When selling pork Beijing University student now

remember for selling pork and the popularity of the Beijing University student? For the moment the entrepreneurial boom, selling pork Beijing University Student Lu Buxuan will by telling their own entrepreneurial experience is to want to start graduates some suggestions.

is known for selling pork and the Peking University Graduate Lu Buxuan yesterday, with his new book "the butcher" unveiled the third session of Beijing international high-quality agricultural products fair site, signature books. In 2013 to return to the original venture entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial experience, Lu Buxuan said he lost his face to his alma mater, black". Yesterday, he told reporters frankly, will sell pork to perfection, "should also not disgrace to his alma mater". For the current hot topic of entrepreneurship, Lu Buxuan said he did not encourage inexperienced college students to start a business, because the business is not easy, too difficult."


pork booth signature books

yesterday, the third Beijing international high quality agricultural products trade fair opened in the old country. The scene with "North wets" signs of "one pig" food showcase attracted many people. Some different from other booths, in addition to live here for cooking pork from view for selling pork taste Zhongpin, and known as the Peking University Graduate Lu Buxuan with his new book "Beijing" butcher "" at the scene held the signature books.

white jacket, carrying a bag, Lu Buxuan occasionally pushing glasses, his name and date of a painting sign, and came to the photo and signature of the person. He said that he had just ride from Xi’an to Beijing, directly to the scene, did not expect so many people to join. Reporters on the scene saw a crowd of people spontaneously lined up more than 20 meters long, less than an hour, more than 300 books were empty.

This book is

before his autobiography "see the world" edition of the butcher. Lu Buxuan said, this second edition added some content, including their own "well-off society day", "butcher school birth" and "the speech", also made a practical booklet "Lu Buxuan teach you to buy meat" attached to the book, "is to serve the society". The content of which is very practical, such as how to choose pork, kidney, bone calcium affordable, kidney color is too dark or light is not good, may be dark brown black grey white dried meat, may be injected with water.


said to the North shame cited concern

1985 Lu Buxuan in Xi’an, Changan District arts champion admitted to Peking University Chinese department, after graduation assigned to work in Changan District diesel engine factory, and "the sea", an ultra high performance by selling pork. Recommended

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