Shanghai dragon operation process experience and user experience both spider

itself has some excellent technology, can pave the way to content around their own technology, to share their technology, skills and experience. Or do a technical training, sharing website is also good.

three, the long tail word choice, when using the above two select the content of the websites, basically not because of long tail keywords selection and screenwriters. This point will be found after practice. Of course, if you choose high quality long tail, or to use some selection techniques. For example related emergencies, or real-time hotspots, are more eye-catching, click rate will be higher.

said there are two, 1. in order to search engine optimization ranking, making a lot of garbage, so as to deceive the search engine. 2. in the station, some fonts suddenly become larger, smaller. The improper use of H1 tag to tell the search engine spiders, keywords key prominent station. But for users, these are not friendly to the user experience. How are we going to the rational use of Shanghai Dragon technology to do optimization, taking into account the spiders and user experience.

, a website or blog system selection; now do station program diversification, when we choose different CMS, to understand the corresponding optimization scheme, different CMS systems are different, when choosing a CMS program, need to pay attention to several places.

two, website content; the content of the website, we all know that content is king, the chain for the emperor. Then a station to focus on what to do, there are two options.

2. some friends will say, I am not skilled people, the direction of choice is also a content, choose their own interest, some of the content of love. I love flowers, you can do a website around the flowers. To share their own experiences, and learning content, better friends exchanges and flowers.

1. title sequence, is currently the best columns or articles in the website after title. 2. as far as possible the directory hierarchy of multi classification, flat. 3.URL static, or pseudo static, minimum.

five, do more than a few steps, then.

four, when a station to do, but also set up the relevant CMS program robots.txt file. This is a little different CMS program settings are not the same, we need to check in Shanghai will have to love. Robots.txt is a spider to the current site, the first access to files, which can tell the spider, which can not see. In addition to configure the robots.txt file properly, can increase the safety coefficient of some website.

1. if the

webmaster friends often say Shanghai Longfeng do better, will not be punished. In fact, Shanghai dragon just as much as possible with search engine rules. In fact, has been the pursuit, as is the search engine experience, rather than the user experience.

How to make unconventional keywords bring traffic to the site


recently had a group of friends asked a snapshot of the site is not stable, sometimes not included, not the original! In the research we found that he uses the method of brush flow, let the love of Shanghai warned the website. In fact, I know that the brush flow is black hat means, why are there Shanghai dragon Er crime against the wind? The reason is that they bring traffic to the site by setting the keywords can not, so let the website become "dead station", there is no effect to the enterprise marketing. In this connection, the author Dennis to share an offbeat traffic driving mode today.

can bring the advantage of website traffic to a site!? when forward when the bottleneck can not progress, we must analyze the needs of users by using keywords reverse thinking mode estimation. When cannot be established through keywords to attract users, we have to seriously consider the core keywords user needs, to see whether competitive industries to meet the user demand station. If not we will be based on the core word for extension, which will form a system of core keyword search area, or that is extended using unconventional words to site traffic. Here the author Dennis for unconventional words, in general we search keywords or long tail word we often think of these words, we can be seen as the conventional and unconventional vocabulary; word phrase is relatively long and somewhat confusing logic combinations of keyword phrases.

when we locate web site keywords can not bring traffic to the site, the problem is that there has been a corresponding site to meet the needs of users, and we do not rival quality, you can only look at the user to leave us. At this time we do not analyze your website or competitor website, because it only allows us to limit in the future in the swamp inextricably bogged down in, even if you find a space, caught in the flow of the website marketing effect is small.

like this unconventional vocabulary we will not promote optimization, then how to let users find and click on the site

generally, when we retrieve short words can not meet the requirements of search time, will according to the immediate needs in front of or behind the increase in short word vocabulary, in order to meet the needs of our current search. This unconventional word usually Shanghai dragon Er is not listed it as the theme of vocabulary, because it covers more than of wide, but when the user cannot use short words to meet the demand, so the unconventional words will attract more users to click, so as to bring traffic for the site.

then what should be done? The group of friends that can release the soft in some entertainment site links to guide the left click. Do not deny that will bring a lot of traffic to the site tide in such a short time, but the website based on the long-term optimal point of view, this is not the best. Because it brings many users because of the inconsistent and quickly leave the site, will increase your bounce rate, for the website ranking and the conversion rate of speaking is a failure.

Shanghai dragon from the shallower to the deeper (three)

export link, is generally exported to some big company site. This position helps the search engine for your site, at the same time weight for your site has certain advantages. Is not too much, for export to link these portals, weight and not disperse your website, which can be assured.

As for the

generally, we link the most commonly used method is Links. Exchange Links with their own weight of a website, contribute to the stability and increase website weight. But for some new sites, weight is not enough, you need to buy the chain. Where sesame is not recommended you to buy the black chain, black chain because there are many safety, if convicted of cheating by search engines, then The loss outweighs the gain..

link can increase gradually, also pay attention to the quality of the link must be high, for the noble baby, of course PR is higher, the higher the quality. Love Shanghai, is a snapshot of the update time, and included the number and speed. General home page snapshot is 24 hours and included an update, the faster the speed, the weight of the site is also higher, such as A5, outdated, is the second, published an article that will appear in the search engine. The judgment, or to see the personal webmaster experience to decide.

this paper is writing how to import links and the anchor text of this chapter, and the difference lies in the former two chapters, the first two chapters are can modify their own web pages, to achieve in a short period of time. That is to say, as long as you know what skills you can do. The import links and the anchor text is different, he demanded to get high quality links, which requires a certain ability to do. While the number of links and quality, and final key factor ranking, so you need to pay special attention to.

As for


also said in the first chapter, keywords, links to some place to do special settings. Keywords import link anchor text contains the page, determine your website main weight distribution which one word, so when do Links exchange, should not be arbitrarily set keywords, we must choose a suitable for their own, doing their own words to be Links, such help on your website.

link, is the general export and import, first of all to talk about is the import link, link number, the higher the quality, so the weight of your site is relatively higher. Of course, the new station should be careful not to add too much disposable import links, this search engine will be convicted of cheating.

Ming even, we recommend gradually increase, not a one-time increase too much. Before I have done a test, a one-time increase in the chain too much, then it will be easy to search engine K. The general method of adding a link is gradually, one day, then the two links of such a day, gradually adding links, weights help site gradually increased.

Making money online is more important than thinkingThe logic behind mobile Internet Entrepreneurship

many people worry that the mobile Internet is another wave of bubble. Our view is that the mobile Internet is really not a bubble. Take public comment, we look at the value of the difference in the era of the traditional Internet and mobile internet.

so kiss Xingmin make Wangzhuan is to pay attention to the comprehensive quality, a person with high IQ, but early study technology, the latter is not to get the. Because someone understands technology, it only takes money to get it done.

entertainment game industry, we all understand the logic, other mainly including video, music and reading, typical products:

if I want to specialize in technical work or specialize in decorating Taobao stores, I have to take the time to learn. If I’m just using it, I don’t have to learn everything. I put thinking into place, and can effectively seize every opportunity around, you can do their own industry. I can still make money, maybe still a lot of money.

: mobile terminal, Youku video playback volume of more than 150 million, more than 100 million monthly users covering. In June the average daily PV1412 million, more than Iqiyi 7 million 900 thousand and PSS 6 million 80 thousand and.

kiss Xingmin for example: a lot of people will be graphic design, but I only know a little fur, have not had time to study. We need to do some timely picture, I also need to do their own? I think it is to make an unnecessary move, because no matter how I study, I do it is not professional, to help experts made out of figure is on the level. Therefore, every time you need a map, direct contact expert kiss xingmin.

, a basic requirement of


, and to use these technologies that work well for us, we have to decide what this technology will do to me. How much money can I make? Will my investment be in direct proportion to my returns?. To do this, we must improve our thinking. If you can’t keep up with your mind, other people’s technology may become garbage in your eyes. Some people use it and make a fortune, and you know, but you don’t find business opportunities from them, and the opportunities don’t belong to you. If you use it, you may be rich too.

social products as long as mention these names: micro-blog, WeChat, unfamiliar street, skype>

if I want to decorate a Taobao shop, I follow the Taobao tutorial to operate, I think it can be decorated well. However, there are so many online professional decoration shops, why don’t I pay a little money to pick a person to decorate for me?. Someone else might fix it in less than a day, and I might take a week.

based mobile Internet is a smart mobile phone in the hands of each person, the strong relationship between mobile phone and personal items than any other alternative! Look at ourselves and others, what is not the body without a wallet? Are never mind, not without a mobile phone. So the mobile Internet business, can be directly into the details of each individual’s learning, work and life. Innovation is omnipresent, where are you. You will see how to make good use of the mobile Internet, how to use the mobile phone in the hands of intelligent computing capacity, location information, 24h network, and the only holder behind the information.

small shrimp Music: more than 12 million registered users, wireless music provides smooth and nearly perfect solution through Wi-Fi or 3G network speed of listening to the music, the first launch of the offline mode.

A study of

sndacloudary bookstore: mobile end users more than 20 million, including Shanda literature’s starting point, Chinese network Hongxiutianxiang, reading novels, under the banyan web content and nationally well-known publishers, books, books, including books for consumers, magazines and newspapers for digital goods.

The In addition to the game

mobile Internet business opportunities, from where to start? Today we tried to interpret. At present the main article online are analyzed from the industry point of view, here we want to business logic behind the mobile Internet business opportunities. To sort out the business logic of the project, to assist entrepreneurs planning projects, investors see behind the venture value.

this is a personal point of view, welcome criticism, welcome to reprint, interested in reprint, please indicate the articles from http://980401 thank you kiss xingmin.

social entertainment this is the basic human needs, the main content is the traditional Internet and mobile Internet naturally provide this kind of service. Behind this commercial value do not need to mention here a brief analysis.

network technology many cattle, but the success of technology is not a lot of successful cases. It is not the people who understand technology, successful case sensitive thinking and strategizing too numerous to mention the Czech republic. Li Xingping, Ma Huateng, and so on, do not understand the technology, can make the cause of success, have to remind us to think.

technology takes a very long time, but we only need to spend a little money, you can use other people’s technology, this is a win-win situation, each one takes what he needs. But for those of us who know nothing about technology and are not completely proficient, we are going to spend a little bit of money on using them organically.

sing: total users reached tens of millions of users, mobile phone built-in karaoke social application, reverberation and echo effects, can be modified to beautify your voice. Intelligent scoring system, the score of friends can share PK.

One of series analysis of Chinese group buying market development trend of Chinese group buying webs


LETYO Group buy life China group buying market series analysis, China group buying website development trend

since January this year the first group buys a website to be sold completely since line, Chinese buy group network market is unusually hot. Chinese wind speed is not fast, just 6 months has grown to nearly one thousand group purchase website. Of course, there are many websites that are closed and not organized, but the momentum of online group buying is burning more and more. Major media have reported that the major portals and SNS websites have also started to buy, on the one hand as a means of profit, on the other hand as a value-added services.

as the first group purchase website navigation China, LETYO (Group 123, group purchase life original has been paying close attention to the network group purchase group purchase market, as a communicator, I would like to start with the most basic concept, describe the China network group purchase market charm.

first, the rise of online group buying

w online group buying is online group shopping. The group buys the market from the United States Mission Network ( starts to rise, at present, the US regiment has become the domestic successful copy us Groupon pattern website example.

two, what is group buying?

w online group buying concept:

– group buying refers to an online shopping style where consumers don’t know each other at the same time on the same website to buy the same kind of goods at the same time to get the best price.

w network group buying features:

– quantity of goods: only one item at the same time;

– buy time limit: usually one day, but many websites continue to buy for days or even weeks;

– commodity discount: generally around 3-4 discount, and some can reach 1-2 discount.

three, domestic group buying website type

a) service type: service group buying is the most traditional mode of online group buying, and it is sent to consumers who participate in group buying by electronic coupons, such as massage, restaurants, beauty salons and other discount services.

b): a physical commodity type group purchase discount low solid products in a specific period of time, this type of group purchase mode and the U.S. WOOT.COM website is similar, but using the interface type Groupon website.

C) mixed type: service goods and physical goods are done, there are usually two patterns, one is on the same site cross group buying, and the other is to do two different sites.

2010 China online group buying market memorabilia



Links skills and tricks

links are also a major point in website optimization. It’s not easy to do it well. Because the exchange link is also a kind of technology, then we should look for links, I summed up the following methods, I hope to communicate with you.

one, if your site is formal site, and not informal site link. Because informal site may be subject to search engine punishment, and you have been compromised.

two, with "Webmaster Tools" to see you want to link the website PR value and included.

three, check whether the points you want to link to are often updated in the search engine. The test method is simple: check the site Baidu snapshot.

four, find your own site content related to the site exchange links,

five, friendship chain, preferably on the left or right, in general, the other website is impossible to put your link at the top, but left (right) side better than the bottom

six, and you do links, websites often exist some tricks, I hope you will be wary of later. Specifically, I mention it here:

delete the link

after the link has been exchangedThe simplest part of

is that after exchanging the link, the other party silently takes the link to you on the site, so that you link the past link to a one-way link. This is easy to spot. Some websites automatically check each other’s links with a program. Some do not use the program, but should also often look at the link partners on the site, your links still not in?. If the other side quietly took it, I personally think it is not necessary to ask each other how it happened. You also do not mention it, he also took the link on the line, and then no longer have to trust the webmaster.

II to find ways to link to the weight of the minimum

in English website directly exchange home page link is less, generally is put on the friendship link on the page. Some webmaster use the link structure in the station, make these friendship page get the page weight minimum. The most typical way is to only on the home page or on the site map page to link links page. In this way, links can also be included in the search engine, but the entire web site has only one or two pages linked to the links page. This link structure makes the link pages very low in weight.

normal web site structure should be the link page, is one of the organic parts of the whole site, processing should be the same as other pages. For example, the links page is a channel, which is divided into many categories. Well, this channel should be like all other content channels, and there is a navigation link on all pages to make the link page get its due weight.

, so that links can not be included in the page

some webmaster although on the page makes the link page looks like ordinary web page, but in fact use rob>

The 5 great secrets of minimalism help you create a more concise user interface

[editor’s note] the author is Jake Rocheleau, a social media enthusiast and Internet entrepreneur. In his article, he explained some of the secrets of how to design a minimalist web interface based on his personal experience. Here is the minimalist design, eliminating all redundant elements, the design retained in the most basic condition, simple to say, in fact in today’s web interface design used to brilliant and gradual change, is not so easy to imagine using minimalist.

"Less is More" is a famous architect in 1930s. At miesvanderro he said a word, meaning "less is more", this is a simple design concept advocated, against excessive decoration. And "less is more" a concept similar minimalism, it stressed that the most important element and content placed in the most prominent position, eliminating the redundant elements, this is the factors need to be considered in the design process. The reason is simple: there are fewer elements on the page, and it’s easy for visitors to focus their attention on the content and links of the website. So, about how to design a minimalist web interface, let’s listen to Jake Rocheleau’s insights:


1. necessary planning

Before starting the design,

, I’d like to draw a diagram and list all the blocks that the site needs to include. Then ask yourself if each block is important to the overall design and prioritize the importance. For example, do you need a sidebar sidebar? Whether the inside contains important link visitors to enter? Of course, according to the website of different types, there is no standard answer, which requires designers to make specific analysis according to the specific situation.

although there is no standard answer, but at least as a designer, which is good or bad, you have at least the heart should have spectrum. When you understand which page elements are required and which ones are minor, your work will be much easier. Web page is like a jigsaw, every piece of scattered pictures has a unique position, you put the picture, will become rich; the wrong, will not be complete.


2. website is not the more the better color, the easiest way to start from the basic color

a web site, the first impression left by the user, is not the rich content of the site, nor is it a reasonable layout of the site, but the color of the site. To a certain extent, the success of web design depends largely on the use and collocation of colors.

general beginner is easy to use too many colors in the design, in fact, the color of the site is not the more the better, the general control in three colors. Although this is not a hard and fast rule, it is helpful in the initial design stage. If you take a closer look at something like ">"

How to open shop should find low-cost sources

network business has now become a modern society among one of the most important business model, at the same time, people are now in the online shop has become more and more, so the competition is so fierce in the online shop how to find sources.

1, act as market Hunter

2, pay attention to foreign trade products

if there is familiar with foreign trade companies, can getting goods directly from the factory. There are a lot of good things in the remaining products in foreign trade orders, this part of the goods are mostly only 1-3 pieces, the style is often the most popular next year or now, and the price is only 4-7 fold mall, there is a market.

3, buy brand backlog inventory

4, get foreign discount merchandise

5, wholesale goods

must run more regional wholesale market, such as Beijing, Xizhimen, Xiushui Street, Hongqiao, Shanghai, Xiangyang Road, Town God’s Temple, not only familiar with the market, also can get very cheap wholesale prices.

find sources, but advanced a few goods sold a try, as well to consider increasing the amount of purchase sales. On the Internet, some sellers and suppliers have a good relationship, often after the sale of goods to purchase, so neither will not cause the backlog of goods and funds.

Infants and young children how to decorate the shop

in recent years, infant clothing market is very hot, the profit is also very large, it is worth the attention of investors. Many friends want to open infant clothing stores, and the success of the infant clothing store decoration has a profound impact on the store business. So, baby clothing store how to decorate it?

some infant clothing store operators believe the model is easier to improve the exhibition effect, so in their own shops and lots of small models, all kinds of children come in, will put these models as their baby sister cloth and touch to go to die. Over time, the clothes worn on the model will become dirty, so it will have the opposite effect. In fact, the use of the model is not more than in the fine, too much display will make parents and children had to lose their mind, as long as the best style to wear on the model on the line. Store has 3 to 5 models can be.

‘s simulation

Don’t underestimate


The experience of small businesses to get rich 13 female compatriots can not know

experience is a very important thing for many entrepreneurs, especially in the modern society for many entrepreneurial female compatriots, some good business experience have before entrepreneurship is also a kind of essential content, let’s look at women entrepreneurs need experience.

1, getting out of stock, and neglect the customer, the shop is also wrong negligence. At this time, should solemnly apologize, and said, "we will send to you as soon as possible." To leave the customer’s address.

2, one price. The price cuts will lead to confusion and unhappiness, damaging the credit.

3, children are the best customers, for children with children, or to shop children, special care.

4, the object of the transaction as their loved ones. Whether can get the support of the customer, decide the rise and fall of the store.

5, flattery before sales, not as good after-sales service. This is the law of "permanent customer".

6, to the customer’s blame, as "God’s word", regardless of what is to blame, be happy to accept.

7, do not have to worry about the lack of funds, the concern is the lack of credit.

8, procurement to be stable, simplified.

9, the sale of good goods is a good thing, for the promotion of good goods is a good thing.

10, salesman must carry one or two pieces of goods and advertising, brochures.

11, to work full of spirit, so that the store is full of vigor and vitality, customers will naturally come together.!

12, daily newspaper ads to see at least once. Do not know what the customer ordered new products, is a businessman’s shame.   want to achieve great cause, on the – China venture capital

13, do not have the so-called business downturn, no matter how the situation, not to make money.

for the majority of the female entrepreneurs who, without some basic entrepreneurial experience can be said to be in the business will can’t do anything above the road, so the majority of women must timely grasp of some business and rich experience in the industry, to a trend farther.


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