Good food and beverage business five dead skills

catering business is really a very competitive, business is not good, however, this does not mean that each operator can not make the cause of success. In fact, if you can grasp the five dead skills, do a good job in the success rate of food and beverage is very high. There is a saying: "people not to earn money, earn money to the shameless. Dry food is also the same. But this does not mean that you are completely shameless, but dry food should look for the five "dead", to enhance the quality of employees, so that they give you money. The five "dead", easy to understand, the effect is obvious.

1, a restaurant owner should have "hardened" determination.

food and beverage industry is a long-term business, in the hope that a short time fortune is unrealistic, therefore, from the beginning of the first day in the catering industry, the bosses should put down the shelf, down from the school, to seriously understand the issues in purchasing, cooking, marketing, management and so on, because this industry, if not a lot of stupid effort, it is not possible to obtain food and beverage operations of the canon.

is such a phenomenon in the catering industry, catering boss from market vendors success probability is very high, often in a few years, can become a leader in the local food sector. The reason, be familiar with business experience and understanding of the market are the two magic and food industry.

and those without business experience of the restaurant boss, regardless of the experience, insight, volition, methods, nature will be greatly reduced, although usually buy a few of the catering books front loaded, but the lack of combat experience, can really understand the true meaning of the book, it is less and less. So, since entering into the catering industry in the gold rush, we should recognize the goal, fully applied, no matter how difficult, must be "hardened" if it is, try holding the mentality in the catering, fishing for three days, two days of drying, then the business day high also won’t have much repair.

2, the waiter should have "shameless" spirit.

this is an exaggeration, not really let the waiter dead shameless, but let the waiter quickly get rid of self in the working environment, into the role of public figures.

what is the impression of the waiter in the customer’s mind? Is god! Customers will think that the waiter is omnipotent, omniscient, no not submissive, behaved like a cat. So, the waiter can not make a little mistake, otherwise, it will bring thunderous wrath and endless cold words.

but customers seem to forget that the waiter if the family conditions, which children are willing to live, to such an environment to earn a meager income.

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