The new transformation of two venture Huzhong Forest Farm

competition in the market is always relentless, do not work forward will be eliminated. Huzhong forest had hit the market and policy changes, once fell into a predicament. On the occasion of Huzhong forest at the critical moment, the development of new profitable projects, leading workers entrepreneurship winning new markets.

see a bottle of golden honey before sales have been booked, Huzhong forestry bureau deputy director Chen Tonghui Huzhong forest confidently said: "our farm production of honey, no pollution, good quality, unified logo" Royal 43 "trademark, consumer trustworthy."

for staff development of forest economy concerns, farm team members raised 60 thousand yuan, the construction of 3 steel shed, take the lead in breeding of Pholiota nameko 60 thousand bags. On this basis, the cold stone mushroom cooperatives, Green Manor farming cooperatives, Luyuan farming cooperatives, Pang old black fungus breeding Park as the core, to build a standardized breeding base, unified, unified technology, unified sales of raw materials in the production process. Party members and cadres to take the lead, the role of a good guide to forestry workers from national entrepreneurship. At present, a total of 41 workers to join, with an annual output of up to 2 million 110 thousand bags of black fungus.

forest workers Guan Xingwu introduced the stone fungus breeding technology, to solve the problem of local small, thin, fleshy edible fungus production process backward; forest farmers Liu Zhaowen several times to Beijing, Hangzhou, Shandong and other places to open up sales channels, on-the-spot investigation, constantly optimize the fungus, and grading and bagging according to market demand, 100 thousand the annual production of black fungus bag, all sold out, but also to help other fungus farmers for sale; Party member Tian Zhiyong invited old cast technicians to help analysis of climate and soil, and the purchase of high-quality seed from the field, after hard try, Balloonflower planting area has reached 210 mu, become party members in the forest business model.

family helping to promote entrepreneurship

the forest team quarterly held the 1 National entrepreneurship will promote the research on entrepreneurial organization under forest economy matters, planting and breeding of outdoor investigation learning advanced experience. With the economic development fund leelen nearly 200 thousand yuan, the purchase value of 3 yuan of Huangqi seeds, provided free of charge to 18 units have the intention to grow BeiYao workers. Actively coordinating with agriculture and other higher authorities, for 40 poor workers pay 2 million yuan interest free loans; 45 households under forest economy breeding households to apply for interest free loans 1 million 250 thousand yuan, to some extent alleviate the pressure of production workers, self-employed economy business households engaging in forest economy production lack of funds. For forest economy breeding households nationwide business subsidies 120 thousand yuan. Last year, for the flooded forest economy farming households home remedies recommended

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