Do business just need to be more careful

a lot of business is due to pay attention to some of the details of the factors, will make customers more satisfied, the business will do more prosperous. Not far away in the area at the entrance, there is a shop selling Clay oven rolls. Because my wife and I have to go to work, usually hardly done their own Steamed Buns, so naturally they often go to the shop to buy Clay oven rolls. There is a time after work, I bought 2 yuan in the shop Clay oven rolls Clay oven rolls, just returned home, his wife also work, who knows she is in the store to buy a 2 yuan Clay oven rolls Clay oven rolls.

wife said, wanted to call and ask if I bought a mobile phone but forgot in the Clay oven rolls, but the unit, see a lot of people in the queue to buy Clay oven rolls, and also the wife is afraid of Clay oven rolls sold, began queuing. When the dog days, plus home refrigerator is out of the question, his wife bought the second day Clay oven rolls have peculiar smell, but had to throw away.

even one day, I passed the shop found the Clay oven rolls, the landlord for the boss. Because it was time for dinner, so I left. Well! Also say, people queuing up to buy Clay oven rolls more than before. As I waited, two women in the front row of the dialogue has attracted my attention: "there is no refrigerator in my home, sometimes my husband and I often repeat purchase Clay oven rolls. To buy a Clay oven rolls not worth when some money, but threw indeed a pity."

looks like this lady has had the same experience with me. "Not now, the boss is more careful, always remind us in the purchase of a sentence, so that we will not waste." Another lady said. I was a little confused about the two ladies, but it was inconvenient to ask. Soon, it was my turn. "Sir, if you ask a person at home, see if you have bought Clay oven rolls. If I don’t have a cell phone, I have a fixed phone call."

along the boss’s eyes, I saw a silver box next to a fixed phone, which reads "free dial". "Oh, no, that’s what my wife told me to buy." I said with a smile. "That’s good. The weather is so hot that the rest will be broken." Looking at the shop owner smiles, I can not help but respect. At the same time, I also see why his business will be better than the previous owner of the business reasons.

You need

to do business, especially in the competitive market economy, only by grasping the opportunities, customer service intentions, intentions to carry out business, in order to get more opportunities to win more customers, in order to ensure the development of the shop. The author mentioned above the story, in fact, is the heart of a business case. In this case, although the "heart" is just a little bit, but it has played a great help to the operation.

should be said that the owner of the "intentions" is a real responsibility for the customer’s performance is good faith >

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