Retail promotions need to focus on novelty

said the shop for promotion, shop owner, may have done before the various billboards once again take out, and for customers is to have time to care about whether there is a cheap, this promotion is not successful, no doubt. So, if you want to do a good job in retail sales, nature also need to focus on novelty.

first retail households in order to use promotional means to attract popularity, stimulating sales, it must pay attention to the promotion of novelty. Only the new form of promotion in order to better attract the attention of customers, stimulate the customer’s desire to buy. Therefore, as a retail household to brain, think more, do as much as possible to promote the form of diversification, the promotion of new means.

to change the form, especially the best use of different forms of promotion every year. By changing the form of promotion, so that customers can feel from retailers in a painstaking, feel a deep feeling of retailers.

retail Household Liu Zhoutong told the author: pay attention to the novelty of the promotion means, which can effectively avoid customer visual fatigue, will attract the customer’s curiosity. If you use the same promotional methods every year, customers may be tired, and even some customers will be disgusted. At the end of last year he is awarding points promotions, so also take the time to give the customer a card, is not enough manpower.

this year has been thought to be good, ready to be part of commodity price, the customer can make you want to count the money commodity price as a deposit, and then let them write "1-500" to write numbers, if the commodity reward to the customer, if the wrong price to buy. I think this promotion means, in part of the customer psychology must feel very novel, and also think it is easy to do. In fact, let a person to write a "1-500" figure is very easy to make mistakes, so they will not lose money, should also make money, more important is to attract young customers will participate actively, so as to play a promotional role.

to all the holidays, all shops are constantly carry out promotional activities, many shops because there is no what competitive advantage, can only lead to price war, promotions into a vicious competition, this promotion is undoubtedly fail, not only for the shop, are not desirable for the whole industry. However, if the promotion of novelty, which will undoubtedly make the success of the higher probability of success.

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