This year the South China Sea will determine 11 business incubator base to promote entrepreneurship

to solve the graduate employment problem, it is necessary to improve employment, the South China Sea will be recognized this year, eleven business incubators, for more graduates, to create a good atmosphere of entrepreneurship, promote high quality employment.


will be identified 11 business incubators

2015, the prime minister Li Keqiang proposed in the government work report, to "public entrepreneurship, innovation" into China economy continues to promote one of the "double engine". Thus, entrepreneurship, innovation and talent, enterprises inseparable.

"will accelerate business incubator construction this year, during the year and strive to identify new district business incubator 11, has been identified as the base to do tracking service, the formation of entrepreneurial mentor team, to carry out entrepreneurial guidance services. Incubation base as the main carrier to promote the employment and entrepreneurship support policies landing." Nanhai District People Club Bureau, director of the District Social Security Bureau Huang Liyi said, then, the District People Club bureau according to the district government issued in January 29th this year, the "Nanhai District of Foshan city on the implementation of opinions" further promote entrepreneurship employment, formulate relevant supporting documents, to increase efforts to support Entrepreneurship and innovation to create a good ecological environment.

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