Do money way of small business three years earned a suite of two

posted on the roadside mobile phone film, a lot of people think this is a business, some do complain about this line earn less money. However, to less than five years in Anlu, Wuhan young man Li Yuanwei, but this is not a business business, do a good job, made a house in the past three years, a set of two.

Xiao Li said

33 year old Li Yuanwei from Anlu, is not on the side of the road to set up a wild booth. He rented 3 stalls in the street auspicious night, himself and his wife, sister-in-law three people, not near scattered near the crossroads, guarding and from the crowd. Li Yuanwei said that in the street before the wild stalls, often hide chased, and now focus on the night market, pay more than 3000 yuan per month to the night market management department booth fee, do business more secure.

"I only earn 5 dollars, if you buy a cheaper than me, I give you a refund." In addition to operating the mobile phone film, Li Yuanwei also sell some mobile phone accessories, accessories, bargain for every customer, he repeatedly assured to say that. He said the market themselves door clear, will not sell at high prices, price competition will not deliberately do business honestly, attracted a lot of repeat.

in half an hour, Li Yuanwei has received 10 neither fast nor slow.

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