The 2019 Ohio Crop Tour – I-71 Leg – Day 2

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Click on images for a closer lookClinton CountyCorn: The potential in this field is hurt with the amount of bird damage. Some GLS and NCLB. Nice ears with good kernel depth, though some tip back was occurring. The yield estimate came in at 149 bpa.Soybeans: The eastern leg ended the tour in style when it came to soybeans – the nicest on the tour. Canopy height was at 27” and 2” between nodes. Absolutely no disease or insect pressure in field, plus the beans are heavily podded. The field came in as an excellent rating and is expected to yield 50-60 bpa with rain.Highland CountyCorn: This corn has a long way to go and not much time to get there. A unique piece to this field is every single stalk has two ears, and unfortunately, ear fill is just blistered. We are concerned as to whether or not the second ear will make it, and come harvest whether or not it will pass through the snapping rolls or end up in the grain tank. That is the main concern as this is a very clean field with no noticeable disease or insect pressure. A beautiful field of corn with an estimated yield of 138 bpa.Soybeans: Reaction to this field is wow from the outside looking in, until you walk in and start pulling. Canopy height is 36” with no insect pressure. Unfortunately, the looks are very cosmetic as the amount of pods per plant is disappointing. The 1st pod was at 8 inches from the ground with lower blooms aborted. 12 average pods per plant. Also observed very heavy frogeye. Rain remains a factor, but the yield estimate is 30-40 bpa.Fayette CountyCorn: An overall good field that amounted to a yield estimate of 189.5 bpa. Some green snap and gooseneck was found, plus tip back brought down the yield. Light GLS across sampled areas.Soybeans: A really good looking field of beans that are weed free. Some compaction was noted. For this field to turn out, lots of rain is needed in a timely manner. A heavy pod set on most of the beans. Several 4 bean pods on plants. With rain, 50-60 bpa is possible. Overall, a good to excellent field.Ross CountyCorn: An extremely good looking field of corn. Only negatives were a bit of GLS down low, but less than 1 percent at ear leaf and above. Very little tip back. Overall this was the furthest along corn seen so far on the eastern leg of the tour. Ears had strong fill and excellent kernel depth. The field is rated as excellent with a very realistic estimate of 208 bpa.Soybeans: Nice, clean field that would benefit from a fungicide application due to frogeye starting to pop. Great potential, but again it is only at early R4. Still putting flowers on and still growing. Get some rain and things will be looking very good for these beans. 34” canopy height with 2” between nodes. Most pods are 3 bean pods. Estimating 50-60 bpa (with rain).Fairfield CountyCorn: Late planted corn just finishing pollination. Most of it is in blister stage, 30,000 population. This was a very healthy field with the least firing seen in a scouted field at that point on the tour. A bit of GLS present. Like a broken record, we again said the field is far behind. Still, the possible estimated yield is 181 bpa – that’s if rain comes and a frost isn’t until late.Soybeans: This soybean field saw heavy weed pressure with weeds controlled late in their life cycle. Most of the grass was already gone to seed which likely took a lot of moisture away from the bean crop. The canopy height was very irregular. There were beans anywhere from 14-28” high, and development from R2 to R4. A lot of spots that appeared to have been flooded out with sparsely populated bean stands. Overall rating of the field was poor to very poor and scouts did not expect it to make 30 bpa.Pickaway CountyCorn: This was a corn after corn field planted May 16 and looked very good, especially for what it had been through. This field had seen considerable standing water (pictured below) and then a long period of dryness. Some tip back was noticed, plus light GLS pressure, bringing the field to an overall rating of good and an estimate of a 174 average bpa.Soybeans: Planted May 22, this 28” canopied field is seeing very little insect pressure but heavy frogeye pressure. There was a discussion with the farmer, who has the ability to spray, that a fungicide/insecticide application would pay for itself with an addition of 1.5 to 2 bushels an acre. 1.5-2” between nodes with lots of 2 bean pods. 40-50 bpa estimate on this field.Madison CountyCorn: This was a stop at the Farm Science Review demonstration plots and it goes without saying this is unique situation. 95-day corn was planted in order to get things harvestable for the event, September 17-19. As a result, there are several unique issues to these fields. The corn is suffering from a drought and has had only about 1.5” of rain since July 1. 2 to 3 inches of tip back due to that dry weather. It possibly had corn earworm infestation with a tremendous amount of bird damage throughout. The corn came in at an estimated 120 bpa average.Soybeans: The field, planted April 28, looks good and mature from the outside looking in with some coloring beginning. Very well podded. By far the furthest along in pod set and grain set. 30” beans that had a fair amount of phytophthora and spider mite damage. These beans will likely be smaller after drying out – any rain at this point is too little too late since they’re starting to detach. Leaning towards 40 bpa.Farm Science Review has a unique growing situation that’s always interesting to compare to other traditionally-purposed fields.Clark CountyCorn: This corn was pretty far long. Tip back was a big limiting factor. Why? Most likely because of a lack of moisture. The area had been dry for some time. They received rain overnight but are in need of plenty more. Even though there was GLS on the ear leaf, there wasn’t any further up on the plant due to the farmer controlling disease. The timing on the fungicide could have been earlier than it was, but the field was greatly helped by the application. Stalks were sound and healthy. The average yield estimate came in at 165.5 bpa with a population close to 34,000.Soybeans: Another good looking, well-developed field. The uniqueness in this field were the first pods came in at about 4 inches off the ground – the harvester will like that, especially compared to low-podded beans in the other fields we’ve seen. 2.5” between notes, though the field was at the threshold frogeye level. Very little insect pressure across the field. Estimating about 50 bpa.Champaign CountyCorn: This twin row field was the furthest along we’ve seen with some ears starting to dent. Parts of the field had firing to the ear leaves. Some GLS. Overall, we give this field an estimated average of 198 bpa. Appropriate amount of tip back on these ears – the population was right on at about 35,500. The scouts said this was their most confident yield estimate so far this week.Soybeans: A nice looking twin row field. Beans are relatively short. The amount of 2 pod nodes and the amount of pods with just 2 beans was high. Some compaction issues were found, judging by the taproot in certain areas. Very little disease and insect pressure. Almost a weed-free field with a 30” canopy height. Just like in Union County, these beans didn’t look bad, but they were disappointing upon further inspection. Some blooms were aborting. Overall, we rated the field as fair and estimate about 35 bpa.Union CountyCorn: Thursday started off with a May 29 planted field that could be a predictor for quite a few previous fields we’ve scouted further behind in development. Dryness was evident with severe tip back (2-2.5”) and had scouts worried at this stage of the game. Stalk cannibalization was taking place. This field might be a predictor of what is to come. Moderate to heavy Gray Leaf Spot. Light NCLB. The yield estimate came in at 154 bpa.Soybeans: June 1 planted beans looked excellent. Like the corn, the dry weather has hit hard. The late pods have been aborted and pods are struggling to fill. Great weed control. No disease or insect pressure. Just needs water. 24” canopy height. Some of the better looking beans that we’ve seen with a later planting, but they’re running out of gas without moisture. 40-50 bpa estimate, maybe less if it doesn’t rain. From the outside, this was a good looking field – once you take a closer look, the farmer could be disappointed.last_img read more

IRCTC hotels case: Tejashwi seeks time to appear before CBI

first_imgFormer Bihar deputy chief minister Tejashwi Yadav on Tuesday sought 15 days from the CBI to appear for questioning in a case related to alleged corruption in giving the contract for running two IRCTC hotels to a private firm in 2006, sources said.Mr. Yadav, who was summoned to appear on Tuesday, sent his counsel who submitted the request seeking time to appear before the investigation team, sources in the agency said. The contracts were given in 2006 when his father Lalu Prasad was the Union railway minister.The case pertains to allegations that Mr. Lalu Prasad, as railway minister, handed over the maintenance of two hotels run by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, a subsidiary of the Indian Railways, in Ranchi and Puri to Sujata Hotel, a company owned by Vinay and Vijay Kochhar, in return for a prime plot of three acres in Patna through a benami company.The FIR alleged that the RJD leader, as the railway minister, abused his official position for extending undue favours to the Mr. Kochhar and acquired a “high value premium land” through a benami firm Delight Marketing Company. As a quid pro quo, he “dishonestly and fraudulently” managed award of leasing of the two hotels.After the tender was awarded to Sujata Hotel, the ownership of Delight Marketing also changed hands from Sarla Gupta to Rabri Devi and Mr. Yadav between 2010 and 2014. By this time, Mr. Lalu Prasad had resigned as railway minister.The CBI has registered the case against Mr. Lalu Prasad, his wife Ms. Rabri Devi, a former Bihar chief minister, son Mr. Yadav, who was deputy CM until a few months ago, and Sarla Gupta, wife of Prem Chand Gupta, a former union minister.Others named as accused in the FIR include Vijay Kochhar, Vinay Kochhar, both directors of Sujata Hotels and owner of Chanakya Hotel, Delight Marketing Company, now known as Lara Projects, and then IRCTC managing director P K Goel.last_img read more

Reliance likely to buy team in hockey league

first_imgReliance Industries is likely to be the next bigwig to join Hockey India League. According to sources, the business house will be the new owner of the Mumbai franchise after Dabur reportedly terminated its contract with Hockey India. “As per the recent developments, there are discussions being held with the Reliance group to take over the Mumbai franchise. An official confirmation is expected within a month,” a source told Mail Today.The Dabur group had pulled out of the league citing financial reasons. However, Hockey India has denied this even as it has been trying to find a new owner in its place. “After the success of the first two editions, the top officials were looking at expanding the league in the next season. So, after the Mumbai franchise pulled out, they did not want the team to be removed and hence started looking for possible owners to replace them. However, there is nothing confirmed as yet,” he said. The league, which was looking to expand from six teams to eight next season, suffered a huge setback after two of the six current teams withdrew. Besides Mumbai Magicians, Ranchi Rhinos also exited due to an alleged tiff with Hockey India over the franchise fee.While the players of the Mumbai team have already signed fresh auction forms for the mini-auction slated for next month, the players of the Ranchi team have not been informed about the future course of action.”We have only received an email from Hockey India stating that the Ranchi owners have withdrawn. There was no mention about the auction. We are yet to sign the auction forms,” a Ranchi Rhinos player told MAIL TODAY.advertisementNew Pune franchiseMeanwhile, Hockey India, on Friday, officially announced the inclusion of a new Pune-based franchise in the league. With the coming in of this franchise, there are now five teams in the fray, after the withdrawal of Mumbai Magicians and Ranchi Rhinos. The Pune franchise has been brought by a businessman, Anirban Sarkar.last_img read more

Federer puts Wimbledon loss behind him ahead of US Open

first_imgNew York: Roger Federer feels as strong as he has “in years” entering the US Open, having put behind him an epic loss to Novak Djokovic in last month’s Wimbledon final. “This is probably the best I’ve felt in years coming into the US Open again, which is encouraging,” Federer said. “I’m ready for the US Open. It’s going to be a tough tournament to win, no doubt about it. I feel like I’m part of that group who can do it.” The 38-year-old Swiss star owns a record 20 Grand Slam singles titles but squandered two championship points in the fifth set and fell 7-6 (7/5), 1-6, 7-6 (7/4), 4-6, 13-12 (7/3) after four hours and 57 minutes — the longest singles final in Wimbledon history. Also Read – Puducherry on top after 8-wkt win over ChandigarhThere’s still a sting for Federer to be the first player since 1948 to lose the Wimbledon men’s final after being one point from victory. But he is hoping to channel the emotions positively at the US Open. “I’ve been there before, had some tough losses along the way. So many great wins, as well,” Federer said. “I was just more upset rather than being sad. I think being upset made me get over that finals much easier than being sad, dwelling over it too much. I was not going to be too down on myself. Also Read – Vijender’s next fight on Nov 22, opponent to be announced later”I hope it’s obviously going to help me for here.” Third-seeded Federer opens on Monday night at Arthur Ashe Stadium against 190th-ranked qualifier Sumit Nagal of India. Federer admitted struggling for a couple of days after the Wimbledon final loss but a caravan vacation with his wife and four children left little time for regrets. “I didn’t have that much time thinking about all the missed opportunities,” he said. “Sometimes you have flashbacks — I could have done that, should have done that. Next day you’re having a glass of wine with your wife thinking, ‘The semis was pretty good. Even the finals was pretty good’.”last_img read more

WebMD Magazine Celebrates StarStudded 10th Anniversary Issue

first_imgWebMD is celebrating the 10th anniversary of WebMD Magazine with the release of a special issue featuring a cover-story interview with Robin Roberts called, “Profile of Courage” where she reflects on 10 heroes in her life who helped her through her own health struggles and shaped the woman she is today.Robin Roberts on the cover of WebMDThe special anniversary issue also features “Top 10” lists, including “Star Power”, which looks back on 10 former cover celebrities and their health stories, and “10 Years of Health”, which highlights 10 medical breakthroughs that made headlines and continue to transform lives, as well as other health-related stories that reflect WebMD’s commitment to delivering high-quality, credible health information.“This milestone not only marks a decade of WebMD Magazine, it’s also a jumping off point for the next 10 years as we continue to empower and motivate people to live happier, healthier lives,” said Kristy Hammam, Editor in Chief, WebMD. “We are so honored to have the radiant Robin Roberts on our 10th Anniversary cover, and to feature her story, along with a powerful selection of Top 10 lists within the pages of this special issue of our Magazine.”More than 70 celebrities have shared their health-related stories with WebMD Magazine over the years, and for the anniversary issue, its editors selected 10 to highlight from individuals including Katie Couric, Matthew McConaughey, Barbra Streisand, and Sofia Vergara, because their personal story or continued commitment to a cause are in some ways more important than ever.During her cover shoot in New York City earlier this year, Robin Roberts danced and sang, noshed on healthy snacks, hoisted 10s that were heavier than they actually looked, and when it was over, sat down with writer Gina Shaw to talk about her top 10 “health heroes” – the people and organizations who helped her through her consecutive health battles.Highlights from her cover story include:“I really appreciate that he [Dr. Sergio Giralt, MD, chief of the adult bone marrow transplantation service at Memorial Sloan Kettering] asked me if I would be part of a clinical trial. There’s a reason why, as a black woman, you’re told – which is hard to hear – that you’re less likely to get cancer but more likely to die from it,” says Roberts.When speaking about her nurses, Roberts says, “One night post-transplant I was convinced I was slipping away. And then I heard a voice saying my name over and over again. There was a nurse named Jenny, pleading with me not to slip away. I don’t know what would have happened if she wasn’t there.”On her Fans and Prayer Warriors regarding her return to Good Morning America after a six-month hiatus Roberts says, “They didn’t forget about me, and you don’t take that for granted. There isn’t a day that someone hasn’t said, ‘I prayed for you.’”Roberts also talked about her cause, Be The Match saying, “When you’re going through a mess, find the message in it not just for yourself, but for other people. So when I made the announcement about my disease, I knew there was going to be an outcry, and I was partnered with Be the Match to channel that.”In honor of Roberts’ involvement in the 10th anniversary issue, WebMD Magazine partnered with Be The Match, to help raise awareness and funds for patients with life-threatening blood cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma, and other diseases that are in need of a bone marrow transplant. WebMD is offering readers the opportunity to purchase an exclusive gift bag filled with items, including a copy of Robin Roberts’ book “Everybody’s Got Something”, WebMD branded items, gift cards and more from, with all proceeds going directly to Be The Match.Originally launched in 2005 with a circulation of one million print copies, today WebMD Magazine is available in 85% of doctors’ offices nationwide; reaching an audience of more than 10 million through print, online and tablet editions, which are available as a free download for iOS or Android devices or via read more

Which Positions Teams Valued Most in the 2014 NFL Draft

The first pick of this year’s NFL Draft, Jadeveon Clowney, is a defensive end, and his selection marks the first time since 2006 that a defensive player was taken No. 1 overall. But does that mean teams put more emphasis on defensive prospects as a whole this year? And while we’re at it, how much did they invest in each position?We can begin to answer these questions by looking at how many Jimmy Johnson draft-value-chart points teams devoted to each position (3,000 points for the top pick, 2,600 for the second, etc.). “The Chart,” as it’s affectionately known in NFL circles, isn’t a very good gauge of the relative value of each draft spot, but that’s mainly because NFL general managers tend to overvalue the right to pick early. Research on draft-day trades has shown The Chart does a great job of describing how valuable teams perceive each slot to be, which is a more relevant shade of meaning for our questions anyway.As it turns out, while Clowney and the 3,000 draft points the Houston Texans spent on him were a feather in the cap for defense, teams spent the majority of their draft points on the other side of the ball this year. Specifically, they used 52.9 percent of points on players listed at offensive positions, 47.1 percent on defenders and 0.03 percent (21.1 draft points) on punters and kickers.How do those proportions compare to other drafts? Well, last year, the numbers were flipped: 52.2 percent of draft points were devoted to defense, 47.6 to offense and 0.2 percent to specialists. The long-term tendency, though, is somewhere in between. Over the last 10 years’ worth of drafts, the average NFL team spent 50.3 percent of its draft points on offense, 49.3 on defense and 0.3 percent on special teamers. Here’s what that looks like graphically:Positionally, you might think this was a big year for defensive linemen, given Clowney’s top billing. But overall, defensive linemen received only 17.7 percent of all draft points, 3 percent below the position’s overall 2004 to 2014 average of 20.7 percent. (Meanwhile, their counterparts on the offensive line were up 3.4 percentage points to 20.5 percent.) Quarterbacks were also down 1.8 percent compared to their long-term average, and running backs had a 3.9 percent shortfall. The big winners of this year’s draft, then, appear to be pass-catchers: Teams spent 3.5 percent more on wide receivers and 1.3 percent more on tight ends than those positions’ usual distribution.Here’s the summary of the percentage of draft points spent on each position over the last 10 years of drafts:These long-term percentages can also give us an idea of how general managers tend to value positions relative to one another, but we need to adjust for how many players in each position are typically on the field at any given time — something we can do thanks to Pro Football Focus’s snap counts. Armed with that data, I computed an “index” of how important teams seem to consider a given position (given the amount of draft investment in it) relative to the average player on the same side of the ball.Teams spent 15.2 percent of their points on running backs over the past decade, despite running backs only making up, on average, 1.3 of the 11 offensive players (11.8 percent) on the field for any given snap. Running backs have an index of 128, then — meaning teams used 28 percent more draft points on them than we’d expect.This metric is far from perfect — the draft is a fundamentally forward-looking endeavor, while the snap counts are retrospective and track an entirely different set of players — but it provides a good reference point when comparing this year’s draft to the long-term valuation of each position. read more

Baseball falls 70 to Hawkeyes looks to rebound in game 2

Fans expecting a show from the Ohio State baseball team would have to wait for the post-game fireworks as the Buckeyes were helpless against the Iowa Hawkeyes in a 7-0 loss Friday night at Bill Davis Stadium. With senior ace Drew Rucinski on the mound, OSU (22-23, 10-9) looked to build momentum after their win over No. 19 ranked Oklahoma State against the Hawkeyes (19-27, 8-11). Instead, Hawkeyes put on a clinic as they dominated the Buckeyes at the plate and on the mound. They had 11 hits, several of which weren’t hit very hard but found a place in the outfield anyway. “It seemed like it was a ‘hit it where we ain’t’ situation tonight for them,” coach Greg Beals said. “We didn’t have enough going on tonight to win the ball game. It just was one of those nights.” Iowa attacked OSU systematically from the plate, with timely and consistent hitting as they increased their lead throughout the game. The real star of the game was Iowa starter Jared Hippen. The lefty mystified the OSU lineup with an array of off-speed pitches, scattering three hits and striking out five for the complete game shutout. His circle-change kept the Buckeyes guessing. “He’s throwing that soft stuff and as a hitter you just want to whack at it,” freshman outfielder Tim Wetzel said. “It was like whiffle-ball.” “You have to give him credit, he did a good job of mixing speeds on us,” Beals said. “We didn’t stay patient and had we capitalized on the fastballs, it might have been a different story.” Senior outfielder Brian DeLucia described his frustration facing Hippen. “He had a lot of junk,” DeLucia said. “I credit this game to bad defensive at-bats and slow stuff we weren’t used to facing.” The series resumes Saturday at 3:05 p.m. at Bill Davis Stadium between OSU and Iowa. Missed Chances OSU did have chances to generate runs in lieu of Hippen’s performance, but didn’t come through on those chances. They were 0-for-8 at the plate with runners in scoring position. “We had our chances tonight,” Beals said. “When you get those opportunities to drive runs you have to put those balls in play. Rucinski Comes Up Short Rucinski lost his first Big Ten game of the season Friday night. He was previously 3-0 with a 2.54 ERA in conference play. “I thought he pitched the ball pretty good tonight,” Beals said. “Iowa’s a scrappy team that got their hits when they needed them tonight.” read more

Pep Guardiola issues Huddersfield warning

first_imgManchester City will play on Sunday against this “tough” rival says coach Guardiola, in what will be the Citizens first home game of the seasonManchester City opened the 2018-2019 Premier League season with a win over Arsenal last week.And now, they will host Huddersfield at Etihad Stadium on Sunday.But the Citizens’ boss Pep Guardiola doesn’t want any surprises and has warned their team about their “tough” opponent.“Last season was tough, those games,” City manager Guardiola said as reported by The National.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedSolskjaer praises Harry Maguire after Man United’s 1-0 win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer singled out Harry Maguire for praise after helping Manchester United keep a clean sheet in their 1-0 win over Leicester City.“They defended so well.”“They are so tough – physicality, defensively strong, good set-pieces, good throw-ins, good counter-attack, good high pressing,” he explained.“It was complicated last season and I imagine quite similar games.”“In this part of the season, all the teams, especially those with a lot of players at the World Cup, you need time – one month or a month and a half”, he added.“In this period, these kind of games are so dangerous for the players. Games like this – and Wolves, Cardiff, Fulham – I prefer these teams in October/November.”last_img read more

Manchester City unexpectedly falls to Lyon

first_imgManchester City, one of the Champions League favourites, has fallen short of expectation in their first outing this season.The concern that they may not be on the same Champions League form as in the previous season has been mounted by their defeat to Lyon, claims Mirror.The result which City got out of their opening game in the Champions League was obviously not what Pep Guardiola had expected from them. The shock of the defeat was obvious across the lines of his face as he watched the game from where he was sitting away, still serving his ban from last season.Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…It was the fourth straight time that Lyon is beating City in the Champions League and it was a total fall for City. Even the energy in their performance was not such that could instil fear on any opponent.Although City’s form cannot yet be called questionable, with four wins and a draw in the Premier League coming before a loss in the Champions League. However, it is possible that Guardiola would see this as a huge slack.last_img read more

Man City plans to maintain position

first_imgMan City is seeking to maintain their position atop the Premier League table when they get back to action a week today.On the other hand, Chelsea football club will welcome Burnley to the Etihad on October 20 as they have come off undefeated in their opening eight top-flight fixtures.Bernardo Silva would be battling for the match after report emerged in Portugal that he will go on rest after their game against Scotland where h scored the goal that assisted in giving Poland a win on Thursday night.Also, Oleks Zinchenko’s agent has said the player is open to a move to Napoli.Cristiano Ronaldo makes European history for Portugal Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 10, 2019 With all the arsenal on the pitch for Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo reached another all-time record in European football against Lithuania.The Portugal National Team made…“I met with [Napoli director Cristiano] Giuntoli [in the summer] and we laid down the foundations of a deal with Zinchenko, but the two clubs could not agree on a fee,” Alan Prudnikov said via Manchester United News.“We’d be ready to discuss it again, though.”last_img read more