State takes child after his parents refuse ‘live-saving’ chemotherapy treatment

first_imgA couple in Tampa, Florida are fighting for the custody of their young son after the state revoked their custody due to their refusal to allow their son to receive a potentially life-saving chemotherapy treatment.Joshua McAdams and Taylor Bland-Ball were told that their three-year-old son Noah has cancer and needs to undergo chemotherapy, however, both McAdams and Bland-Ball said that they would rather treat the cancer with natural remedies. When they failed to show up to his appointment for treatment, Florida authorities issued an endangered child alert.The family was eventually located in Kentucky and the child was brought back to Florida.While Attorney Elisha Roy, who is representing the parents, says she agrees with the couple and their right to choose what is best for their child, she says the state also has the responsibility to provide medical treatment to a child in a life or death scenario even if the parents disagree.“Basically the state is coming in and saying if we think that this child can live and what you’re going to do is make this child die, then we have a compelling interest to make the child live and stand in the way of your decision,” she says.Though Noah has been brought back to Florida to receive the treatment, a judge has stalled the treatment and is allowing his parents the opportunity to seek a second opinion. If they can prove their method will provide the life-saving treatment Noah needs, the state will not administer the chemotherapy.As for now Noah has been turned over to his maternal grandparents.last_img read more