How to invest the cabinet shop name

is a good name, can attract many consumers. Characteristics of the brand name, consumers will be interested in the potential consumer groups. So, the name is very important. Join the cabinet shop, we have to think of a good brand name, we can learn more about the name of the skills, choose a good name for their own good business!

in the cabinet, wardrobe industry, common brand naming errors are as follows:

first, with the name of the founder of the company or the name of the partner brand naming. This situation is relatively rare in the Chinese cabinet wardrobe industry, but not without. If you want to do a hundred years brand, a hundred years old, the brand naming method is desirable. After all, there are still a lot of time in the future to allow enterprises to brand communication. But for the majority of the survival of China’s cabinet wardrobe brand, this is not a wise approach.

second, with the original name of the industry to carry out the name of the brand extension. A lot of new breakthrough super brand network cabinets, wardrobe industry, building materials industry is done before the other Home Furnishing, in other industries have established a certain reputation, so in the wardrobe cabinets industry breakthrough, naturally use the original brand, using brand extension to do wardrobe cabinets brand name. According to the company’s brand background and development strategy. If the original brand is not strong enough, there is no certain visibility, even if there is a certain degree of visibility is limited to a certain area, it is recommended that the best companies to rename. Business owners most likely to commit errors, is to consider from the enterprise, One loves what is his own., the producer’s point of view, think not the original brand, unfortunately. But if we consider from the consumer’s perspective, the stove may extend is better than the brand.

third, with a mouthful, hard to remember, there is no good brand name of foreign brand naming. Cupboard, wardrobe is exotic, Chinese consumer psychology and consumption at present so many companies choose to use English name. This is understandable. The name itself is not the focus of the real estate network, because consumers pay little attention to the foreign language, consumer concern is the translation of foreign names. A lot of foreign translation, watching and listening is a foreign name, but long, without any mouthful, brand association, is a translation of foreign names, the situation in the China cabinets, wardrobe industry brands can be found everywhere, be too numerous to enumerate.

It’s hard for

to name a brand, and a good name is taken up by someone else. Everyone wants to have a special name, can be remembered by consumers. The above content is to introduce the name of the store and the method of error, we can learn a lot!

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