The love of Shanghai know that the construction of high quality site outside the chain

      here to share with you love Shanghai know a few skills with the chain.

      with a URL can be tricky in the content of the answer, do not normally experience directly with web site, and then submit a is love Shanghai audit, so it belongs to fail, answer the question must be shielded.

      website optimization, the emphasis is the content and the chain. The content of good, adhere to the theme of the site of the original correlation can; the chain is tricky, you can say, write some good articles to high weight website submission will be able to get the high quality of the chain, for example, our "grassroots network" can write some original articles to A5, Chinaz the above contributions, but that would require some writing skills, as a chain of novice, how can the fastest access to high quality sites outside the chain? Then come with love Shanghai know that the construction of high quality site outside the chain problem.

      two: take the chain in response to the content.

      1: when the questions, you can add in the title.

      love Shanghai know, as a product of Shanghai’s love, is endowed with weight is very high, if the love inside Shanghai know your own site links, will be a very quality of the chain, also can bring certain flow, as long as the master a web site with skill, not overdo sth. there will be a good effect.

      like many, like in the title, put the link of the method in general, such problems are directly by seconds, are of high quality site outside the chain. This example is beyond count.

      how can take the site? Is actually very simple, is in front of Shanghai. With love. You can say, "we grassroots webmaster" the site was in Shanghai when the chain of love. This is the "hi.baidu贵族宝贝/www.caogen88贵族宝贝", are basically straight.

      the first is the love of Shanghai know account issues, this is not explained, the account level is of course better, but also do not have what rigid requirements, some ordinary can use the same account.

      for example, a friend can help look at our website www.******贵族宝贝 page layout is not reasonable?

Some conventional methods and details of the website of Shanghai Longfeng share

Wait until the

4, web site keywords, description and optimization of

web design and code optimization, then we should optimize the structure of the website and domain name, domain name easy to remember is the first choice when selecting a domain name, easy to search engine included time is also convenient for visitors to remember, also mentioned above is "the path level remained at three. And if it is four above the level of the page contains three pages effect is certainly not good, the other is to use the static pages with static pages, avoid the use of dynamic pages, although the major search engines said in a statement for static or dynamic is also included, but a large number of data show that there is a difference between.

we do Shanghai dragon’s purpose is very clear, is to promote sales of enterprise products, improve business visibility, attract partners, and reduce the marketing costs of enterprises. Sales promotion is the core of a business, everyone through the optimization to make their sites have a good ranking, the chance is much higher than the turnover ranked by the enterprise, improve enterprise’s popularity in the network, but also easy to attract other partners to join, also be Shanghai dragon is a very clear the point is to save costs, compared with those of traditional media advertising, the cost is very low, some friends may say yes, can play the auction, the auction is to let the website ranking quickly, but there are drawbacks, the first is the cost problem, the second problem is always rely on to solve is competitive website ranking problem? Of course is impossible, therefore, Shanghai dragon is necessary and reasonable. In this paper, I share with you some of the conventional Shanghai Longfeng methods and techniques, hope Some


1, web design optimization

is a very common word is, the details determine success or failure, we do Shanghai dragon also needs to improve all the details, from the title, column name, and then to the image processing, site map, the call and so on are all we need to pay attention to, for example, is added to the picture ALT tag, plus H1 label and so on, these are the details of things.

3, website optimization

2, the website structure optimization domain name

communicate with you!

we all know, want to do a web site of the Shanghai dragon, so not easy to write a few words to be able to solve, first of all, we need to do is to optimize the website, said here is not to say that "optimization, design things, but based on the above appearance, to improve the speed of the page load, do not appear redundant code, easy to search engine included, in addition to the navigation bar and section of the website are not using pictures or JS, and the column level all by three pages, simple and clear, the first column page content page, and each page can let visitors easily back on a page and home page, this is all you need to pay attention to the problem.

The new year is approaching, Shanghai will have a new love algorithm to change it

chain this right, then you need to adjust the content and structure of this article, where daily update or update, just from the original dozen can gradually decrease, but remember the content update, can reduce 1 of the update every day, slowly reduced. Because the stacking machine I do belong to the enterprise website content update station, relative information station will be a lot less. The internal structure of the site according to the search engine’s preferences, the optimization of local optimization.

website data analysis can be said to be a very important job site optimization, Shanghai dragon left data support work can not be carried out. Well before the holiday of data analysis, in order to flow back to the website > Holiday

4, do website data analysis

to ensure that no problem, so that our optimization work is guaranteed, if these problems, you do optimization work is in vain. This time I will detect good website domain name, palletizing robot my server is to expire, if there is a virtual host website or website downtime, the issue of slow reaction time. These issues will be dealt with, the next thing I can do the site optimization.

The chain

‘s new year’s Day is the beginning of the 14 year, love Shanghai to wantonly adjustment algorithm to optimize friend is the momentum we stop, now I am still in the palletizing robot mechanical site in MOPA roll, the next work is to prepare for the next day and the spring festival. To do the preparatory work before the holiday, what is a good change for the site’s ranking, website traffic, mechanical palletizing robot ensure at least the ranking can stable. Love will not take advantage of the Shanghai algorithm next holiday making adjustments, I also have no time to guess, stands to reason that love Shanghai staff to leave, nor the mood adjustment algorithm. But we do optimization or ready, what time do not fight the battle unprepared. Below I talk about how to prepare for the next holiday battle.

site suddenly increased or decreased suddenly, are not conducive to the optimization of the site work. The next holiday I will not continue to update the site of the palletizing robot, who do not want to have a good year ah, no one will help people to work so that the new year is still work together. Although the love of Shanghai foreign chain hit relatively large, but the chain is still to be done, my palletisers 贵族宝贝fujiyusoki贵族宝贝.hk/ website in the chain, but the quality will be much higher. In order not to let my chain of a sharp decline in the situation, now every day I reduce the chain 1 to 2 release, so that during the holiday does not appear outside the chain in the form of a sudden drop. You can come home for the holidays, every day is increasing gradually, so the chain will be stable.

2, These external factors

site outside the chain increased to smooth down some

3, the website internal structure, optimize the content of the construction of

1, website host, domain name, server detection

Love Shanghai snapshot of history, but you should pay attention to…

the phrase: "no time to publish content page, can increase the accuracy of the proposed station release time, if malicious tampering with the contents of the release time will be reduced, and the evaluation of the page of the website in the search engine." This, I will not say, is very straightforward, malicious tampering with the contents of release time, will reduce the evaluation of search engine and web page



second is said to be time web content more accurately inform the user, reduce the user cost, enhance the efficiency of click. In fact, the ranking is not directly affected, but the content of the time to tell the user, reduce the cost of the user’s choice, enhance the efficiency of click. Users can choose according to their own needs, the relative time of the results of the home page, click, channel, list, this kind of topic does not display the release time page is not in this regard is out of

release time not to change the


and you are to see the new love, but love Shanghai, ahead of the deployment of these strong timeliness, and flow, and awesome timeliness of vocabulary. For example, the summer college entrance examination training this kind is due to the time of the show and let in advance when it is deployed to wood ranked show


love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released "love Shanghai snapshot time to Upgrade Notice", told us about it, or I really thought this snapshot and a problem. But in the search on the show, see the announcement, discussion is a wood, wood…. not many people say something else. I talk what should pay attention to.

? ?

announced the first sentence referred to the timeliness, and the word that two years have frequent ear. Shortly before the love of Shanghai spider video, also illustrates the effectiveness of the latter will do medium and small websites more timely grasp basic caught and catch the whole day.

March 6, 2015, what happened. May for a lot of people are not what, but for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, this is undoubtedly the headlines today! Love Shanghai snapshot time has become history, is really not, love Shanghai snapshot is history –


content timeliness

has an impact on the ranking of

Shanghai dragon ER must know four problems must be solved to do long tail keywords

when you do a lot in the optimization of long tail keywords, a very important step is to do the internal link structure, make all the web pages to form a too strong to break network, it is better to make page features.

third questions: do long tail keywords must solve the problem of internal link structure

weight problem is needless to say, the high weight is every webmaster to chase. The right weight high site, other rankings, included can be affected very well. So, we imagine that we are a large website, we made ten million long tail keywords, and are high quality content, if our website weight is very high, so the ten million do these long tail keywords >

very important long tail keywords is a good web page collection and basic optimization, in fact, needless to say, this is the site optimization must be done. But if there is no good "and included basic optimization, then the optimization of long tail keywords has no meaning, because the user cannot from the search engines to see your article. When each page made a very good optimization, to ensure that each page can be included, so we do not need to consider specific keywords, but the final result is the long tail word round up.

for the "long tail keywords" you must be familiar with, you will see a lot of books in the Shanghai dragon, also know in a lot of training, more is learned in many webmaster articles, but whether in which everyone can truly understand the meaning of the long tail keywords? I think not, actually I know a lot of friends, just blindly believe that around the target keywords do some segmentation, and then get some longer term that is done in the long tail keywords, in fact, this is completely misinterpreted the meaning of long tail keywords, but do not know what is the effect of long tail keywords.

the first question: do long tail keywords must do the basic optimization of the page and included problems

second questions: do long tail keywords must have a lot of content to support

this is a lot of people can’t do it before, maybe a lot of people think to do a few simple words long tail that can see the power of the long tail, long tail is not! Power must be in a lot of content support to see the effect, do long tail keywords is like this, must be a lot of web content to support. A process of accumulation to qualitative change.

? This is

fourth questions: do long tail keywords must pay attention to the improvement of the weight of


actually, do long tail keywords must solve four problems, the only representative of Zhuhai Shanghai dragon Chuangyu studio views share four issues of long tail keywords must be solved for you:

, and not without reason, we ask many enterprise stand site editor is a lot of content updates? Whether are tangled to original

Case analysis of website keyword selection and optimization techniques



3. finally love Shanghai Chinese segmentation to determine the target keywords the most competitive. I was on the top of the key words and word, then in combination, then the above words can be split into software, download, share, security. So in the end to determine the "green software download".

Keywords as the template, the anchor text< >



1. website title and keywords echo

1. using the Google Adwords keyword tool to determine the target keywords account. If you select a keyword we must know the keywords and the shrinkage degree of competition, select several alternative keywords on this basis. In my case, I entered "software download".

site title weight high, depending only on one aspect of this apparently still can not put keywords so as to make it an ideal position, some owners will put a lot of keywords accumulation to the site title, think that this can be driven by a number of keywords ranking, but this will only make the site appear suspected of cheating, and pay attention to the site is not the same as the title of the at this time, we should be in the web page on a bit, there is a correlation between the keywords, to optimize a keyword must appear in the content page and column, so as to improve the relevance of keywords itself, so as to improve its ranking.

Optimization of the keywords

through the above two steps, initially identified the site keywords "green software download, free download".

2. content page

3. to establish

who know the website title was awarded the Shanghai love weight is very high, if I want to optimize your keywords must use this, will let us get promotion Keywords ranking.

2. combines four major search engines to determine target keywords. (search, YAHOO pictures omitted)

do anything must have a goal, like we do not like, like a headless flies distracted? And the website to stay bound to have a their own keywords, the keywords only good choice, and strive to optimize our website will be bigger and stronger. But many webmaster a widespread situation, that is to know their own industry, but for the choice of keywords to do not know how to start, take me personally, I do software download, but you want me to choose your keywords, I really a little bit at a loss, but fortunately after a period of time, you know more or less a little skill, it is now selling experience, I hope you can help.

keyword selection down, here is the keyword optimization process.

Fuzhou decoration company through the optimization of keywords ranking fast row labels

on the page only


in each picture of each page to alt, in order to let the spider

[H2] [/h2] [H3] [/h3] [H4] [/h4] [H5] [/h5] [H6] [/h6]

is not recognized as a spider video, but the user needs, then how can we let the spider crawling and identification of

[boby] [/boby] is the main body of the HTML, the beginning and end of the middle part of all the content can be displayed in

4, H1 refers to the page title tag is not on the entire website

[br/] [HR] the two is a single marker, refers to the line, after a mean level of

1, the code should be improved, the start and end of

H1 could be two times, three times, is not to be

[H1] [/h1] the beginning and end of the content can be displayed

For example, ?


H1 have

page H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 not H6 you, is

recognition three page elements

H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 only, H1 wood can not

open a page, press F12 to enter the source code, ctrl+f left out of a box, enter the H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 in the box. You can view

H1 H2 H3 H4 H5, no H6, it can be

optimized video

pairs [a] [/a] before a start, after one is over

?A browser

title (website title) keyword (keywords) is not involved in description ranking (site description) is not involved in the rankings, but can promote the ranking of

from the Putian Lanyun network technology — Shanghai Fuzhou dragon ink creation Jiezhuang company ranked 贵族宝贝ahstgy贵族宝贝/:html Hypertext Markup Language, is a hypertext markup language, used to describe a web document markup language. Here is the HTML code what are the basic need to optimize the label

H1 in the optimization of.

we can step by step with text to explain with screenshots and video content, the user is also conducive to spider crawling.

[head] [/head] is the head of HTML, describes the required content of

? ?

Clever use of love Shanghai algorithm enhance the vertical mall ranking method

electronic mall operation mode basically monopolized by Tmall, Suning and other Jingdong very strong comprehensive website, but the Internet retail and retail entities under the line also has a similar pattern of development, such as Tmall or Jingdong is offline store, while Dangdang and vip贵族宝贝 a similar line stores, Taobao bazaar shop that is equal to the line number if the ox hair retail stores, so that the electricity supplier website has been large website monopoly, but its diversified development pattern has become an important development trend of current.

? In order to make the

web page is composed of content, when we get the potential demand of users, as well as for these needs under the scarcity of content, it will need to be content with "these flowers, so that these data into fresh content Shanghai spiders love love. If the content can not be timely on-line, then over time, these contents will gradually.

two, the content of smooth algorithm

vertical electronic mall, will face more competition, so talent shows itself in the fierce competitive environment, it is very important. At present, Shanghai search engine love from the point of view, because the vertical mall affinity is not strong, coupled with the user through the love of Shanghai search related products will is not strong enough, so want to enhance the vertical mall in Shanghai love in the ranking, the difficulty is very big, so in the face of such a situation, there is no way break through the bottleneck of love Shanghai algorithm, so as to enhance the site’s ranking of

The so-called hot

, a hot content push camp algorithm

contents are generally belong to the scarcity of content in the information relative to the proliferation of today, to enhance the user’s attention, as the need to increase the scarcity of resources. So if the vertical category mall site has more scarce content, can effectively enhance the love of spiders in Shanghai’s favor, even if your site belongs to a mall site. This search for scarce resources is extremely important.

vertical mall to get scarce resources, requires the effort from the mall keywords, and then from the Shanghai love of the drop-down box, looking for the potential demand of users, because most keywords defined vertical mall pan type keywords basically, there are a few core keywords, we can with the needs of users, for some rare brand keywords vertical mall is optimized to create the keyword topic channel, so it can attract love interest in Shanghai, so as to enhance the number of Web sites included and ranking.

But if we do Although the

the answer is yes, in fact, love Shanghai in the algorithm for mall also has some very intuitive algorithm, so as long as we in the mall optimization process, can skillfully use the intuitive algorithm can effectively enhance the vertical website ranking, to obtain better economic benefits. The following is to discuss from the two aspects of clever operation rules to enhance Shanghai love algorithm vertical mall ranking method.

Tool product survival note advertising is a thousand years old pit, value-added business is not so g

rich uncle Mao just contact network, almost all do Wangzhuan project, from the initial PC, earn money hook gift, egg type, join MLM in a click, registration, investigation and so on Wangzhuan project, I finally determined the direction of development in the Chinese click network make >

Mito listing, ink weather will be listed on GEM, all kinds of video site efforts to survive…… In a list of tools, if you only take the user as the flow in use, usually live is not how good, such as selling advertising this millennium old pit would not work, but even to the value-added business direction, survival is not easy.

The glory and suffering of

rumors data show that ink weather users and daily living volume is very good: 470 million of the installation and 35 million of daily activity.


rumored that ink weather is the worst

Wangzhuan novice new network to make money, not just to make a lot of friends, always rich uncle Mao complained, said a month a few bad mouse but income just a few yuan, depressed ah. In fact, do Wangzhuan have a total learning process, such as how to promote a project, join Wangzhuan circle, to establish their own Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan circle, establish their own contacts etc.. Attention not to the novice and said, the novice is to try to diversified learning, expect to do, even if the failure will also learn a lot of things, do the project after more, experience more, then calm down and think carefully, so many projects you have done. Which one are you most interested in? What items you earn the most money, which one is the most suitable for their own projects like this character who do. Then find a direction that suits you and make a decision. Then you need to set a goal for yourself and then follow that goal.


and rich uncle Mao together Chinese click Wangzhuan friends to do other Wangzhuan project, while the gross rich uncle has been in adhere to the promotion of Chinese click Wangzhuan, this does not make many friends puzzled, guarding a doesn’t seem to have any future projects as a pleasurable occupation. Do Wangzhuan diversification can indeed spread the risk, to ensure the return of the project the project does not make money to make money, the final can earn a little. Don’t let his pay out you don’t waste time and energy investment were not wiped out. But in fact, make friends of diversified development did not bring more revenue, the East about the west end without a good return, this is an indisputable fact that the higher. With years of rich uncle Mao Wangzhuan experience, do Wangzhuan or to focus on a main field, this will be better.

, but another set of data suggests that the presence of ink weather is not so strong: the user stays too short,

tool products, do the best is WeChat, Mito is a small success, although the figure is the loss of the market, but in the tool products in the industry, can do Mito this status is not always much.

is an advertising, is a value-added service tool products in the two directions are no less hard, but the reality is that advertising is still a thousand year old pit, value-added services have failed at a straw.

, if you are willing to make friends, you can go to see a relatively successful website, these webmaster basically do a certain line. They are from the rookie began, but they choose a small industry Wangzhuan.

value added business

There is a beauty shot, Meitu Xiu Xiu


ink weather business model, more than 90 per cent of the revenue is to rely on this short and huge user traffic advertising! Users to stay in such a short time, and what to achieve advertising realizable? A convenience to the user, but failed to make good use of a large number of users, this is the ink weather, a to allow users to go out of the good weather, not a good commercial product.

of tool products

but in the end, the beauties of the profit is not good, the company is still losing money, the mobile phone Mito was not trying to cash on the true meaning of success.

Mito’s, the United States took the average user use about 34 minutes long, circle hot Meitu Xiu Xiu function is owned by ultra high rate, its main business model in the value-added services, such as intelligent hardware, the relevant data show that in 2016, Mito mobile phone revenue has accounted for over 97% of the advertising and other business income accounted for only less than 3%.

Then the

, rich uncle thinks the more detailed the target, the better.

In the

many people joined the ranks of Wangzhuan soon, see what is fresh, this project for a few days, the project for a few days, finally what programs did not succeed in doing. Will feel very disappointed. From the gross rich uncle and some novice conversation can be seen, a lot of people to join the ranks of Wangzhuan is to make money fast, rich uncle Mao told the truth will make newcomers feel uncomfortable, lie sorry conscience, in fact in the network in addition to gambling Wangzhuan may quickly make money, but the risk is great, most of the make friends is not likely to make money.

in fact, ink weather has also introduced intelligent hardware, such as air fruit, an air purifier, but sales are very poor.

Year of uncertainty the only option is to start againInvestors must see! You do not know the eight i

But The

first, the proportion of Chinese people over the age of 60 is increasing, and their demand has promoted the development of the health care industry.

"China beauty economics"

lost a year and lost a lot of time. He admitted running every time he was under pressure, 10 kilometers per day. Ordinary people is hard to imagine, when a large, very close to the listing of 7 rounds of financing, the staff at the peak of 13 thousand person company, suffered a series of storm, finally only two or three people team, the founder will face heavy and choice.

has become more and more concerned about health. China’s health care products and health care services are also rising rapidly, output value of up to 300 billion yuan, the size of the second only to the United States, is expected by 2020, the total market will exceed 450 billion yuan.

health care products

is unknown, before the start of the conference is "stage fright" vintage. "Why is it too tiring to make this speech?"." Vintage quipped, ready for the day of the speech, "almost crazy!" he said, in seven years after numerous large and small meetings, but this time, why feel so hard? Before to responsible for meeting colleagues cried all night. This is the oldest and his guest team for the first time to do the pro press conference. In the preparatory phase, in order to introduce this old shirt, to shake the burden from textile knowledge from Lei Jun’s redemption to respond to the doubts, the contents of the more than 20000 words I do not know how many days and nights stay. In fact, this once in the magazine as editor, and founder of joyo in the era of marketing numerous best-selling books for the aged should not be difficult, but this time, he will tear down once the "VANCL style" old, looking for the Internet thinking millet vintage. And the conference is the beginning that accumulates word of mouth.

4. The world has made rapid progress in the research of health food medicine.

at the end of August 798 in Beijing on the "shirt" conference shocked a lot of people, because the style is too much like millet. This is the re start of each guest, with a variety of parameters to prove that this shirt value for money. The old speech style in the outside world, there are too many traces of millet founder Lei Jun.

thirdly, the improvement of living standards and the increase of income control are also the key factors in the growth of health care products.

glasses is much shorter than the shop assistant claims, and some need only 10 minutes. Customers wait a few days due to: unified delivery, processing, in general, can save production time, the cost of machine losses.

The sequelae of

Abstract: net profit above 40%! Cost 1000 yuan, sell 10000! They are making a big fortune. China’s eight invisible profits are here, investors must know.

health products industry is profitable, mainly including the following factors:

profiteering analysis:

glasses industry is a "profiteering" industry." This view has gone deeply into consumer perceptions. Glasses industry popular such a sentence: 20 Yuan glasses, 200 yuan to sell you is to talk about human feelings, 300 yuan to sell you is talking about friendship, 400 yuan to sell you is to talk about the market.

beauty care

rapid expansion

glasses market

second, technical threshold is not high: glasses process only ten minutes.

second, about 2 billion of the population is overweight and obese, and the global lifestyle problems also contribute to the development of the health care industry.

looks for the soul of a shirt,

"in the past we were so lucky that we forgot the basis for being a brand"

"in 2009, 2010, you can see my face light at that time, there is a small pot." Aging theory. Get out of the line, give the old digital enjoyment, and the industry give him unlimited credit. You know, >

in China glasses Danyang Township, "memory alloy frame" $11 per pair, "fashion alloy frame" $16 per pair, "plate frame" of each pair of 16 yuan, which is the most expensive pure titanium frames, each side is only 60 yuan. But into the sale of stores, these glasses frame worth skyrocketing, turned 10 times, or even 50 times.

, the first start after all zero,

The actual processing time of the

in Jiangsu and Danyang, the most common, refraction is also worthy of the most rate 1.56 and green film resin lenses, each pair of the wholesale price is only 8 yuan; 1.56 gold film resin lenses, each pair of 19 yuan, the refractive index of non spherical resin glasses 1.61 21 yuan per pair.

in Beijing, refractive index of 1.56 coated lenses, in the merchant’s price list, generally about 300 yuan, refractive index of 1.61, the lens is about 600 yuan, refractive index of 1.67, the lens price of about 800 yuan.

With the improvement of Chinese people’s quality of life,

first, the cost of glasses is very cheap compared to the price.

obviously, old want to use this shirt again to meet the discrete company to find "soul", but also all his zero after the first start.

reviewed the past seven years, and the biggest mistake he ever made was to invite so many so-called professionals". "They came from the traditional clothing industry, and I thought my outsider didn’t know how to dress, so I got off the line by the end of 2008."." Old memories, "in the past, we were so lucky that we forgot to be the foundation of the brand."."

has been "the age of 40" old, in recent years there have been all kinds of temptation, is also facing a variety of puzzles. "Some people say you can choose that and that, but for me, it’s my only choice to go back."." Accept the Beijing morning news reporter exclusive interview, old said.