Hefei New Year’s day long alcohol driving was investigated since 45

wine in our country is almost indispensable on the table, not only a lot of people love to drink, but also belongs to our country since ancient times, some of the traditional culture, but the popularity of today’s drunk driving is strictly prohibited! Reporters learned today from the Hefei traffic police detachment, during the new year’s Day holiday in 2017, Hefei traffic police department dispatched a total of nearly a thousand police to ensure the city’s traffic order is good. According to the characteristics of the new year’s Day holiday traffic flow, traffic police department in accordance with the highway, urban expressway, tourist attractions surrounding roads, urban centers, roads, large commercial outlets around the city to carry out traffic organization.

holiday three days, the traffic police department key security work order of traffic security Guogou Plaza, Wanda Mao, the heart of the city, pedestrian street, Suzhou Road commercial circle, Xiaoyaojin Park, science and Technology Museum, botanical garden, Wanda Plaza, sea world, wild zoo, wetland park and two Avenue along the lake, and purple Peng Shan, Sanhe tourist attractions and commercial downtown.

in the life with the development of economic level, a lot of people have become a car owners, but there is a serious contradiction between drinking and driving, it is necessary to strictly investigate drunk driving! In addition, in December 30th the city’s evening peak traffic increased sharply, 31, urban traffic is large all day long. The traffic police department police road guidance, to ensure that the road is smooth, 31 evening to 1 am, the detachment of the city’s 26 points and the organization of the city’s drunk driving unified action, touch more than 40 police vehicles, mobilized more than 270 police vehicles more than 6 thousand times, inspection, seized drunk driving 45 onwards, the suspicion of drunk driving motor vehicle 12.

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