Shop operators may wish to attract customers with fragrance

said the shop owner might think a lot of flavor, it is difficult to understand, if not the restaurant, a florist, a perfume shop, how will the shop inside the smell? In fact, want to let the store have a smell is very simple, lit a stick of incense can do it, then let the shop business is booming.

my home supermarket space is relatively large, but more items, so there will always be a strange smell in the supermarket. Staying in the house for a long time, I feel like I’m suffocating. In addition, some customers come into the door, there is no reason to use hand flashing what, it seems that the smell of the supermarket affected her. Suddenly, I began to realize the seriousness of the smell. However, how can we solve this problem? I think, or think of ways to.

once, I went to a friend’s house. A door, I was attracted by a strange aroma, the kind of fragrance is not thick not light, so that people smell particularly comfortable in the heart. Later, I learned that the friend’s home for the Buddha to burn incense. Suddenly, as if I had an inspiration, why not follow her example? Suddenly, I burst with joy. After returning home, I bought a box of incense, lit, the kind of fragrance immediately spread in the supermarket opened.

all day long, the supermarket will be floating in this special fragrance. The smell of incense is full of rich cultural atmosphere, wrapped in a lot of thick history. Some customers, a door was attracted by this special smell, can be seen from the expression of her feelings of pleasure. From then on, I found that customers are smiling, and my family supermarket sales have also continued to rise. In fact, it is very convenient to burn incense, neither delay time, do not pollute the environment. Only one per day, it is both economical and convenient.

think about how easy it is, just only a fragrance, it does not need much cost, but the operation of the store has a very big change. Now, every day I have to burn incense, a fine fragrance can enhance the cultural taste of the supermarket, can make customers comfortable, and can give yourself the source, it is shoot two hawks with one arrow thing ah!

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