nvestment in the project must not know the technical service contract template

do anything to follow, have according to the evidence, especially before joining the investment project must be clear technical service contract is going on, so you can easily join, no risk.

Party A: Party B:

Address: Address:

zip code: zip code:

The legal representative (agent)


account: Account:

1: service contents, methods and requirements:

(which belongs to the technical training contract shall fill out the contents and requirements of training, training plan and schedule; technology intermediary contract intermediary shall fill out the contents and requirements of


Third: the period of performance, place and mode:

Fourth: acceptance criteria and methods:

the contract service guarantee period for                . During the warranty period, the service provider shall be responsible for rework or take remedial measures. However, due to the use of the client, improper storage caused by the exception of.

A, the reward (service fee or training fee):                 yuan.

service to complete the technical work, solve technical problems need to be funded by               &nbs>

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