Open home dyeing clothing store market high returns

stained clothing, which at present many people may feel sounds may be a thing of the unbelievable. However, in the current market, but there is a real big demand. So, if the venture capital, opened a clothing store will be a very good choice.

sometimes back online shopping clothes color is not suitable for their own, clothes on the water fade, old clothes can not afford to lose, the clothes stuck on the wash liquid……

encountered these problems, you are not thinking about if you can re staining the good ah! In the past, it was a matter for the manufacturers to dye the clothes, and now they are already able to provide clothing for the individual.

Xpress is clothes color

"dyeing clothing is a new industry in recent years, not every city has." Putian Hongfeng dyeing shop master Yang said that the popularity of online shopping, the pursuit of personalized clothing, frugal habits are the important factors when the new clothes dyeing developed.

is currently the most popular clothes will change color, ’84’ for severe burns, clothes etc. can also repair the channeling color, with other colors, the old clothes into new clothes." Yang said the master, by taking color, wash and other methods to transform the clothes are also popular pursuit of personalized young consumers.

"I fancy this coat in the store, I like this style, but there are too many people on the street wearing the same clothes." In Fuzhou red clothing store to take the clothes change, Wang told reporters that since the affair know clothing store, she and her friends often by changing colors to avoid the embarrassment of zhuangshan.

Wang showed reporters just stained deep purple silk shirt, uniform color is gorgeous, do not see the original light green clothes, just slightly exudes the smell of chemical products. The owner told reporters, this is because the clothes had just gone through the drying solid color, dye clothing heat emitted a strange smell, after repeated washing and ventilation, the smell will be dispersed.

"Last year I

a dark online shopping red coat, hand found color slightly rustic, and brought over to spend 100 yuan to dye it black, the effect is very good." Miss Wang believes that although the 100 yuan of the cost of clothing is not cheap, but more than 600 yuan to buy the coat does not come back to buy more expensive.

it is understood that the price according to the clothing dyeing clothes and fabrics, size vary, such as cotton series about the price of 30 yuan each to 60 yuan, while the silk wool series more expensive at 50 yuan each to 150 yuan, part of the fabric will be according to the degree of fading and the other with.

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