What are the pros and cons of Network Entrepreneurship

in the current venture market, in the end will choose what kind of entrepreneurial way, has been plagued by a lot of people. Some people think that the store has always been true, the advantage is more, while others believe that a variety of network investment costs less, it should be the choice of entrepreneurship. So, what are the pros and cons of the Internet venture?

network venture benefits:

1, the network cost is low

2, network entrepreneurial tricks, the opportunity for large

3, the free

network work

network venture:

1, network venture trap multi

2, the network of entrepreneurial city bred illegal speculators "hotbed": online shopping appear professional evaluation division, do not give the money to the poor network.

3, the risk of online venture capital: low threshold but more difficult to profit, college students should be cautious network.

through the above analysis found that the support of the entrepreneurial network also has a negative view of the network of entrepreneurs have. But just as the two sides of things, we should see the positive meaning of it, at the same time avoid or correct its negative effects.

now, with the further development of the Internet, the network seems to have become a new choice for young entrepreneurs. Especially after 80, 90 young people, they grew up and computers, networks are inseparable. Online games, QQ chat, online shopping, surfing the Internet is the only child with the growth of the most intimate partner. Therefore, through the Internet business, for these people can be said to be very much at home. The future of the network business, opportunities and risks will coexist.

any one thing can not just show us a state, we recognize the benefits at the same time, naturally also need to recognize its drawbacks, so as to be able to better understand things. So, there is a small series of the above network for the introduction of entrepreneurship, and now if you choose to start, you will choose to do poineering work?

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