Xi’an dangerous bridge has not seen the transformation

dangerous building timely transformation, this is the relevant government departments need to do, in Xi’an, there is a dangerous bridge in ten years ago by a notice under the terminally ill, but has not been transformed. But in the past 10 years, this dangerous bridge still sick posts. Nearby residents said that this is not only a security risk, the narrow bridge has become a bottleneck in the vicinity of traffic.

2 the morning of 17 August 11, when reporters came here, although it is not the peak, but from two directions to the bridge vehicle queues. It is understood that, in December 2011, taking into account the safety of the bridge load, the traffic police brigade in Baqiao made a 2.4 meter wide limit, the limit load of 20 tons. The past two years, the relevant departments in the entrance of the bridge installed on the isolated pier, limiting the passage of large vehicles. Because of the isolation pier, passing vehicles can only slow down carefully through. Therefore, there will be a traffic jam.

2 22 in the morning 8 am, reporters once again came here, the railway bridge from north to south direction of traffic congestion, the road suddenly narrowed, the formation of a bell, many vehicles can only queue amble, vehicle bridge takes about two minutes. Next to 1 meters wide non motorized vehicles, from time to time there are people pushing the bike across the bridge.

"sooner or later the peak, the vehicle to arrange tens of meters long, slightly rub, 20 meters long bridge 20 minutes to go." Nearby residents Ms. Lee told reporters that her children in the third grade Huaqingyuan experimental primary school, a day must pass through the road, but here she was very worried about security mandate, "people walk in the above will feel shaking in the bridge." Unlike Ms Li, more people live in wine ten along the road is selected from the bypass road, mine road, Qin m Chan River road.

hope that the relevant departments in Xi’an for the timely transformation of the bridge, which can better ensure the safety of the public travel, it was said: this bridge was built in 1988, the bridge width of 7 meters. 24 years ago, along the population has increased from less than 10 thousand to the now tens of thousands of people. This bridge has been identified as a dangerous bridge for nearly 10 years.

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