How to look at the purchase of clothing stores

no matter what industry is, as long as we do business need to purchase, if not professional, always will be all kinds of deception, so if you can look professional, will undoubtedly make the purchase work carried out smoothly. However, as a novice, if you do not grasp the relevant skills, it is difficult to appear professional. So, how to look at the opening of the clothing store professional?

first came to the front of the clothing wholesalers, the Qi your wardrobe, strode into the store, you will be the enthusiasm for greeting (individual enough money, then do not drop except) return to smile on her face, Keep drop expression, you can not see, can also respond to she nodded as. Well, you can concentrate on the goods, turn over a little more carefully, hanging drops, paved with drops, piles of drops…… To roughly turn over.

often in the process, the owner will make some introductions and recommendations to you, you just need to Oh, you can continue to turn your. It can see the favorite out of careful look, clothes fabric, workmanship, neckline, cuffs, tag and so details must pay attention, pay attention to! Don’t leave your clothes to her blind gestures, this is also the owner of the goods buyers and buyers to distinguish between ordinary drops of a standard.

even clothes again good, don’t be intoxicated with the praise shape, if you drop the acting is good enough, please do a scrape up and drop expression, did not grasp the word, on the free, so people think you stuck with. This time, you can ask the owner of a number of related issues, of course, the owner will ask you some questions, whether it is a question or answer, must be professional oh, for example:

1, ask price

to reflect the plural form to prove that you are in order to drop in volume. Professional asked: "how do you get this dress?" What is the price of this batch"…… Can all. Please do not use the singular form questions, such as: "this clothes how much is it?" "How about this?"…… I don’t have to say that.

2, ask number

as far as possible, crisp, concise and comprehensive, you can ask "there are several color? What code?" Straight into the subject, very sophisticated look, hey! Don’t ask, "are there any other colors?" A look to know is a rookie ~

general, take the goods to a variety of colors or code number will be Qi you wholesale Oh, for the first time to drop the guests, the owner would like to control. If you ask the clothes N multiple colors, multiple N code word, don’t be scared, just nod, "let her own to try it, hehe!

3, answer questions


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