Fish theme restaurant

a "new love" moved many people sing the youth, and the theme restaurant and provoke fish touch many people tongue taste. Fish theme restaurant to give you the theme of the restaurant is not the same feelings, the following will be a detailed description of the fish flavor theme restaurant to join details.

fish themed restaurant franchise conditions:

1. distributor must have independent civil liability, legal person or natural person.

2. has sufficient financial strength to meet the capital investment requirements.

3. with good credit and certain management ability.

4. has a good commercial credit and business premises.

5. strong public relations ability and ability to plan and organize all kinds of promotional activities.

6. must ensure compliance with the management of the distribution business, credit protection, other business planning, etc..

fish themed restaurant franchise:

1. technical advantages: to share with the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government of the State Council, "senior hot pot division contest champion" Mr. Zhu Tian personally deployment of the bottom material.

2. brand advantage: sharing national and provincial (city) honor.

3. business philosophy advantages: to do the green pioneer pioneer, creating hot pot bull market myth.

4.: touch the fish fish market share well developed "health Hot pot pot," health Hot pot "is according to the season and the corresponding human nutritional requirements and taste changes made Hot pot bottom material, it has more extensive adaptability to market, more and more healthy nutrition.

5. product advantages: the strength of the technology product development capabilities, sharing the fish flavor of the original fish new dishes

6. supplies for the advantages: fast and reliable distribution system, can obtain stable quality, reliable and reliable products and services, a strong centralized procurement model to reduce the cost of joining the investment.

fish themed restaurant franchise support:

1. free of charge to provide VI CD-ROM and other iconic features to ensure the unity of the image of the national franchise;

2. for free

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