Kauffman one of the 30 outstanding talents under the age of 30 in the United States

is a little low, a casual dress, T-shirt and jeans is his favorite conversation from time to time; full of sap, dirty words hang in the mouth…… This seemingly ordinary typical of the United States, 80, but has an unusual experience. He is the · Kauffman, 27 years old this year, recently ranked among the "" in the United States in 2014, the United States ranked below the ranks of the 30 outstanding talents under the age of 30.

with a pet dog

2005, the New York subway station, a girl and Kauffman pass, let Kauffman excited is that this is intoxicated with the music of the girl, he used to develop a headset. "It is a rare achievement in the world to see the product that has been poured into its own efforts to bring benefits to people."

This is the original power of

"I do a lot of data analysis, writing a business plan, promised them to go to college." After importuning, parents finally agreed to the idea of Kauffman, and gave him 18 mortgage. The $50 thousand investment, Kauffman with their own pet dog’s name was Moerfei company. Before graduating from high school, Kauffman, who knew nothing about production and sales, went to China to find a manufacturer. After the five redesign, parental investment has finally produced a There is not much left., but with live cable, headset can freely flex.

sold ten thousand sets of products, in order to save the ailing public.

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