Suzhou Jinlong car does not meet the reporting conditions were fined 260 million yuan

car in the current market is very hot, with the upgrading of the consumption level in life, many people have become car owners, car is a car brand for having heard it many times. Jinlong car November 28th evening announcement, company owned subsidiary of United Automotive Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Suzhou dragon") received in November 25th the Ministry of Finance issued the "Ministry of finance decision of administrative punishment" and "the Ministry of Finance on United Automotive Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. decided to processing special inspection of the application of new energy the car subsidy funds".

according to the "book" and "decision" decision, from February 2016 to March, the Ministry of finance to organize inspection groups to carry out a special inspection of Suzhou Jinlong Company from 2013 to 2015 to promote the application of new energy automobile management and use of grant funds. The main problems are as follows:

As of

date of inspection, the new energy vehicles in Suzhou Jinlong Company to declare 2015 the year of the central financial subsidy funds, there are 1683 cars by the end of 2015 has not yet completed, but early in 2015 for a motor vehicle driving license, do not meet the reporting conditions, involving the central financial subsidies 519 million 210 thousand yuan.

Ministry of Finance decided to Suzhou Jinlong Company made 50% of the amount of illegal violations punishable by a fine of $259 million 605 thousand administrative penalty. Suzhou Jinlong Company within 15 days from the date of receipt of the penalty decision will be fined 259 million 605 thousand yuan paid to the central treasury. If a fine is not paid at the end of the day, a fine of 3% of the fine shall be imposed on a daily basis.

at the same time, the Ministry of Finance decided to recover the Suzhou Jinlong Company in 2015 the central government earmarked 519 million 210 thousand yuan of funds, the funds will be deducted in the year 2015 funds in the process of liquidation; cancel Suzhou Jinlong Company central financial subsidy qualification from 2016 onwards. Suzhou Jinlong Company 2015 annual central subsidy funds will be liquidated after paying a fine according to the procedure. Suzhou Jinlong Company should conscientiously implement the rectification of the problems found, after the completion of the rectification and acceptance by the four ministries, you can restore the Suzhou golden dragon company’s central financial subsidy eligibility.

One of the things on

in the process of economic development is also difficult to avoid, but this is a fine car company also gave Li Jinlong a lesson. Jinlong automobile said, after careful consideration, Suzhou Jinlong Company intends to accept the decision of the Ministry of Finance and decision processing. Suzhou Jinlong Company will be in accordance with the requirements of the penalty decision on time to pay a fine, for the Suzhou Golden Dragon Company 2015 annual central subsidy funds can be implemented as soon as possible liquidation. Suzhou Jinlong Company will be in accordance with the decision to deal with the requirements of the rectification, and actively cooperate with the rectification of the inspection, as soon as possible to restore the central financial aid eligibility.

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