The Enlightenment of the failure of entrepreneurial experience to investors

some people say that entrepreneurship is lonely, lonely, you can only go alone; and I said: friends, everything is not as you say! There are many walk with you friend, why don’t you take a hand, do a partner. Let us share the joy and difficult poineering road!

1, based on your current experience, ability, resources, funds, think you are to do businessman or legal person, small businessmen only he has the ability, we should rely on the legal operation system. If possible, it is best to do business outside, including the legal person.

2, whether you are a businessman or legal person must first enter the relative Chaoyang industry. Must remember: 90% of the enterprises in the industry to choose the decision making mistakes, the remaining 90% of the enterprise, she died in the enterprise system has been built up.

3, you should consider the director, into your field, don’t put your unfamiliar. If you really want to do, should do a good job of adequate funding, full of hard work, as well as the corresponding right-hand man. Otherwise, early exit.

4, enter a market, the most important thing is to consider what you want to solve the problem, how much space, how you should use the opponent, how and when to solve; if not more money, and quickly find profitable cash and small mode, can not go on fighting.

5, with long time for shareholders, not luck; also called as the shadow, the risk of a person to do much less than and not suitable for shareholders and partnership; do business palm plate, should be tolerant, positive, treat your shareholders.

7, management is the award and punishment, lubrication plus enterprise culture. There is no shortcut to management, you put more, your foundation is deeper, and the system with luxuriant foliage. Leaders to build mechanisms, managers are the first goal, followed by the tube.

9, four leaders of the most important quality?? insight: otherwise it is difficult to judge of people and things; global ability: no >

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