Local kindergarten teachers add coronavirus health practices to curriculum

first_imgStudents will read materials and work on projects that teach them ways to stay safe during the pandemic. “We’ll talk about how it’s important to stay healthy and one of the ways we’re doing that they have been doing already; wearing a mask not getting too close to people staying their distance and washing our hands properly,” said Maine Memorial Kindergarten teacher Alissa Vanluvender. The teachers said they put students at their own tables in the classroom and when students do have to share tables there are plexiglass dividers. At Maine Memorial Elementary, kindergarten teachers are inlcuding social distancing, masks, and safe hygiene practices as part of the curriculum. The school said with young children, it’s important to establish keeping their hands to themselves and all of the new rules that come with going to school. The school said it informed parents ahead of time of the changes to help prepare students for the new normal. TOWN OF MAINE (WBNG) — As kids head back to school, kindergarten teachers are making sure their students understand the new normal while in the classroom. last_img read more

Protecting against the virtual threats of distance learning

first_img“It is incumbent upon us to acknowledge that some of the changes in routine that we’ve asked our children to endure, do come with a certain set of risks, and to do everything in our power to mitigate those risks to our children,” Miller told 12 News Monday. She added a child only has about 25-30 interactions with people inside the classroom, and the majority of those are public. Online, however, Miller said that the same child can privately interact with almost anyone on Earth. (WBNG) — The state of Pennsylvania is asking parents to make sure they know what their children are doing online. Because of this, Miller said to appreciate the benefits of virtual learning, but also acknowledge the hazards that come with it.center_img Department of Human Services Secretary Teresa Miller said the pandemic has forced many students to use the internet to connect with their classroom. While this has made education more accessible, Miller said it also poses risks. Miller said there are several resources available to the public, including the Safe2Say Something app and hotline, which can be used to report violence, harassment, and bullying. The number is 1-844-SAF2SAY.last_img read more

Two Harpursville natives star in number one show on Netflix, The Queen’s Gambit

first_imgIf you think appearing in the number one show on Netflix is impressive, the Lewis brothers are continuing to make some big moves in Hollywood. According to Netflix, a record-setting 62 million households chose to watch The Queen’s Gambit in its first 28 days, making it Netflix’s biggest scripted limited series to date. It also ranked number one in 63 countries. The two didn’t get into acting until a little later in life, eventually moving to California to continue their careers. Even though they’ve made it to the big screen, they have never forgotten where they came from. “We were always pretty creative kids,” said Russell Lewis. “We spent our whole lives playing outside in the woods, and we were always creating characters in the stories.” “I have been writing a new feature film and a short film that I wrote and we’re both in is still going to the festival circuits so that’s been winning some awards for us,” said Matt Lewis. They say they couldn’t have accomplished it all without their hometown’s support. center_img “All those people get to see someone they knew or grew up with on the screen or on Netflix. It really makes their day, and that’s what is really cool to see,” said Matt Lewis. (WBNG) — Twin brothers Matt and Russell Lewis were born and raised in Harpursville. Now, you’ll find them starring in one of the newest shows on Netflix, The Queen’s Gambit. “We had so many caring people around us, from friends to family, to teachers,” said Russell Lewis. “Success was never out of the question because we had such a great support system from the very beginning.” The show follows an orphaned chess prodigy on her way to becoming the world’s best chess player. On her journey, she meets Matt and Mike, played by the Lewis brothers. last_img read more