Join the fish entrepreneurial worry good taste

delicious grilled fish, has been very popular with the choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the fish project, open their own brand fish stores, is a very wise choice.

Henan flower generation Catering Management Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in fish??, with Wang pot characteristics in one of the fashionable restaurant chain, products with fashion features, fashion boutique barbecue, cold. The company has always been adhering to the "good health" concept, innovative taste, all the ingredients from the source control, and strive to create a stylish, healthy, delicious dining experience.

A. store by the company’s full-time team design, a shop a style, gorgeous fashion, simple timber, decoration costs far less than the individual independent tracking decoration costs;

B. scientific and reasonable tutor process management, with less than 20% of the number of workers employed in the industry;

The management system of

C. Kingdee software tailored to store management, more simple, even if there is no management experience in the catering industry, also can master stores management method in a short training period;

D. headquarters unified core ingredients distribution, make delicious food production easy to learn;

E. professional kitchen equipment unified procurement, lower prices, better quality, more simple operation;

F. staff professional training concept and theory combined with the practical training, rigorous training and examination, training of qualified staff posts, to ensure the quality and quality of shop operation;

G. unified planning publicity, publicity costs lower, better effect;

delicious grilled fish to the choice of the project, is very has the advantage of choice. If you join the project, to fish, is also very carefully. So, to open their own fish stores!

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