How to cultivate new cigarette brand

Although some of the old brands have opened up the market, do not worry about the operation, but the market has almost transparent, not only competitive, but the profit is basically fixed, but the new brand is not the same as

. Market needs to open up, once the market opened, the profit is undoubtedly rich. But now many shopkeepers do not know how to carry out the cultivation of new brands of cigarettes, leading to the cultivation of new products. Now, let me introduce to you the case of a new brand of cigarettes, so as to give a reference to more operators.

I was in Zhejiang Tonglu County, South Street cigarette retailers, shop for 5 years. Through the years of careful management, my shop from the beginning of a small store to the development of small supermarkets, the annual profit from the original 30 thousand yuan to the current $80 thousand. Among them, the profit gained from operating cigarettes accounted for 60% of the total income. In the operation, I attach great importance to the cultivation of the brand, so that the brand has really become a shop to enhance sales, increase revenue is an important way.

my shop is located in the outskirts of the industrial zone, the majority of migrant workers, their demand for cigarettes, but also a lot of brand specification requirements. Because of this, when there is a new cigarette market, tobacco companies account manager will inform me the first time. Two months ago, I became a guest of the first sales, I cherish this opportunity, use of these a few years in the process of cigarette sales to find out four words "trick" "early, accurate, diligent, steady" sell this smoke.

seize the opportunity to sell early. The use of the first batch of fixed-point sales opportunities, I first time to inform the old customers. As a result of new packaging packaging, just 3 days time, the two hit off was sold out.

identify customer base. There is a factory near the shop, the staff are mostly young people, usually less rest time. In order to facilitate them, I door-to-door. Delivery, I took a few packets of "create", they accepted the brand, through this way I now have seven or eight fixed consumer customers.

brand display hands-on. Wine is also afraid of deep alley, it still often shouted! In order to create a shop in the store, the sales of the atmosphere, I introduced, such as product suction measures, so that many consumers are also pumping other brands like the".

new sales price to be stable. Although the beginning of the county is also a few shops in the sale, but I will not arbitrarily price. Because of these years of sales experience told me that the sale of cigarettes, especially the most stable price of new cigarettes.

once the new brand of cigarettes opened the market, the return of the profits can be very lucrative, so if you can grasp the relevant market development methods, it will be worth every shopkeeper try. So, with the >

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