Brand ceramic tile shop management skills

in the home improvement market, the brand tiles by the people’s attention, but also because of this, the recent development of the brand ceramic industry is very hot. Different brands of ceramic tile market is also a lot of distribution. Investors in the operation of the brand ceramic tile shop, want to get the development of the brand tiles market competition, it needs to grasp a good way.

investors to open a brand ceramic tile distributors, the key is to operate according to their own specific circumstances. China is not as good as the old saying, the teacher led the door, practice in the individual, not to mention the shop. Just opened the brand tile shop, want to let consumers know your shop, it is necessary to promote. Publicity can clip newspaper, a newspaper clipping from print to the delivery cost, is about to be between 1 to 1 hair 6 hair 8, delivered to every household through the issuance of postal system and newspaper, was voted twenty thousand copies of it, the cost is 3000 yuan.

in the distribution folder newspaper advertising brand ceramic tile shop to make tens of thousands of copies issued, there may be 1% to 5% of the customers will visit your brand tile dealership, part of the product, special offer discount, parity in higher than the cost price basis, let the customer heart, and stimulate the customers desire to buy. In addition, the special product is the magic of the accumulation of popularity, although only a limited number of sets of purchase every day, but if the customer wants to buy, they will come to the store, many people have to wait in line. In this way, it is very good to achieve the purpose of publicity.

novice investment shop, in the absence of experience, the most important thing is to learn from the successful experience of the people, and constantly grasp and understand the skills and methods to avoid detours. The above summary of the new brand ceramic tile distributors need to grasp a good way, hoping to provide some reference and help for investment managers.

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