How do you see the character name

‘s personality, for all the people in the pursuit of individuality, the name has also become an important embodiment of the countless pursuit of individuality. In advocating individuality today, the name also broke the unwilling to remain out of the limelight with names, place names, such as the traditional auspicious name becomes unique. See in the nearby Hamlet several markets, fashion personality, popular name names, but which are also elusive "strange" name.

in the nearby hamlet of a clothing market, the reporter found a lot of strange names. A shop selling clothing shop called "stuff", and a shop selling underwear is named "very cool"; some in order to create a warm atmosphere, to my own shop named "cloud like clothes", "Romance"; some publicity fashion personality, such as "cool fruit", "run in the forefront of fashion", "metal heaven"; while others the opposite, is called the "ugly duckling", "the seven customs eight soil".

compared these unique names, some names are obscure and confusing. Such as "with" the clothing store, let a person how to also don’t understand what it means, and the explanation is "afforestation"; also called "fruit shop", is selling clothing; the most fantastic is a clothing store named "Hosanna", it read mindfulness understand its meaning, ask the boss also did not answer; and a men’s clothing store named "people’s University", black and white is very obvious, but also with gross body writing. Asked the boss, he said the name is from a friend jokes, also feel good.

The name

is now on the market a variety of personality is too much, everyone after reading will have their own ideas. For these individual names, some people think this is not what to name can accept. Zhao home village Zhang told reporters, she also saw a small east street named "little monster", she is disgusted with such a shop name, that name written in public, obscure or vulgar, can cause visual pollution to the public.

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