Website optimization to write high quality soft Wen is actually very simple

Before the best write

is now mostly to write soft Wen technology, professional terms do not highlight the past, it is simple, easy to understand is the key. Surfing here again, write, do not add too much advertising, and advertising, but advertising to write good, let readers do not know advertising writing for our advertising, soft in.

when we decide whether to look at this time, we are the first to see this article, the title of the article, think in the heart, this article is worth reading, whether to help us, is not a waste of time not worth watching, most of the people before deciding whether to see a soft have this idea, after all, with the quickening pace of the society, people’s consciousness of time is more and more strong. Therefore, the title of the article point to the novel, a little to attract people. The title of the soft center to clear thinking, know what the focus of the introduction of soft.

1, soft topic

3, the content of

according to the author’s experience generally wrote Softbank title, the title to novel, the central idea is clear, can highlight their point of view, there can be a controversial topic, soft Wen title should not be too long, generally in the 10-15 Chinese characters, don’t appear illegal characters, generally do not appear special symbols. The title of the article should stand in the perspective of readers, readers meet the maximum demand of the soft, soft Wen is the last.

if there is to be an important site promotion method, by the Shanghai dragon r welcome, high quality soft, not only can bring a lot of traffic, but also can bring a lot of links to guide the spider to our site, increase website weight, so soft Wen promotion is the best way to promote the website optimization. Method of soft Wen promotion is also a lot of Shanghai dragon r about the most difficult. Today surfing is about how to write high quality soft Wen, you will find that in fact, write high quality soft is so simple.

soft Wen write an outline, write this time around the outline to write. Write soft thought to relax, a lot of people say, too difficult to write soft, not stop, wrapped step before the surf statement, write text from the heart that write soft article is very simple, first of all have confidence that the written text is very simple, then master the correct method, grasp the necessary knowledge is can write high quality soft wen. Write text without the rhetoric, as long as the focus, lively and vigorous flourishes in calligraphy, the contents of simple line, their true, their point of view to solve the problems of the world to share out the readers on the line.


2, there is a soft, the appeal of the title

to write text to find their familiar topics, their own good topic, only you know the topic more, has a unique opinion, writes to you, Huibi nature. In this topic, the reader is most concerned about the issue of reader in mind, write to the reader needs to solve the problem of their own experience to share out to solve the practical problems of the reader, will attract readers.

The new engine do experience the snapshot timely content included experience

second is at the first station, the hair is pulled out during the birth, because of previous experience, the current situation is still relatively smooth development, establishment of 40 days, the Bo.

first sites, is a blog, but appeared in the middle of the episode. This is because at the time of establishment, Taichong busy, before the use of a cheap foreign VPS independent IP is used to study the Linux system because before use windows. Only $1 a month. The domain name is the special offer of $1.99. Procedures for the use of the legendary friendly WordPress casually looking for a set of templates placed 2 keywords on the hands, when opening the station 48 hours to find the site to be included in a page, about a week to release a few pages. The snapshot is the next update, and tool tools to query br actually has 2, of which 2 words into the first page of Shanghai love. Day to the 20-30 IP I still don’t know why. Only during 3-4. The soft article found to have a key words wrong, want to change but I know a snapshot will certainly pause, heart a horizontal or changed. Not the second day snapshot fixed day by day. At week 4 the general thought big update day wondering should update. Second days a look dumbfounded, pulled the hair, a page without. But a bit unwilling, check the log, the spider is still climbing. Well, continue to update a week passed or no movement, during the 2 pieces of hair soft, and after 1 weeks or no intermediate or a few soft article and some forum replies. Third weeks has no patience. Anyway, love heart Shanghai really BT this killing me. To do this a will not change the title. This station is not him, the distance was plucking 40 days and times for the update to the siet it obediently is finally back, released 30 pages, strange is the chain fell from more than 200 to only 30 a few, Br weight 2 become 0. This time due to the price of cheap VPS renewals cheating, to find the next box there is a $15 annual pay VPS empty there before the wall. It is stable and practical with the environment, to transfer it to the machine up. And update the 2 articles found, snapshot and fixed, including content lost 10, the chain fell into the 10, known for IP and against Shanghai love oh. The cost is not small. Forget it when the bar, because the hair is pulled out during I to redo second new similar sites also do also included the content about this leave it.

the author many years do not stand idle, more recent time, want to do a look at two. Now that the love sea serve, not updated snapshot ah, ah, in fact I think not included is also okay. Only need to pay attention to several points on the line. More than 2 months a total of 3 test sites, concluded that today and share one.

Case analysis of website keyword selection and optimization techniques



3. finally love Shanghai Chinese segmentation to determine the target keywords the most competitive. I was on the top of the key words and word, then in combination, then the above words can be split into software, download, share, security. So in the end to determine the "green software download".

Keywords as the template, the anchor text< >



1. website title and keywords echo

1. using the Google Adwords keyword tool to determine the target keywords account. If you select a keyword we must know the keywords and the shrinkage degree of competition, select several alternative keywords on this basis. In my case, I entered "software download".

site title weight high, depending only on one aspect of this apparently still can not put keywords so as to make it an ideal position, some owners will put a lot of keywords accumulation to the site title, think that this can be driven by a number of keywords ranking, but this will only make the site appear suspected of cheating, and pay attention to the site is not the same as the title of the at this time, we should be in the web page on a bit, there is a correlation between the keywords, to optimize a keyword must appear in the content page and column, so as to improve the relevance of keywords itself, so as to improve its ranking.

Optimization of the keywords

through the above two steps, initially identified the site keywords "green software download, free download".

2. content page

3. to establish

who know the website title was awarded the Shanghai love weight is very high, if I want to optimize your keywords must use this, will let us get promotion Keywords ranking.

2. combines four major search engines to determine target keywords. (search, YAHOO pictures omitted)

do anything must have a goal, like we do not like, like a headless flies distracted? And the website to stay bound to have a their own keywords, the keywords only good choice, and strive to optimize our website will be bigger and stronger. But many webmaster a widespread situation, that is to know their own industry, but for the choice of keywords to do not know how to start, take me personally, I do software download, but you want me to choose your keywords, I really a little bit at a loss, but fortunately after a period of time, you know more or less a little skill, it is now selling experience, I hope you can help.

keyword selection down, here is the keyword optimization process.

Fuzhou decoration company through the optimization of keywords ranking fast row labels

on the page only


in each picture of each page to alt, in order to let the spider

[H2] [/h2] [H3] [/h3] [H4] [/h4] [H5] [/h5] [H6] [/h6]

is not recognized as a spider video, but the user needs, then how can we let the spider crawling and identification of

[boby] [/boby] is the main body of the HTML, the beginning and end of the middle part of all the content can be displayed in

4, H1 refers to the page title tag is not on the entire website

[br/] [HR] the two is a single marker, refers to the line, after a mean level of

1, the code should be improved, the start and end of

H1 could be two times, three times, is not to be

[H1] [/h1] the beginning and end of the content can be displayed

For example, ?


H1 have

page H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 not H6 you, is

recognition three page elements

H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 only, H1 wood can not

open a page, press F12 to enter the source code, ctrl+f left out of a box, enter the H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 in the box. You can view

H1 H2 H3 H4 H5, no H6, it can be

optimized video

pairs [a] [/a] before a start, after one is over

?A browser

title (website title) keyword (keywords) is not involved in description ranking (site description) is not involved in the rankings, but can promote the ranking of

from the Putian Lanyun network technology — Shanghai Fuzhou dragon ink creation Jiezhuang company ranked 贵族宝贝ahstgy贵族宝贝/:html Hypertext Markup Language, is a hypertext markup language, used to describe a web document markup language. Here is the HTML code what are the basic need to optimize the label

H1 in the optimization of.

we can step by step with text to explain with screenshots and video content, the user is also conducive to spider crawling.

[head] [/head] is the head of HTML, describes the required content of

? ?

Optimization of real feeling Do you need to pay attention to Shanghai, following a big problem!




website optimization details

6, pay attention to the mobile terminal

not only that, but also pay attention to the density of keywords, keyword stuffing don’t appear the phenomenon, you can find some keywords and a high degree of attention.

1, to choose the right

4, increase the chain

is a high quality the chain can improve website PR value and update rate, will bring a lot of traffic for us, but do not increase too much the chain. Suddenly a lot of more easy to trigger the exception mechanism of search engine, the search engine to determine the site optimization excessive, but The loss outweighs the gain.

Shanghai Longfeng not only a short duration of time, but if you start in the wrong direction, it is difficult to achieve their expected goals, especially will be a fatal blow for start-up enterprises. Then we will summarize several problems needing attention in Shanghai Longfeng optimization in

content is very important


PC and the mobile terminal are >

site should be stable

a lot of people making a website, used to upload to a web application FTP slowly after modification, this is wrong. Both the content and the name, but the upload as much as possible to reduce the modification, frequent modification will make bad decision optimization of the crawler, later will have adverse effects.

Arrange the website of


reasonable release schedule, but also one of the key techniques of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, you can publish articles regularly.

Shanghai dragon is a required course for every website, has become the essential part of the network marketing, but some people pay a lot of effort, but did not get paid, this is why

5, website innovation than beauty

believes that most of the people know the contents of the original site is very important, but also should pay attention not to the original and the original subject, suits the needs of your site, from the theme of the site content, search is not love.

Shanghai dragon

beautiful website will make people love, but not all websites to beautiful, according to your website, the types of products to choose, small fresh, simple, can be full sense of science and technology, a creative website will brighten. We can observe similar pages before the design, or do some research on the users, take advantage of it.

we all know the importance of keywords, which is also the Shanghai dragon optimization is the most important part. First, the right to choose keywords, keywords that you take must maintain consistency and their own website, if you choose the wrong keywords, optimization perfectly, but also of no avail.



How to build the chain

you look at these sites are all collected in A5 I submitted to the article, then I collected over the link. This is not reached an article to bring more than 10 links? This is very cool, but the quality requirements are relatively high, I voted three or four times before the time, sometimes have to see people small mood. Each small audit efforts are not the same, it also luck. This is the text of the chain. To write a tempting title, to be attractive enough is the key.


didn’t have a lot of resources, do the chain general on the line. The bigger and stronger can do high weight chain. A high weight website you can top dozens of general chain.



chain is to import the weight is a vote. To attract more users to enter the site is a kind of exposure. This is our value chain.

speaking of the chain, we all know that the site want to quickly rankings will need to have the chain. The chain is to improve the site ranking booster. We are not a stranger every day doing. So how does the chain construction is worth? We do the chain the purpose of what is it? Today we come together to discuss

general chain: we usually have easy access to the chain link is general. General chain such as BBS signature, blog, blog signature. For Links etc..

first, we must clear every day outside the chain.


like to A5, the owners of the house. Is the text. For example, before I find a blog thrown over. I also brought their blog link, this is the soft chain. And this article chain brought me at least more than 10 chain. Because A5 and home owners authority. And a lot of information acquisition information website A5 and the owners of the house of the article, if your article submission by others, when the site collection will be the way to your reprint articles and links to the site.



see you have stood in the user’s point of view to understand. For example, your company is selling printer. You wrote a note on the printer

This The

1. voted 2. to increase your exposure rate.

two: guide recommended

high weight chain: it is difficult to obtain the weight of the chain link is high as you and 58 city for a link. Or you call IP on the website (tens of thousands of high flow station) with a link to you. The portal site (such as www.hao123贵族宝贝). Independent website. The Ico class website.

: a soft

From the celebrity blog about how to reduce the website bounce rate Enlightenment


everybody knows this man Lu Songsong, his blog is one of the best individual blog at home, often reading his website can learn from IT industry knowledge, is of great benefit to your future construction site, but his blog is worth learning place than this one, in fact, there are many places are permeated with Shanghai Dragon industry knowledge, such as how to reduce the site bounce rate, below I combined with his blog specifically a summary from his blog about my experience.

single from the number of comments can be seen in the heat.

first, we can’t let our website too gorgeous, but to the main content of the site as soon as possible to emerge, if we are to promote products, we will enclose the main products in the home, if we are to engage in business training, we should be in the range of home training and fees, we what do you want as much as possible to highlight the importance of it, the site straight to the point, without ambiguity. Lu Songsong is such a blog, on his website can feel this is a IT blog.

is a prominent site theme in the first time,

PS: filling webmaster do the design page in the related content will be hard to avoid, I agree with this approach, because it can expand the range site, increasing the authority, but also can increase the website chain number, but in the set of content we can’t take all the people to say it. Two said two, not in order to highlight the theme of the site and intentional exaggeration. If it is necessary, I suggest that you can do the headlines, but should pay attention to the content and the title is not a big gap.


three tourists is the site of the "Daily", "station

Timely supply of


want to know the website content is a direct tool to attract tourists. It also tells us that the content of the site must be novel, readable, long time so as to retain customers. At this point, Lu Songsong has done well, his article is available only in the industry with the latest information, not only humorous, and unique view, reading is very strong.


two to maintain the original and unique content

then we will provide concise, easy navigation options. Because of the difficulty in navigation, difficult to use the site, also do not leave consumers. The navigation options should be marked, clear and easy to use. Try to avoid using the drop-down menu or multiple check and other users not easy touch screen use function. If the blog content is complex, can provide the search function and the site map, to help users to easily find the information they need.

A rookie of the tragic history of Shanghai Dragon

contact Shanghai Longfeng a year ago, started flying into network company what is not, what should start from the grassroots, recording, writing acquisition rules, and then to do. At that time know little of Shanghai dragon, the company itself is actually the price do Sogou, the keywords ranking or know some of the last in the network environment for a long time, have a clear understanding of the Shanghai dragon. At that time, I would like to do, jjpm that money, but if I will Shanghai Longfeng words, I can not spend any cost, you can go to the front of the site. At that time, the idea is really too simple, do not spend money on things which is so easy. But at that time it is a goal to think in this direction development, so I went into the long learning process in Shanghai dragon.

first, I will be all about the special website keywords all with word preserved, such as "tanker, sprinkler, aerial vehicles" such words all down. In addition, there are usually large on the special vehicle information website are preserved. Remember, because some web updates are not the same, some websites a day to update a few articles, some website updated once a week or more, is updated once a month, like this, to batch finishing, usually with more, I put together a, a little bit worse. Then a number of final finishing, then finishing a number. Then, your daily task is to sort out the first keywords in major search engines search again, the latest news, you can copy, then, are you the pseudo original. You have to follow this pseudo original points, the head and tail must be re written, middle paragraph swap, pseudo 30%, you can put on your own website. The website reproduced, false original like this, but the site has the advantage that, each article below will have the information, you can on these articles are analyzed, thus, the write >

so, I see some of Shanghai dragon knowledge crazy in the webmaster online, do Shanghai dragon knows, "content is king, the chain for emperor", this content, we are not difficult to understand it, it is to adhere to the original content on our website, attracting major search engines. I speak of these online knows, but the content of this thing, you can not say, the key is to write, and you write something, to be recognized by search engines. But in writing is really limited, racked my brain sweat squeeze something. Also, we are doing special automobile Chinese network ( was the optimization of the website, this is an e-commerce platform, unlike the general station optimization can be very simple to do. This site is a special car, written content, information must be around the car to write, you say, I am a female, can be constructed for special vehicle, and maintenance parameters have a certain understanding? The content of this root is not start pressure. So, in the original, I was dead, had to go back then, pseudo original route.

Analysis understanding the four basic suggestions PPC

click will appear in the company, Shanghai love marketing staff, marketing bidding business of the company. The first two did not say, this is their own business selling bidding company is to help other companies operating bidding account to earn their business expenses. In fact, the company’s business is not a problem. In theory they help companies save hire SEM personnel and the study and practice of SEM time. The enterprise pays the cost of the corresponding bidding business of the company, each one takes what he needs. But there are some less moral bidding business companies will like business rivals, using software malicious click bidding link. The formation of the company can not control the SEM well, which prompted the hiring of auction business company.

1, shielding invalid IP

2, lower the turnover rate is not high word bid


some more people search word is not necessarily the turnover rate is high. "

is now the majority of enterprises and the construction site for the "power" of employees have complained too burn, is simply a bottomless pit. But scolding aside, we still in use. No way, who love Shanghai and now the market share is so powerful, even if the rise of emerging 360, it must also do the bidding. As for Google, it has Adsense, and although the bidding is not exactly the same, but also. So just do not do Shanghai dragon SEM friends, should also have some understanding of the bidding. The following small share of general infrastructure four for beginners need to know ranking.

, a non normal click

non normal click on many SEM friends called malicious click. As we all know, the bidding content appears in the search results, the user can click, deduct a bid cost. As for boring, I don’t care about the search word, then the promotion links, such people can not say no, but is actually a very small. The normal point is the user point in found not attractive or the like is the title of the party, not consumption.

In fact, most of the non normal

can be found in the IP and click on the link for the background and own webmaster tools, if a IP click on the more than 3 times, but also did not form a transaction or consulting. Even if this is normal after the click, the probability of IP turnover is also very low. Can be shielded in the bidding in the background. The non normal click, IP shielding temporary or have considerable effect.

love Shanghai to upgrade their bidding system, according to the love of Shanghai that has effectively reduced the non normal click 95%. But this is just love Shanghai that is not the case. For users feel is important. To be honest, non normal click can not be completely avoided. A friend said we do not negotiate joint peer malicious clicks each other, this method can try, but you can only see the actual effect of competition in the industry. Take the above abnormal click, can also be said that there are two main methods of malicious click.

Herd how to improve the conversion rate of single page program

analysis and single page:

We all know that

sales, shopping guide websites conversion rate is very important, but the site optimization flow up, too, but no single transaction, is quite "Cup". So the flow does not mean there will be sold, these are to be studied. The single page program for several months the two station search flow more than 200 per day, but also often have zero turnover situation, so also is what causes the conversion rate so low? Below we share a few possible reasons.

analysis on how to finally let visitors click on at least to the target page:

is now basically directly with the mall page or individually designed product list form, 9 grids and other single page selection. Directly nested mall page, beautiful interface and user experience, and product data is the mall, but visitors enter the site to see like the Taobao mall interface, click on the product and jumped into the real Taobao mall page. As long as there is online shopping experience visitors will think is a phishing site, but a lower degree of trust. List and 9 grids, the overall tone style to site collocation, put a head of advertising, then choose a good template and then good sales and products, so the conversion rate is high. If the template does not do can go online to find, buy Taobao, or looking for artists to do Witkey task. The group share several sets of simple and Whitening Essential Oil single page template, there is a need of a friend can add QQ group: 116154365 to group sharing inside the download.

this question I study for a few days, a WordPress station group website products found accidentally by search their love Shanghai website link >


has already written on a single page related articles (analysis of single page station needs to solve the problem of a single page, Amoy), to share with you today to write about is how to improve the conversion rate of the station.


first single page Keywords:

before I do is rose essential oil single page, choose "the price of rose essential oil, rose oil, rose essential oil usage function", keywords can easily see three words above in "oil prices rose " this fairly directional point. Want to know the price of a product, or want to buy the idea. "Rose essential oil use and effect of" the two word orientation goal itself is not enough, so it is very important to choose keywords. When you choose the best is to investigate several people around to see if they want to buy XXXX products, how to search, and then combined with the love and love Shanghai Shanghai related search index is the best choice of words, the title can integrate some prominent words such as "Taobao sales first" and "2011 best XX, the best-selling " XXX" to attract the attention of the audience.

Two days ago,