How to make 100 yuan turned over to make money as soon as possible to look at the 100

venture capital shortage? Have you ever thought about starting a business with $100? It doesn’t seem realistic, but it’s not just impossible. How to make 100 yuan turned over 100 times? Today, we recommend to you a few $100 entrepreneurial methods, want to make money quickly to see.

A, from 100 yuan to 400 yuan to accumulate wealth is the real

1, 100 yuan how to start a business success? The Spring Festival, 100 yuan to buy some balloons into the temple, the purchase price of the balloon in 01. -0. 3 yuan, spend 10 yuan to buy a inflator, assuming a balloon to buy 1 yuan, buy 100 a day, remove the health management expenses and loss of what, one day can be a net profit of 20 yuan. Of course you have to prepare a trash can collect some beverage bottles, one day can net profit of 50-100 yuan. So three days, you can be more than 400 yuan of funds.

2, buy chicks or ducklings to raise, about 1-1. 5 yuan a big raise to buy, one can only buy more than $5, 2-3 months after you can reach more than 400 yuan of funds.

3, buy a computer repair tools, including cross screwdriver, brush and ear ball, plus tools. Do the personal computer maintenance service, a service of 50 yuan, installed system of $100. This is not a month you can be more than 400 yuan of funds.

two, from 400 to 1000 yuan per hundred entrepreneurs need courage

1, there are more than 400 yuan of funds you can enter the A market, the A stock market is very interesting, you need to keep an eye on, 5 months after the funds can reach 1000 yuan.

2, the same can also play warrants, to stare tighter, probably also reached 1000 yuan of funds after May.

3, still can be carried out in accordance with the method of step 1.

three, 100 yuan to entrepreneurial success, growth capital is so several:

1, a small business low prices, small profits;

2, can increase the value of things, such as poultry, eggs, eggs, pigeons, etc.;

3, the purchase of tools to sell labor, such as computer repair, electrical maintenance, bicycle repair, etc.;

4, with a certain amount of money can be considered to enter the capital market, 400 yuan.


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