Drama education into primary and secondary schools in Beijing

drama has a long history in China, occupies an important position in the society, but as a national treasure of the drama, with the gradual evolution of the times, has lost its prosperity, however, as the excellent Chinese culture, we will go down. It sounds like a big drama education, now in Beijing’s primary and secondary schools generally open". Drama education combines language, form, music, art in one, to enhance the primary and secondary school students’ sense of power, performance, understanding, creativity and practical ability and team spirit. How to carry out the school drama education, Beijing Morning Post reporter in-depth interview.

middle school attached to Tsinghua University

students boarded the Quju University Hall

in the high school affiliated to Tsinghua University School of drama school courses can be described as a "sign", according to the introduction, from the school of Beijing Quju version "Sishitongtang" has been successfully staged at the Tsinghua University auditorium.

According to the deputy director Ye Chunfang introduced

teaching, to carry forward the traditional culture and local culture, the school will be "Sishitongtang" of the classic repertoire introduction of campus, and takes Beijing Quju form deduction. Beijing joint school song troupe, casting and drama presentation by the director to participate in "Sishitongtang". In the first batch of actors audition, there have been hundreds of people to participate in the competition, the final 30 for the individual role of school talent shows itself, also arranged for the A, B, C, D four groups of actors, and strive to make every student have a stage show and opportunity.

is more rare, this drama has become the starting point of school drama education, curriculum and make them. The weekly rehearsal, every year the role change, make "Sishitongtang" this classic drama, and the classical culture in the middle school students inherit and spread. The students in the role play, feel masterpiece strength, but also will own characters and blending, and better taste characters. "A lot of students in the run, and even feel that he is the."

Dongcheng District Dengshikou primary school

every child has a chance to show up on stage

high quality education resources in Beijing Dengshikou primary school with principal Teng Yajie introduction, from the beginning of September 2014, a total of more than 3 thousand day drama courses, the children can not only play Chinese children’s traditional repertoire, but also can play the foreign drama, including small musical. In the United States participated in the English drama performances. Chinese textbook drama, the students become the musical arranger, each child has its own position, the stage manager, director, actor, script…… All the students in the class are involved.

is one of the students, playing a walk on the recommended

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