Han Xuan Fashion Museum advocating fashion perfect women’s brand

huge profits in the women’s market, becoming the wealth of many investors to the project, the following Xiaobian for everyone to analyze how a successful women’s clothing brand.

  secondly, for the franchisee to provide the latest brand discount clothing

is the same brand discount clothing, and some five or six years, some believe that this is the last quarter, inside the gap between the understanding of the clothing of the person can understand. This is also some of our franchisees say how to be able to provide a lower discount than you, if it is five or six years ago, we will give a lower discount. One or two years ago, clothing, in the popular is not very sensitive to the place, it can be said to be out of date. But now the flow of information very quickly, five or six years ago, most consumers believe that clothes can feel out, no one to buy clothes even took the price cheaper is useless.

if not the most fashionable clothing brands, but through different combination styles, can still be a very fashionable feeling collocation. In order to fit the franchisee all over the country, our goods generally about half a month there will be a big update, so that we can choose more suitable for local franchisees.

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