Keywords difference between upper and lowercase letters containing the English

you see, I love Shanghai in search LED is used, the relevant search words appear all lowercase, so you can think of this as the main reference. The same method is also applicable to our Shanghai dragon industry. As can be seen from the figure, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon people search lowercase is greater than the human capital of Shanghai dragon search.

I declare that the above two maps for a website on my data, two pictures of the data collection is only 10 minutes. Why are there two different results, mainly because I before the website title and keywords in LED are all upper case, I found that the capital will have problems yesterday, so the station immediately put all uppercase LED into lowercase led. But when I changed to lowercase, and then query a webmaster tools, capital LED advertising vehicle, LED mobile advertising vehicle, LED advertising vehicle are ranked, and changed to lowercase, Shanghai love all the words actually have no ranking, this is why? A case will such a big difference? Believe it or not, the difference is so big. In fact, this is a user search habits analysis. Because the LED car search advertising people are generally not very proficient in computer, so they will always be in the input when to switch the input method, rather than directly to click on the keyboard Caps Look the switch sensitive keys. So I concluded that peer LED search advertising car of many people, but the real user led search advertising car of many people, this is I want to capitalize all my LED site has been converted into a small led.


in this figure (LED) for small


so a keyword sensitive may affect our keyword ranking. >

people say the details determine success or failure, Shanghai dragon as it should be, but now has deep experience. A small detail is not good, may be very large to Shanghai dragon you. Say that you might feel alarmist, but if you look at the following after, maybe you will change your mind.




do not know how many words there are English abbreviations in the website, but you have not thought about this keyword is to use uppercase abbreviation English good, or lowercase? This may not be what people pay attention to, don’t look all the same, there was a big article, in order to be more vivid that, please see the following two picture:


in this figure (LED) for capital

told you a secret, you determine the keyword is uppercase or lowercase, only one tool can be seen, that is love and love Shanghai Shanghai search drop-down box, this also verified this conclusion I:

A rookie of the tragic history of Shanghai Dragon

contact Shanghai Longfeng a year ago, started flying into network company what is not, what should start from the grassroots, recording, writing acquisition rules, and then to do. At that time know little of Shanghai dragon, the company itself is actually the price do Sogou, the keywords ranking or know some of the last in the network environment for a long time, have a clear understanding of the Shanghai dragon. At that time, I would like to do, jjpm that money, but if I will Shanghai Longfeng words, I can not spend any cost, you can go to the front of the site. At that time, the idea is really too simple, do not spend money on things which is so easy. But at that time it is a goal to think in this direction development, so I went into the long learning process in Shanghai dragon.

first, I will be all about the special website keywords all with word preserved, such as "tanker, sprinkler, aerial vehicles" such words all down. In addition, there are usually large on the special vehicle information website are preserved. Remember, because some web updates are not the same, some websites a day to update a few articles, some website updated once a week or more, is updated once a month, like this, to batch finishing, usually with more, I put together a, a little bit worse. Then a number of final finishing, then finishing a number. Then, your daily task is to sort out the first keywords in major search engines search again, the latest news, you can copy, then, are you the pseudo original. You have to follow this pseudo original points, the head and tail must be re written, middle paragraph swap, pseudo 30%, you can put on your own website. The website reproduced, false original like this, but the site has the advantage that, each article below will have the information, you can on these articles are analyzed, thus, the write >

so, I see some of Shanghai dragon knowledge crazy in the webmaster online, do Shanghai dragon knows, "content is king, the chain for emperor", this content, we are not difficult to understand it, it is to adhere to the original content on our website, attracting major search engines. I speak of these online knows, but the content of this thing, you can not say, the key is to write, and you write something, to be recognized by search engines. But in writing is really limited, racked my brain sweat squeeze something. Also, we are doing special automobile Chinese network ( was the optimization of the website, this is an e-commerce platform, unlike the general station optimization can be very simple to do. This site is a special car, written content, information must be around the car to write, you say, I am a female, can be constructed for special vehicle, and maintenance parameters have a certain understanding? The content of this root is not start pressure. So, in the original, I was dead, had to go back then, pseudo original route.

Li Jingliao entrepreneurial motives not so sacred, perhaps it can not stand abnormal bossVideo websi

      new mode:
    share advertising revenue;   share with friends: YouTube and its China brothers tudou recently were launched "advertising revenue sharing plan", as long as the video uploaded to the website of the copyright ownership, not only can the overnight, more share of advertising revenue and the website of the money we earn ". The model sounds beautiful, but it also raises questions. One is how copyright authentication, and two is how to define what is valid click and download. YouTube said it would launch the "audio fingerprint authentication technology" to confirm the video copyright, we might see.

I was 27 years old to start a business, from CCTV, although a lot, but I really can not stand that kind of very depressed environment. After I came out, like many entrepreneurs, wrote special program planning case, unlike now in such a meeting to change the name card, looking for investment, with my usual wine and dine people talk about my thoughts, I later found out that they were limited to wine and dine, no investment. Later my mother gave me is our family savings, let me do a "super visit", I also very disappointing, "super visit" the first year was popular on both sides of the Changjiang River.

why do the Internet will be the star of

future economic force

: entrepreneurial motivation may be subject to a certain abnormal leadership

Internet female entrepreneurs, most people in mind first thought, to be Li Jing. This originally belonged to the entertainment people, actually mixed up epoch-making internet. There are a lot of people good, business failed, there are many people who have ideas, business failure, but the entertainment is Li Jing, 5 years of playing the Internet, LAFONT network is still alive, is said to run well.

I think a lot of people venture because you are a sick boss and a bad environment, there is a particularly bad state, never say what ambition, must say how, how much money, or to be famous, is a kind of special primitive emotion.

I thought I should enter the society, but I find that I can’t stand that false. When I start, at Xiaoxitian rented a residential building, the little dirty restaurant, wearing slippers, not white formica. I feel that I belong to Xiaoxitian, belongs to a small dirty hall, drinking liquor, the girl eating mutton bragging, I very happy, especially on my spirit free.

      share with the Web: the non-polar video network alliance is the first video based on network streaming technology


: Li Yanglin

looking for investment, don’t believe a mercenary friend

      the traditional mode of their own media, advertisers looking for
      such as PPLIVE, such as PPSTREAM video broadcast video sites such as the subscription class website and BBSEE, its biggest highlight is the use of P2P technology, is generally in the video content before and after the patch or inserted in the middle, see the respective technology the level of the arrival rate is high, the user is not easy to skip, the disadvantage is similar to television advertising, easy resentment. The price is usually calculated by the length of the advertisement. Popcorn, Youku and other video sharing sites, take the CDN distribution model, video buffer before stage advertisement or kakari advertising. Calculate advertising prices in CPM thousands of people’s cost.

I have never bought something on the Internet, email me only paste, my understanding of the Internet is to see the entertainment news in the Sohu and sina. Choose the Internet is because Shi Nanpeng wanted me to do it later when we hope we cast the Sequoia, made us like Martha brand, have their own cooking.

I think 80% people entrepreneurship is a depressing situation of soul and spirit, I was earning more than 5000 dollars, was considered too much, but I just feel particularly depressed heart.

  if 2006 was the first year of China video, then a year 2007 is looking forward to breaking the survival or death, the profit is all video practitioners can not avoid the threshold.

      from Youtube to potatoes, foreign pioneer or domestic followers, although no real profit, but has not stopped exploring the pace. These explorations, there are always some experience to learn from, there are some lessons worth learning. The streaming media will focus on these patterns that are currently being put into practice, hoping to find some successful clues.

      advertising is the first choice; however, "magic tricks will change for everyone, there are different secrets," and advertising is also different. A well made professional video to impress advertisers, such as uusee, such as the newly launched some fancy joke; the power of grassroots, played under the banner of advertising revenue sharing with friends, such as YouTube, such as potatoes; others and themselves off as advertising service providers, such as as the science and technology. Charges are also clicked, on time and so on.

business at the APEC Youth Summit home today, men lefeng Li Jing and a group of Internet chat business, she said the entrepreneurial motivation is not so sacred, perhaps is not a bad environment, not false. Hey, CCTV is not really one place to stay? The following is Li Jing readme:

Website optimization also requires friendship support

Everyone in the

community is in the collective, not isolated, and the same is true in the online world. Each site is not alone, but interrelated and interdependent. Modern society is an information society, and whoever has more resources is the winner. Website optimization pay attention to "content is king, the chain is emperor", and in the chain, friends chain is a can not be ignored existence.

link refers to the website of their own on the other side of the link, it is convenient for users to visit each other’s Web site, and access to their own web site. It is a complementary means of resources, and it is a basic form of promotion for cooperation between websites. The use of links, the realization of our website to share information with each other, and ultimately reach a win-win situation.

links do well, can improve the search engine search our site, the probability of our site brings traffic, increase the amount of included, so as to improve the site ranking, increase the weight. A website you want to do, the most basic is to let search engines know your website, included the content of your website, your website content and information stored in the database, so your site will have access to the user, the flow will be increased. A high weight, ranking good website, search engine is the trust, then, search engines will be the site of the Links interest will increase the search engine friendliness. Then our own web site will also be relatively high weight, search engines will also pay more attention to our website.

links, white is also a kind of outside chain, but he does not want the chain so casually, it is mainly with those and our website theme related web site link. Each link is a search engine to the road of our site, so the more the chain, the search engine more easily, more frequent access to our site, traffic is up, ranking is naturally gone ". When a user browsing a web page, found the keywords they are interested in, so if there is Links words, users can directly through the Links jump directly to the relevant page, without the need to turn off the browsing page to enter keywords, when you open a new page, to avoid the waste of time at the same time, more important is to facilitate the user’s browsing.

is because of the role of friends chain, resulting in real life there are many websites under the banner of friendship links, but often deceive the other side of the site.

some websites link up with you today and remove the link tomorrow. This is also the lowest level of deception, but there are still some websites being cheated. Normally, this happens on unattended websites. So usually we should pay attention to friendship links to check, see whether the other side of the site and their links, that is, check back chain. If not, then you can delete the link directly, because the friendship link is mutual, since the other party is not willing to take yourself, also do not have to reluctantly. But for those rights >

The organic unity of analysis and thought is the premise of making a good fortune for Taobao custome


customers are now more and more difficult to operate is an indisputable fact, many owners before the operation of Taobao customers, will look forward to future profits, so motivated, but too large gap between the ideal and reality, when I put a lot of energy, the spirit of the Yellow River to the heart does not die attitude to Taobao customer operations after they found and profitable distance seems to be more and more far, Taobao is really off no profit potential? The answer is no, because Taobao does not make money off, only the incorrect operation. In the operation of Taobao passengers on the road, should think and do organic unity.

one, think about how to execute and achieve strong execution

why do as a force? Because the force is continuing forever, the operation of the website also is a continuous process, so the need to continue the execution, the execution is also plagued many webmaster, as long as the web site operators to the right track, it can become shuaishouzhanggui, obviously this is not true, even Taobao looks very successful, but if not until execution, without the correct operation, will soon become the past, replaced by others.

So how to

execution power? Is the source of executive power, executive power is to do and the organic unity, before Taobao’s passenger operations, you think you have no power to do Taobao customers, for the products you want to do have a very deep understanding or interest, these are the source of power if there is, then, should be how to do every day, but also should think of emergency plan carefully, because you may plan to do every day, always because of various defects caused can not be completed, then your emergency plans in where, how to solve these problems.

two, Taobao will do with them and think off

At first glance seems to run Taobao

off with a mysterious coat, but it is undeniable that now what to do should go, if you must trend, it will obviously win unless you have a head broken and bleeding, the ability for small and medium long, this ability even if there is, it is do not get enough financial support, so as a webmaster, should be in the trend of environment, find a method of innovation, so that make the pot of gold belongs to own in this situation.

is now running Taobao off the trend where lies in social sharing, beautiful and natural core power to promote this trend, as a webmaster, how to rely on this trend to find their own profit, you need some innovative ideas that, if blindly, you certainly have no chance to Taobao customers because, as personal webmaster is difficult to manage the large social sharing Taobao off site.

because you can imagine, when you operate social sharing sites, although the user can rely on elaborate to share website attracted traffic, but the inevitable emergence of Taobao store manager active release >

SNS community marketing bottlenecks Traffic

‘s first bottleneck: the cost of attracting traffic or new visitors is getting higher and higher:

a few years ago, with some network promotion, to attract a new visitors as long as the cost of a few cents (with garbage flows as long as a pop), but now a health visitor could need a few yuan or 10 yuan. Traffic is always a big funnel. It comes quickly and goes quickly. Money to do promotion, the cost will be gone. No money to do promotion, more can only sit back and wait, waiting for visitors to the automatic door. Many webmaster share a bunch of so-called promotion skills, such as BBS, friendship links, blog, SEO, mail group, and so on. I tried almost every year to save money. Most of the sharing experience, or outdated, has not worked, or the effect is very small, although some have brought traffic, but not healthy, and then there is no shadow.

combined with my large enterprises and small Adsense do network push comprehensive experience, the useful promotion way list share:

1. high quality content marketing: now the Internet is "content is king" and live video sites you have NBA rockets, music you have the music of Jay Chou (a special Jay Chou website ranking and traffic was also very high), tourist class you have detailed travel Raiders (HICAFE spend a few months time, few people devoted to the preparation of the content around the world), as long as you do SEO or word-of-mouth marketing, these strong content will bring you a lot of traffic. Unfortunately, the strong content often costs money, like the NBA broadcast, 05 years, the price is millions of dollars at the bottom. So many websites have started by copyright infringement.

hints: "SEO is really useful and free, but it’s hard work and it takes a long time to do it.". Tip: those who deceive the search engine listing keyword practices, even if it brings traffic, but also useless. Because the end user can only be cheated by you once, the text does not mention the web page, the user will not come again next time,..

2. star user marketing: Star users include 2 so-called grassroots stars and really big stars. All walks of life have their own stars, such as 5GME, is based on IT comments, these cattle attract traffic, blog early China is also using Mu Zimei, Wang Jipeng and other network celebrities. Of course, like Sina, it relies on famous fortune to beat blog china. The stars themselves can produce too high quality content. The name Bo bring traffic, but rarely interact with the user, and some are even on behalf of the staff. This kind of name is not very meaningful.

tips: Grassroots star (or network Reds) can not meet, hard to push the possibility of very small. Of course, the successful operation of the site case. Their success is their website (such as Tianya) has a certain amount of traffic and influence. It is best to take advantage of their mining station outside the station and potential network reds, then add a fire to make him more prosperous. I’ve been involved in "Back Dorm Boys" and "Hao Yu" before

Deyang to build a stage for migrant workers returning home

Chinese labor mostly gathered in the eastern coastal and central city, to encourage more migrant workers entrepreneurship, Sichuan city of Deyang for the return of migrant workers to build a business competition, mining good agriculture entrepreneurial projects, providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to return home.

"after the completion of the project, our company will form an annual output of 100 thousand sets of integrated LED module, integrated LED 100 thousand sets of energy-saving lighting products……" October 22nd, returning migrant workers entrepreneurs, Deyang Hengda Lighting Manufacturing Co., Ltd., general manager of the first generation of migrant workers in Deyang is the first migrant workers to return home for the final contest roadshow.

generation Mingsheng roadshow project "integrated LED module development and application of industrialization", referring to what business means to deal with the market, he is confident. "The company has obtained 83 national patents, in the southwest of China, there are cities where our products!"

"home business these years, the government has given me a lot of help." Dai Ming Sheng said that in a number of enterprises to expand the scale of the process, the government provided land for him, a variety of fees. Especially after decentralization, we work faster, they are also willing to go to the factory to help us solve the problem. Some time ago, the human resources and social Bureau has also come to explain the social security aspects of our employees, and now we have more than 300 employees to achieve full insured."

2010 years, on behalf of the Ming Dynasty to the factory moved to the industrial zone of Zhongjiang County, and then leased 60 acres of land, to achieve full mechanized production, annual sales revenue of more than 60 million yuan.

"migrant workers returning home for business, is an important force in public entrepreneurship, innovation", the development of local economy and society, has global significance." According to the Deyang Municipal Bureau of human resources and social responsible person, in recent years, with the increasing trend of returning migrant workers, the nearest local employment and entrepreneurship personnel also more and more. This contest through projects in the form of a home business climax, mining good agriculture entrepreneurial projects, farmers play a typical role model of entrepreneurs.

Hefei 85 disabled guy entrepreneurship after the blind rod

in each place will have some extraordinary entrepreneurs with their extraordinary entrepreneurial experience will bring us venture hope everyone in Hefei has a 85 disability guy entrepreneurship, and ultimately successful.

from the job rejected to have a 22 employees, 85 young Cheng Xueting for two years. In the first half of this year, Cheng Yang led the team to achieve a turnover of about 2000000 yuan. Currently, he is working with the team of Anhui Agriculture University, research and development, guide rod, hoping to help more people.

1 year and a half that year, a fire, so that Cheng Xueting hands hurt, the left hand of the hand can not stretch. In 2013, Cheng graduated from Anhui Agriculture University. The same as the students, Cheng Li left the school, around the cast resume job, but after each interview did not have the following. Everywhere he hit the wall, with the idea of entrepreneurship.

"difficult to find a job, I can not think their own business." Cheng Xueting said, later, with the help of his friends, get a free entrepreneurship training opportunities. "Just wanted to do the clothing business." Cheng Xueting said, when he found that the clothing business profits, but soon found that competition is too intense, the risk is also great, not a long-term development plan.

"we understand the inconvenience in life, and I know what they like, what kind of product." At the end of 2013, our factory built Xueting process.

"at the hands of only 600 dollars." Cheng Xueting said that he later settled in a hundred entrepreneurs park. In addition to providing free of charge for more than and 200 square venues, Luyang district also helped Cheng Xueting apply for an interest free loan of $200 thousand.

for more than 20 disabled employment

Entrepreneurial skills to old friends to help you succeed

venture to do business, not only rely on their own efforts, but also know how to use contacts. However, it should be noted that it is best not to do business with your good friends and family, but your former colleagues, business partners, customers, and even mentors can help you.

1.  organize your network

if your kitchen stove top if you want to find in a complete mess, the tableware is in sight, maybe you can not see. But if you put something you need to straighten out the pots and pans, naturally surfaced.

2.  before seeking funding, it is best to establish mentoring

you seek funds or find recommended before, can seek guidance or expert comments. If someone in your network who wants to know your product out of curiosity, they are likely to provide you with money, you will also recommend referrals, and even their own will become your customers.

3.  learn to pay

4.  CO sponsored a release party with charity


Star – why the success rate of entrepreneurship

said entrepreneurship, it is really as long as there is the idea of this area, what people are willing to blend it, and among the countless entrepreneurs, there is no shortage of stars. And, unlike the general public, the success rate of star entrepreneurship is undoubtedly higher. This makes a lot of people feel the question, then, star business success rate why?

business has become the market today and a large-scale trend, more and more people began to go on the road of entrepreneurship, and even many public figures, various stars began to hesitate to walk on the road of entrepreneurship, but we know some of the more well-known star basically succeeded in creating his entrepreneurial path, like Han Han’s restaurant chain "nice to meet you"; "like Joker on modesty"; as Fan Bingbing Bing Bing television media Co. Ltd. etc..

their business to keep them in their business but also gain greater profits; and this situation will attract some people to pay more attention to the many star started to go on the road of entrepreneurship; but a lot of people but because of various reasons lost; so I can see why the stars everyone has his own career, the probability of success is relatively high.

capital advantage

for entrepreneurs, the most important is the entrepreneur’s capital scale, if we are able to have a larger space in the capital, in fact, a lot of things are basically can be solved with money; like the early development in our business, the need for the project the development of a variety of publicity and marketing means, basically are all we need to put more money.

star is able to easily obtain more successful entrepreneurial projects in such a market, it is because they have a relatively large support in the capital, they are in the process of entrepreneurship, not because of lack of own funds, resulting in their entrepreneurial projects fail, this also let their entrepreneurial projects in in the process of development, has developed a relatively large space, let them in the process of investment, there is a more substantial leeway; and many civilian entrepreneurs, their cost constraints is relatively large, so the difficulty of entrepreneurship is relatively a lot of difficulties.

visibility advantage

in addition to the star, they start with a comparative advantage, it is needed to process the development of their own visibility to their projects brought in to enhance visibility; we can see a variety of star endorsement for a brand in today’s market, but their brand itself in popularity is well with star fame; this also makes them create a brand, can be improved to a great extent, he.