Female college students failed to arrest for fraud


venture is successful, failed, choose entrepreneurship, there is ambition, no matter how difficult, should be the beginning of the heart, not to do illegal things. And Jiamou because of business failure, on the illegal road, hope that more entrepreneurs take this as a warning.

because of business failure owed money, no money to the female students, with a rush into danger for driver’s license on the grounds of fraud. From 2013 to date, she has more than 70 thousand yuan fraud. 22, the Inner Mongolia morning news media reporters from the Donghe District of Baotou City People’s Procuratorate learned, on suspicion of fraud, Jiamou has been approved the arrest.

in January 4th this year at around 13, a southern accent man came to the public security organs, said they spend money to do a driver’s license was cheated.

in order to appease the victims, Jiamou suggested that although the client can not contact, but the money to her, she would take out 10 thousand yuan of compensation to victims. In addition, also in her name and wrote a 61 thousand yuan IOU, and promised to pay off before December 31, 2015. But until the incident, Jia did not have 1 cents.

why the victim will find Jiamou?

in the interrogation, Jiamou explained, in addition to a driver’s license, she has two times to help people find a job on the grounds cheated 120 thousand yuan. This behavior, she thinks that only "economic disputes", because she has written IOU to the victims.

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