The current situation of agricultural investment and trade purchasing in Zigong

although the level of economic development of each city is inconsistent, but each place has its own characteristics, the full use of local characteristics to develop their own, Zigong is a good example. The sixteenth session of the "West" from November 3rd to November 14th in Chengdu is divided into two stages, the second stage of the fourth session of the Sichuan Agricultural Fair held from November 10th to 14 in Chengdu City, the new century exhibition center. The following and Xiaobian together to understand, Zigong agricultural investment and trade procurement development.

Zigong agricultural exhibition hall was fully affirmed

10 morning, Provincial Agricultural Fair held a grand opening ceremony, the provincial Party Secretary Liu Guozhong attended the opening ceremony and announced the agricultural fair of agricultural products (000061, stock it) the exhibition opened, vice governor Wang Minghui attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech, fully affirmed the importance of agricultural fair. The provincial Party committee and government leaders to the City State Patrol, and entered the Zigong agricultural Bo hall inspection, confirmed the Zigong Pavilion "fusion of salt, dragon, light" elements of highly local characteristics, characteristics of agricultural product variety, many popular visitors.


Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, municipal committee secretary Liu Xiaoyu, municipal government vice mayor Yang Zhengyu attended the opening ceremony and participate in the museum tour. On the afternoon of 11 provincial Party committee and provincial agriculture committee director Zum Gao Ha visited the Zigong pavilion.

farm fair debut in 2013 Sibos. It is sponsored by the provincial government, provincial agriculture committee, Department of agriculture, Sichuan Expo Bureau, the Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau and other units jointly sponsored. The theme of the Expo is "open cooperation and promote a comprehensive well-off society", which is divided into two stages: important activities and exhibition. During the convening of the fourth session of the Sichuan Conference on agricultural cooperation and development, China rural farmers think tank forum and Sichuan rural reform seminar.

has been constantly enriched and developed for 3 years, the Agricultural Fair has become a display of results, our province agriculture and rural development to promote the characteristics of famous agricultural products, an annual event to promote agricultural trade and investment, the introduction of advanced concepts of agricultural development in our province, to accelerate the transformation of agricultural development, is playing an increasingly important role agricultural modernization. Agricultural Expo has gradually become the brand agriculture of our province "incubator", modern agriculture "catalyst", "experience zone" of creative agriculture and "vane" of future agriculture".

investment and trade procurement initial results

Zigong city to participate in the exposition of 50 leading enterprises, cooperative organizations, actively participate in the family farm, there are 8 major categories of products (characteristics of meat products, spices, food, livestock products, beverage and wine products, soil (forest) special products, fruit and vegetable products, handicrafts), 337 varieties. Zigong exhibition recommendation

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