Skin care products store what good display skills

who do not want their skin is very smooth and elastic, women are very important in the skin, make the skin care industry is also developing rapidly, some entrepreneurs see skin care franchise business is good, choose skin care stores, skin care products store of goods on display is very important. So, in order to allow consumers to have a better shopping experience, skin care products store should be how to do a good display of goods?

method 1, island display

in the entrance of skin care products store, the central or bottom of the central display is not set, and the configuration of the special booth, such a display method is called island display. The appliances generally have freezer, platform or large mesh basket, in addition to a number of display required for the activities of the island, in the random space is a channel activity in Taiwan, with wheels in bulk basket display equipment.

method two, random display method

skin care stores can be used random display. This is a kind of both neat features and random display display display method and its function can also have more than two kinds of methods, but both random display configuration and location should be neatly displayed consistent, rather than a random display sometimes disposed in the central aisle or other display rack place.

method three, end shelf display method

skin care products can be used to store shelf display. The so-called end refers to the two sides of the central display rack, is the largest flow through the customer, the highest frequency of return. Shelves are generally used to display new products to be recommended to customers, as well as high profit goods. If the goods on the shelf display is more attractive than the single piece of goods, so the shelf display should be based on the combination, strong correlation of goods.

if you want to open such stores in the business when it is best to do a good job in a column store, start skin care products store, to ensure their own store products to attract consumer attention, entrepreneurs to do the exhibition work, through the introduction of the above, investors you can store display of skin care products start with skin care products, skin care products for the three master franchise exhibition, is basically to a greater degree to attract consumers into the store.

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