Why love Shanghai 6 index 700 index more than single article can be ranked first

this morning search implant a keyword, inadvertently found the number one is actually a single article in a hospital. A careful look at the word love Shanghai auction site a lot, also very much. He was curious to see what was going on. Oh, this is a spirit of Shanghai dragon.

my approach is directly domain: the article. Results more than 5 thousand. This number is also a lot. Found five problems.

five: May the hospital and the cooperation, in a forum they can send links, hypertext links, anchor text links are made. Also the article links appear.

two: the hospital site has many articles inside the single page links, and all stations direct hyperlinks.

: This article was in the south, the NetEase news, China net news website, a number of articles submitted to the article, and the article is pure text links.

Shanghai dragon must learn to analyze and share, so as to progress, maybe my little share today there will be a lot of wrong, but only for your reference and exchange.


In this paper,


with the above findings, I made a simple summary, that is to do the Shanghai Dragon don’t crush the anchor text links, text links and links still powerful. The station optimization is the key link, the station may be appropriate to add some other articles, this might give some multi weight website domain name to the address, which is also called the weight transfer, do not know if this is right. In addition to the appropriate and some news media cooperation, enhance the brand exposure, the weight of pure text links in the news brings is also very high. But the general news will be reproduced many times, the effect is good. The last is the forum, Shanghai dragon forever and don’t forget the forum.

about the ranking problem, please look at the map for:

three: This article was in love Shanghai know inside a few links, but not much.

from Shenzhen Wuzhou Guoyitang Chinese herbal medicine channel, 贵族宝贝guoyitang.net/zhongcaoyao/ A5 in the original episode, reproduced to indicate the source, thank you! I hope I can make more friends in Shanghai Dragon Medical, interested can add my QQ10532071

four: more than a forum ID’s signature with the signature, but some not directly link anchor text, is pure text links. A forum post contains a hyperlink in the article.

The new engine do experience the snapshot timely content included experience

second is at the first station, the hair is pulled out during the birth, because of previous experience, the current situation is still relatively smooth development, establishment of 40 days, the Bo.

first sites, is a blog, but appeared in the middle of the episode. This is because at the time of establishment, Taichong busy, before the use of a cheap foreign VPS independent IP is used to study the Linux system because before use windows. Only $1 a month. The domain name is the special offer of $1.99. Procedures for the use of the legendary friendly WordPress casually looking for a set of templates placed 2 keywords on the hands, when opening the station 48 hours to find the site to be included in a page, about a week to release a few pages. The snapshot is the next update, and tool tools to query br actually has 2, of which 2 words into the first page of Shanghai love. Day to the 20-30 IP I still don’t know why. Only during 3-4. The soft article found to have a key words wrong, want to change but I know a snapshot will certainly pause, heart a horizontal or changed. Not the second day snapshot fixed day by day. At week 4 the general thought big update day wondering should update. Second days a look dumbfounded, pulled the hair, a page without. But a bit unwilling, check the log, the spider is still climbing. Well, continue to update a week passed or no movement, during the 2 pieces of hair soft, and after 1 weeks or no intermediate or a few soft article and some forum replies. Third weeks has no patience. Anyway, love heart Shanghai really BT this killing me. To do this a will not change the title. This station is not him, the distance was plucking 40 days and times for the update to the siet it obediently is finally back, released 30 pages, strange is the chain fell from more than 200 to only 30 a few, Br weight 2 become 0. This time due to the price of cheap VPS renewals cheating, to find the next box there is a $15 annual pay VPS empty there before the wall. It is stable and practical with the environment, to transfer it to the machine up. And update the 2 articles found, snapshot and fixed, including content lost 10, the chain fell into the 10, known for IP and against Shanghai love oh. The cost is not small. Forget it when the bar, because the hair is pulled out during I to redo second new similar sites also do also included the content about this leave it.

the author many years do not stand idle, more recent time, want to do a look at two. Now that the love sea serve, not updated snapshot ah, ah, in fact I think not included is also okay. Only need to pay attention to several points on the line. More than 2 months a total of 3 test sites, concluded that today and share one.

Give love from Shanghai included new and good rankings on new optimization

uses what program is helpful for your site and the optimization. Some programs are popular on network such as CMS is optimized for search engines, but also conducive to search engine included. A small station building their own is the use of CMS architecture, for the structure of the site also made some adjustments, such as voting drove some small area, so the lands network website looks relatively simple Puso Mi. Using this program, the station is in the afternoon had been included, this for me as a rookie webmaster, or more exciting, the original station is ten genius included.

The day after the The

station was included, in the next few days, several long tail keywords do, basically love Shanghai index in more than 200 keywords have gained fairly good rankings. Although so far the station is still being included the home page but also know that by understanding the original content, the content page has been included in the database of knowledge not put out just. In view of this point can be detected by know, search sites in the original content of the title, although not found at that time, the station is home page will appear in the first place. The station without the WWW domain name is included in the sixth days before the day, including the contents of the title in the search engine search are not WWW domain name with the first brand of home page. So, you put the experience of these days, write down the advice for senior webmaster today, also want to love me like the novice webmaster can get some inspiration from:

team also entered the novice webmaster for nearly 5 months, from a network or station to do not understand the rookie change also know how much a little. You don’t understand things like programming code, the beginning is the website of others directly modify the upload space, you can now use such as CMS open source program to build your own website, this is also really save yourself a lot of time and effort. Next, began to introduce the use of CMS station after love Shanghai included new and give good rankings to some new optimization methods of experience to talk about their own.

first, original content increased


the original station are copied directly through the major portals above similar articles, and then through the adjustment of the paragraph and then released to the website and blog, although this effect is there but far from the original article is more favored by search engines. So, this time to yourself wholeheartedly do this station, released every article in the station were written by himself. I am in the station before it has been built for each section for an article, such as to build a good website put the original articles posted to the website. After the day included love Shanghai station, although not included in the content page, but search every section of the original title, my station is in the first place. In the next day, I will be increased for each section.


Google is trying to search page weight regression simplicity

, however, after the revision of the page seems too simple, so as to influence the availability. The design is still in the testing stage, any problems can be feedback.

] San Francisco May 8th Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, Google is testing a redesigned search results page, this design is different from the past, a considerable change. Overall, Google is trying to lose weight for the search page, page simple regression.


Google launched a redesigned home page search engine and a year ago, added some new features, such as the permanent presence of the left slider. New page allows users to better filter search results, while adding more classification and search options. The search results also contains a large amount of information, which makes the search results more complex.

To make yourself better, develop a habit of finding the answer first

has quite a few words to sum up why successful people are just a few. Originally everyone is ordinary people, only a small number of people through unremitting efforts, and finally reach the pinnacle of success. Throughout the interview of each successful person can not be separated from the "struggle" this chapter, each success has experienced difficulties and discipline, and finally create brilliant. Although each successful process is different, common ground or constant, is action, unremitting action is the only way to success.

The other side of

‘s action is to develop the habit of acting and the attitude of active learning. Recently in the Admin5 forum to see many webmaster in question, so good, after all, people are never too old to learn. But also found that some of the questions are very basic, some Baidu can find the answer, the questioner is still waiting for someone to reply to him. Although childhood teachers tell us, to ask why, to learn to ask questions, but if only blindly ask questions, and lose their own ability to find the answer, it is not worth the candle. When you ask someone questions, please think about it first. Do you already have the answer to this question?

in the Admin5 forum every Thursday afternoon edition chat activity, understand the question and answer period impressed me. He said that he saw a good website will give the webmaster contact record, with his QQ, look at his record log space, good view, have formed the habit, in his book has a lot of websites and webmaster information. Specialize in a person, not as good as you in some ways, but there may be on the other hand is worth learning, to record information useful usually see down, these habits may keep you successful, active learning, we can acquire more knowledge. The way to learn is not only to ask questions directly, but also to take the initiative to find answers to questions.

some people have a strong self-learning ability, see do not understand the problem, the first online search, if you can find the answer, not to trouble others, not only to solve the problem, but also to develop the ability to learn the knowledge, days and months multiplying, reserves will be more and more. Some people have problems and seek immediate help from others. Asking questions is also a way to learn, but it wastes the time of waiting for other people to respond and disturbs others. If it’s just a simple question, or recommend yourself to find the answer, if it can not find, and then ask someone else. Although this is only a simple distinction, it is possible to shape two entirely different individuals and produce two great achievements.

look at your friends, which is good at questioning and good looking for the answer, he is not worse than others, know more? Many webmaster website are not professionally trained, are do not know how to understand, never to be, this is a process of continuous learning. If you use this learning habit in your life, your personal abilities will continue to improve and you will know more and more information. To be good at asking questions, good at finding answers into personal habits, life may be >

Join domestic companies money Mody

we all know, home market, has been a very hot choice. Entrepreneurial choice to join the company’s domestic projects, but also a very good choice. Quality projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. If you join the domestic company projects, is also very exciting. So, don’t hesitate!

investors to do the planning it, including the choice of what brand, how much money, the choice of management mode, all these problems to plan ahead, and the more detailed the better, to do what, to plan your business plan according to the size of your investment.

investors in the selection of domestic brands must carey study clearly, you must let the show such as headquarters not-for-profit work registration certificate is registered with the headquarters is necessary, and the target is necessary on behalf of the signing the company’s legal representative. In addition, the headquarters will be authorized to use the brand to investors, headquarters must first have the brand’s trademark rights to authorize the franchisee.


survey clearly this well-known domestic brands in the local market development, reputation and other information, such as the investigation of domestic corporate headquarters, headquarters can explore understanding of franchise mode and operation level, to see whether it has a complete set of words and operational management manual and store operations manual. To see whether it is responsible for the choice of business, store location and other aspects of a responsible attitude. To see whether it attaches importance to the interests of the store and follow-up management, how to support the store and so on?

signed a contract to join is every investor must be carey treated, it can not distinguish, consulting professionals in the domestic industry, so as to choose the most suitable, not big money scene confusion, identify the investment direction of


domestic companies to join the project choice, the best choice for small business. Simple way to join, is our biggest motivation for entrepreneurship. To join the domestic company projects, open a home of their own companies, no doubt, is the choice of the business is not it?

Venture husband and wife files Valentine’s day also want to start a business together

today is the first day after the Spring Festival, also coincides with Valentine’s day. For busy entrepreneurs, how to spend this day? A pair of venture husband and wife, said that as long as the venture together, it is romantic enough.

"we do not specifically on Valentine’s day, because two people venture together every day, if Peigemoqi, every day can be as happy as the holidays." The seventh day coincides with Valentine’s day, husband and wife Liu Yongjia and van Peina entrepreneurial has already switched into work mode, in their eyes "do poineering work together is the most romantic thing".

about the initial business idea, Liu Yongjia said, he began to just want to own for the "home" of the dream show complete. "I was an art, after working in the advertising company contact the decoration design, they increasingly feel that if I can use my own ideas and professional, for young people to create a " ideal; ", is such a happy thing." Liu Yongjia with a powerful style of a cavity blood described his own.

By virtue of the strength of the

by running, now they have found the answer to the "tips", "" first solve emotional problems, the official talk, " because of the feelings of good entrepreneurial way of natural cis." Fan said. In addition to this "trick", the couple’s common persistence is perseverance, pro, details determine success or failure".

"mortgage new deal out, young people a chance to buy a house again, how to put this 40 square meters of large-sized apartment design more practical, exquisite……" In this Valentine’s Day is coming, they realize their dream of entrepreneurship at the same time also strive for young people round a "home" warm dream.

and entrepreneurs in the thousands on thousands of fighting hard and tortuous road, to be successful, they sacrificed a lot, also gave up a lot. But as long as the last to break a career, it is worth it.

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On behalf of the driver to join a good driver called on behalf of a driver

on behalf of the driving demand more and more, but the generation of driving brand rarely, so now on behalf of the drive to join the market is very hot, is a good choice for your investment to create wealth, many of my friends want to do on behalf of the drive to join the project. So, on behalf of the car to join the good? Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a driver on behalf of driving.

drive to join any good? Call a driver driving on behalf of the development of the era, driving the party more and more after the party ends, but it became a problem for a generation has become the first choice of the people, the market demand is very strong. Perfect solution to this problem, reliable driver team, professional service advantages, so that people enjoy life. Headquarters to provide perfect support, agents stable profit is no longer difficult.

drive to join any good? Call a driver driving on behalf of the ice breaking market, people become essential software. Dare not drive after drinking? Come help! Intelligent pricing! Is a national minority with driving on behalf of liability insurance company, all five years of driving experience driving on behalf of the driver for your escort.

drive to join any good? By calling a driver on behalf of the driver to understand, everyone has the answer? Now on the market on behalf of the driving force to join the brand is not much, called a driver on behalf of the driver is a very standardized management of the brand, join the prospect of good, you are a good choice to start making money.


How to promote a new brand of cigarettes

every industry will continue to have a number of new brands come out, and want to allow consumers to accept these new brand products, natural operators also need to do a good job marketing. The new brand of cigarettes is the same, but for many retail customers, but do not know how to operate. So, how to promote the new brand of cigarettes?

cigarette sales and sales of other items, there is a renewal process. With the continuous change of the market management, people’s living needs are constantly improving. From the previous planned economy to the current market economy, are through further demonstration, the replacement. Similarly, the cigarette manufacturers in order to meet the demand of the market, are starting from the cigarette brand, appearance, taste, and quality improvement, in order to reduce the harmful ingredients and upgrading, in order to meet the needs of most consumers. The new brand of cigarettes on the market, requiring operators to master certain skills to sell.

fully understand the characteristics of the new brand

a new brand on the market, consumers can not understand, but as a business must understand. Because, as a business every day is the face of consumer brand new questions and advice, even their own are not clear, how to sell? Therefore, we must fully understand. When exposed to the new brand, it is necessary to consult with the customer manager to fully grasp their characteristics.

from the first external cigarette is origin, until the date type, content of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide, taste etc. to understand the internal situation, in addition to this, the smoke in the other market trends and consumer information feedback to understand. Through these situations, so that you have enough grasp of marketing, in order to truly give customers a more satisfactory answer.

put the new brand in a prominent position

as a cigarette retail store, placed in store cigarette is very exquisite, every shop according to different consumer groups, placed in the form of cigarettes are different, in accordance with the situation of marketable brand, under normal circumstances are the best-selling brand placed in a prominent position, give the customer a see at a glance. Sense of purpose to attract customers.

so, when the new brand to enter the cabinet must be placed after the adjustment, the best new brand placed in a prominent position selling brand, customer visit your shop, you can see, because it is a new brand, and no contact, there is a curious heart make inquiry to you ask, this is and you will seize the favorable opportunity to explain that to a certain extent, customers will naturally have a try to buy the heart, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing.

always pay attention to the promotion of new brand

The perfume stores location can not be ignored – the whole

it is a man or a woman, for the perfume brand choice, for people to be able to enhance personal charm, now perfume market demand significantly, the widespread market demand make the perfume industry has broad prospects for development. For entrepreneurs, investment in brand perfume franchise is a good choice. So, you want to make money, in the operating point of the franchise when we choose how to do it?

before the perfume store opened, it is best to do some site selection work, one of the most important work is to measure and analyze the effective flow of people. Comparison of professional practice is to send employees with a stopwatch to the target places measure flow and object inquiry, the ordinary investors have some difficulty, but in the location near the traffic investigation roughly and necessary to ask is a must.

in the operation of the franchise before the selected location, investors should also pay attention to is the size of the selected perfume store can be long-term development. Select the location of the perfume store should also be considered from the local market situation. Residential population is relatively concentrated, high population density. In this kind of area the consumer level is confused, the people of all ages and social classes have. No matter what style or type of perfume sold, there will be a certain customer base.

business perfume stores, wants to successy implement the operation and development of normal store, entrepreneurs must first be able to do business and management work, the location of perfume business franchise is essential, regardless of any investment in industry, the site is one thing that people first, because it relates to the industry whether in the market for a long time to develop, the above is my method on site introduce, hope to be able to bring you help business.

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