000 yuan liquidity. In addition to operating ice cream, but also the sale of fast food, beverages, barbecue, etc., such as proper operation, half an investment can be recovered.

If a mobile shop, station, wharf, then theaters, bars, schools et al. Larger flow place can be set up, selling is done now, in addition to the sales of ice cream products, but also sales of other beverage products.

utilities 300 yuan

40007000 yuan gross profit

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