Xie Jin’s widow Xu Dawen died yesterday at the age of 90

yesterday, the film director Xie Jin’s widow lady Xu Dawen passed away at the age of 90. The family is the Shanghai Film Group under the help of the old man’s funeral treatment. Will be held in Shanghai, Longhua funeral home farewell ceremony on Saturday.

2008 in October 18th, the film master Xie Jin died in his hometown of Zhejiang, Shangyu. The old and infirm widow Xu Dawen assume the aftermath after the death of Xie Jin. In the shadow of the support group concerned, in 2009, Xu Dawen filed a lawsuit to the court, Sue Song Zude, Liu Xinda repeatedly in the online fiction "cause of death" slander Xie Jin. The case caused widespread concern in the community.

2009 in December, Shanghai City, Jingan District court judge Liu Song, Xie Jin violated the right of reputation, they require a public apology, and compensation for the widow of Xie Jin Xu Dawen of economic loss and damage to nearly 290 thousand yuan. After the Shanghai second intermediate people’s Court of appeal upheld, Liu song. In May 2010, Song Zude and Liu Xinda in the court notice ordering, submit report and statement of apology to the court, in June.

2015 in January, the Shanghai Xie Jin film arts foundation was founded, specialized in film studies, and set up once a year the "Xie Jin Cup" Academy Award, film and Television Awards covering major students at home and abroad well-known art education institutions.

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