Tianjin to carry out employment Huimin Limin Engineering

Tianjin has made outstanding achievements in the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, high-tech zones for the development of scientific and technological development of the power of mining and other areas worthy of learning. Hedong District on the focus of the project to increase attention and support to support the development of enterprises, stable employment and entrepreneurship market.

"12th Five-Year" period, Hedong District of Tianjin actively adapt to the new changes in the economic and social development, to support key projects docking and increase entrepreneurship as the main starting point, the implementation of a series of policy measures Huimin Limin, human social security work and achieved remarkable results.

key projects docking steadily expanding employment

Tianjin future ocean Plaza project is one of the key commercial projects in Hedong District, the project in the beginning, human social security bureau early intervention, improve the relevant service project tracking. Since the completion by the end of 2013, human social security bureau several times in Tianjin future ocean Plaza project held special recruitment, District, street, three community employment service platform, service will be held regularly to ask, for the allocation of human resources, skills training, labor contract, insurance coverage policy to explain in detail, and actively build services for enterprises the platform. Tianjin Yuanchi human resources manager Ji zhe told reporters: "the District People Club Bureau almost once a month door-to-door service, recently we are ready to apply for employment training base can provide trainee positions for the majority of college students can also apply for student subsidy."

area occupation introduction center director Li Fei said: "at present, we have and Hedong Wanda Plaza, Redstar, cotton three creative blocks, Aegean Sea shopping park, Kerry exchange established good relations of docking, human resources services for these enterprises. Five years, a total of more than 5 people through the project docking to achieve employment." "12th Five-Year" period, the region identified more than 3 people in employment difficulties, through the implementation of helping policies to help more than 95% of the disadvantaged groups have been properly resettled, to achieve zero employment family dynamic zero target.

to create public entrepreneurship peoples innovation "double engine"

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