The 16 year old 34 year old billionaire achievement leave the hometown

enterprise is a process of their ideals into practice, need to put human resources and various combination of resources, non persevere hard, non professional services to. And the entrepreneur must have a lasting passion, firm and indomitable perseverance and down-to-earth attitude, also need to have the courage to face the difficulties and failures


building in Chinese, is a long, elegant, pure trade, mentoring, and the world’s attack is the characteristics of the industry. Chen Qingfeng’s childhood was spent playing on the site. "When I was young, my father went to work at the site, and he kept me around."

childhood trajectory, somewhere, Chen Qingfeng seems to indicate the future road.

was already full of guilt feelings of Chen Qingfeng, and in the case of a chance, heard Father and relatives talk, "did not study enough" to describe him. Stubborn personality he is not willing to spend their parents money, decided to go out into the world.

"is to learn from the mason, a line with the most basic." As a result of the younger age, Chen Qingfeng was also the workers called "child labor".

two rich generation would sleep for 3 years as an apprentice

hard tileAfter

in order not to let father look more, in order to prove himself, Chen Qingfeng insisted that start empty-handed like his father, and he.

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