Virus variant from South Africa detected in US for 1st time

first_imgCOLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A new variant of the coronavirus has emerged in the United States. The new version poses yet another public health challenge in a country already losing more than 3,000 people to COVID-19 every day. The mutated virus was first identified in South Africa before being found in two cases in South Carolina. State public health officials say it’s almost certain that there are more infections that have not been identified yet. They are also concerned that this version spreads more easily and that vaccines could be less effective against it. The two South Carolina cases do not appear to be connected.last_img read more

First Madrid-Barça in Europe: When the king remained on the throne

first_imgFor this second meeting, Herrera lined up Ramallets; Flotats, Rodri, Grace; Vergés, Gensana; Eulogio Martínez, Kocsis, Evaristo, Luis Suárez and Coll. Segarra and Villaverde fell, injured, while Coll passed to the left wing (in the Bernabéu he did it to the right). For his part, Muñoz lost Santamaría in the rear axle and started the next eleven: Domínguez; Miche, Marquitos, Pachin; Vidal, Antonio Ruiz; Canary (replaced Herrera), Del Sol, Di Stéfano, Puskás and Gento. Another English referee, Reginald Leafe, arbitrated him. The English players dismissed the Catalans with applause after the defeat (2-5) in the quarters. Barça was a favorite after two fantastic playoffs. First winning both games against Milan and then humiliating Wolverhampton with a double win. In the second part, the azulgrana struck on the left wing, with a struggling Villaverde, while the whites showed fatigue. However, fortune smiled at the Whites: Villaverde, a key player in the attack, suffered a muscular pull, having to leave the game. That set was used by the whites who went to the open grave to try to resolve the tie at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. The tranquility would not come until the final stretch of the meeting, when Di Stéfano scored the third goal for the Whites with a cross-headed header. With 3-1 the scoreboard was closed: white hopes were at the top, while those of the azulgrana were encouraged by Herrera: “We will beat them there and we will win the final,” he said for several days in a row to warm the spirits of the his.However, the Barça fans and even the players burned when they heard Alfredo Di Stéfano’s statements to an English magazine called People. In them, The arrow he praised Barcelona, ​​saying they had a great team and that he was a very tough opponent. Curiously, those statements were made on the occasion of the previous tie in which the Catalans had met at Wolverhampton. In them they praised the virtues of players like Ramallets, Gensana, Luis Suárez, Kocsis … and in Barcelona it was understood that he gave keys to the English to overcome them. When the Whites jumped onto the pitch to warm up, a banner about 50 meters long, according to Di Stéfano himself, with the legend: “We don’t want sneaks in the stadium …” was seen in the Barcelona coliseum. Every time Di Stéfano touched the ball, a loud whistle ran through the stands of the Camp Nou making communication between white players impossible. 2-0Minute 29 ‘. Puskas, in the center of the photography, surpasses Ramallets again with a strong shot. Six minutes later, at 35 ‘, Martinez reduced differences. The Whites had eliminated Sevilla and Atlético in previous seasons And what had to be an eminently tactical and force-fighting game on the part of the locals ended up being a positional recital for the visitors. Located on a scale, the whites took possession of the ball, the game and the match: He stopped the impetuous local start and the match matured until his time came, And that moment came: the ball fell at the feet of Puskás who, in front of Ramallets, did not forgive. That goal was the blow for the azulgrana, who from that moment were misplaced, misplaced and overwhelmed by the game of the whites led by their Holy Trinity: Di Stéfano, Puskás and Gento, plus the incalculable effort of Luis del Sol. Herrera had warned that the Whites would be shipwrecked in the second half, and just the opposite happened: Gento and Puskás again burst the scoreboard in just six minutes. At 0-3, Kocsis would cut the score. That triumph would constitute a strong impact in the world of European football. The Whites struck a blow at the table (they would give another thunder in the Glasgow final by beating Eintracht 7-3). But more significant is the influence he caused in Barcelona: the next day he stopped being coach of the Barça team in a decision that was presented as a resignation, but in which the term ‘dismissal’ had a high percentage of guilt.The Whites would play their fifth European Cup final in a row. Barcelona would have to wait … Enlarge The Catalans, meanwhile, had eliminated the Bulgarian CDNA (2-2 in Sofia and 6-2 in Barcelona). Their performances against Milan (both wins 2-2 and 5-1) made them clear favorites to win the fifth edition of the European Cup. Above all, the demolition of Milan fans at the Camp Nou. Some sensations that increased in the quarterfinal tie, with two other formidable games of those of Helenio Herrera against the English champion, the Wolverhampton Wanderers (another two wins by 4-0 and 5-2: they made them hall of honor in the old Molineaux ). Five wins and one draw. There is nothing. 0-1Minute 25 ‘. Puskas opened the scoring at the Camp Nou with a powerful left-footed shot. Known that Madrid would concentrate in its usual place, near El Escorial, Herrera began his particular cold war. He took the Catalan team close to his Madrid rival, to La Berzosa, where he gave a pulse to the directive in order to stimulate his players: having won the League to the then four-time European champion, the coach asked for an increase in premiums for both the staff and himself. Miro-Sans, Barça president and drowned by the debts of the construction of the Camp Nou, decided to hold the order and wait for the tie and the season to end, since the Barça players competed in up to four competitions that season: League, Cup, Cup of Europe and Fair Cup. That cooled and strained president-coach relationships 0-2Minute 68 ‘. Gento widened the difference with a shot that went in next to the right post. Thus, on April 21, 1960, both teams presented the following formations. For Real Madrid they played: Domínguez; Marquitos, Santa Maria, Pachin; Vidal, Antonio Ruiz; Herrera, Del Sol, Di Stéfano, Puskás and Gento. Herrera lined up Ramallets; Flotats, Rodri, Grace; Segarra, Gensana; Coll, Kocsis, Eulogio Martínez, Luis Suárez and Villaverde. The meeting is led by English Leafe. The atmosphere is magnificent: 120,000 people fill the Bernabéu. The whites are more nervous: they play more. They are the current champion, they defend the title (Bernabéu had shown their anger at losing the League and had let down their discontent) and they cannot allow the Blaugrana team to beat them. The presence of Luis del Sol in the white attack is surprising. It is his first game as a white player in the European competition; He had arrived in April to reinforce the squad, and his spirited play will be one of the keys to the Whites’ final victory. Di Stéfano, after the first 15 minutes of the match, finished off a Gento center. It was the first goal of the game and, in this way, it calmed the white spirits. It would be Puskás, again at the play of Gento, who established the 2-0 before the half hour of play. The pace was frenetic on the part of both teams, but with that second goal, the Whites relaxed alarmingly, which the visitors took advantage of to close the gap through Eulogio Martínez. The blaugrana goal was highly protested by the whites: at the time of the auction, the line judge had the flag raised for alleged offside of the Blaugrana striker. It was the fourth time that two Spanish teams appeared in the maximum European competition: Athletic had already done so in the 1956-57 campaign, Sevilla (1957-58), Atlético de Madrid (1958-59) and in which we are (1959-60), with the presence of Madridistas and Barcelona fans. The Whites had eliminated Sevilla and Rojiblancos in previous seasons, when in the 1960 semifinal draw the hype created a new confrontation between Spanish teams. The Madridistas, who had a new coach in the figure of Miguel Muñoz and a new player in Luis del Sol,used for being first-round champions, they had dropped Jeunesse in eighths (victories 7-0 and 5-2 in Luxembourg), and Nice in the quarters: they lost 3-2 on French soil, thrashing in Madrid (4-0 ). At the BernabéuTwo English collegiate referees in this tie. Gento for Madrid and Segarra for Barça were the captains in the first leg. Reginald Leafe flips the coin. 3-1Minute 87 ‘. With three minutes to go, Di Stéfano headed the final result. Villaverde’s injury left Barça with ten and was decisive in the first leg By So much went the jug to the source, that someday it had to be broken. It is 60 years since the first European tie between Madrid and Barcelona … A duel that sooner or later had to take place. It happened in April 1960 and faced the then-current European champions, the Whites, and those of the Spanish League, the Catalans, and which, in the end, would mark the future of both entities. At the Bernabéu there was no color. Madrid easily traced Nice’s 3-2 at their stadium and won 4-0 at the Bernabéu in the quarterfinals. The day after elimination, Helenio Herrera ‘resigned’ as Blaugrana coach Thus, the hype of the semifinals included Madrid, Barcelona, ​​the German Eintracht and the Glasgow Rangers. And fate decided to pair Madridistas and Barça fans, who had settled for a spectacular end of the season, in which the Barcelona players had won the league title for global goalaverage against the whites. That goalaverage was the quotient resulting from the division of the goals in favor between the conceded goals: the result gave 516 thousandths in favor of those of Barcelona. As it could not be less, Herrera, Barca coach, began to heat up the first leg. In Madrid, on the contrary, he ended up with coach Fleitas Solich going out the door: Miguel Muñoz, then coach of Plus Ultra (the white subsidiary) took over from him. All the ingredients were prepared for the duel. Enlarge 1-0Minute 18 ‘. Di Stéfano shoots against Ramallets, Barcelona goalkeeper, and gets the first goal. 0-374 minutes. Ramallets could not stop the strong shot from Puskas, hidden in the image by Gracia. Later, at 87 ‘, Kocsis scored the Barça goal of honor. The Barcelona players had won the League title for global goalaverage against the Whites At the Camp NouEngland’s Arthur Ellis was the designated referee for the Barcelona game. Gento returned to be the captain of Madrid and Ramallets replaced Segarra as captain of Barcelona.last_img read more