To join the Hand Pulled Noodle

: are you still worry about food items, it is not that you do catering seems to do what is good, and what seems to do the competitiveness is relatively large, yes, have this feeling on the food and beverage industry is such a strange business, easy come, want to succeed sometimes it is easy, but difficult there are a lot of things. So look at your personal aspects of the overall quality. Xiao Bian today only to recommend a more common than to join the brand – Hand-Pulled Noodle. Lanzhou top Catering Service Co. Ltd. is a set catering, raw material production and processing, food research and development, teaching and training, Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef technical guidance for the integrated chain catering enterprises. In order to guarantee to every willing to join Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef chain store franchisees to provide efficient and safe operation of the special space, please provide the relevant documents and determine the cooperation intention, to lay a good foundation for the study, cooperation, negotiation, signing the next step.

dingniu Hand-Pulled Noodle to do professional authentic Lanzhou Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef purpose and persevere unremitting efforts, in 2008 developed the pure natural yak bone bone soup great secret 8 hours long form prepared delicious Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef and the full implementation of market, its beautiful and unique refreshing degree fitness effect immediately in Lanzhou catering the field blew up a strong "pure soup Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef cyclone. So how to join the franchisee? What are the rights and obligations of franchisees?

franchisee join power:

1, the right to use the headquarters of the development of production, processing, marketing, research, service and other aspects of the management of the results (except for patent technology).

2, the power of the work of the headquarters of the chain to make comments and suggestions.

3, have the right to the headquarters of the franchise to the legitimate rights and interests of business activities to support.

4, access to relevant information and other information (except for patent technology).

5, have the right to participate in the activities organized by the headquarters.

franchisee obligations:

1, compliance with the provisions of the headquarters of the system and do a good job in the management of the obligation.

2, the implementation of the resolutions of the meeting and accept the obligation to cooperate with the headquarters.

3, have the responsibility to maintain the corporate image and maintain the brand image.

4, a timely report to the headquarters to reflect the operation of the franchise and provide market information

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