Europe’s 50 largest growth potential in 2016

understand the development of China’s venture capital companies, we can also look at the growth potential of Europe’s 50 largest venture capital companies, the following is a detailed introduction, a look at it!


Tech  Tour  Growth  50 technology startups list survey by and Silverpeak and Accel  partners, the investment bank; DN  Capital, Earlybird and Highland  Europe cooperation and several international investment institutions to carry out research and evaluation, accumulated more than 175 less than $1 billion valuation of the new generation of European venture enterprises.

According to

Compared with

European technology start-ups


regional distribution companies listed


The average number of investors

66% TOP50 enterprise has at least one U.S. investor

At least one investor

42% enterprise members (serial entrepreneur or investment partner) average establishment time is in 2008 won the first round of investment from the creation to the time is about an average of 1 years and 10 months of investment round number is 4 (about a year round) the average amount of about $7 million 500 thousand in the first round of financing a round of financing of $38 million 500 thousand on average

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