Vanilla, cumin, saffron: could you identify what they look like before reaching the supermarket?

first_imgIn the world you will find hundreds of different spices and saucesNot many remember how these species are before reaching the super Different species of cuisine. Image: iStock The cuisine is very different depending on where in the world we are. If in Spain there are typical dishes such as paella or tortilla, in Mexico we find tacos and tamales, while in Japan, the star dish is sushi. However, there is something that is common in gastronomy around the world and is without any doubt is the use of spices and sauces.In the world you will find hundreds of different spices and sauces. On one side are rosemary and black pepper, while on the other you find wasabi or mustard, among many other options. Whatever the spice or sauce you want, you will almost always have it at your disposal in any supermarket, however, they are not always with their original appearance. These food condiments come from plants that many people are surprised to see, since their appearance has nothing to do with the final resultlast_img read more

Nick Knellinger of Charlestown with Peets employe

first_imgNick Knellinger of Charlestown with Peet’s employees Julianna Maximl of Chelsea and Claire Schneider of the North End.Nick Knellinger of Charlestown said, “It is too bad that they are closing. I come here all the time on my way to work in the Seaport.”Adrienne Gagliardi and Tyson Robb work outside on Peet’s patio.Outside on the patio facing the Rose Kennedy Greenway, two other customers were upset that Peet’s is closing. Tyson Robb of the North End just moved back to Boston last week and has enjoyed the outdoor space that Peet’s provides. Robb said, “Co-working space in Boston is so expensive.” Robb hopes that city officials look into this issue.Adrienne Gagliardi of the North End also comes to Peet’s to do work. Gagliardi asked, “So now where do we go to do work outside?”The manager of Peet’s declined to comment on the closing or future plans for the property. Peet’s Coffee is closing at the corner of Salem and Cross Streets in Boston’s North End (NEWF Image)Peet’s Coffee at 48-50 Salem Street in the North End is closing its doors for good today, Friday July 13, after opening in December of 2015.Before Peet’s Coffee came into the North End, the location was the site of the bar, Goody Glover’s. According to staff members, the chain is closing due to general lack of business, not because of anything having to do with locals enthusiastically opposing and prevailing against a Starbucks chain trying to open across the street. Chain franchises have a mixed history in the North End, with two 7-11s and a CVS on Hanover Street, while frozen yogurt shop Pinkberry closed up shop after a few years.Staff members attribute Peet’s closing to the fact that the store simply had less business during its second year than the first. Allegedly, the third year would not be much better. Julianna, who will be moving to the Harvard Square location explained, “They let us know two weeks ago that we were closing. I think the customers are more upset than we are. It is possible that people in the North End are reluctant to embrace a chain, but it feels like a local coffee shop and I know all of the customers by name”.*Advertisement*last_img read more