Website optimization to write high quality soft Wen is actually very simple

Before the best write

is now mostly to write soft Wen technology, professional terms do not highlight the past, it is simple, easy to understand is the key. Surfing here again, write, do not add too much advertising, and advertising, but advertising to write good, let readers do not know advertising writing for our advertising, soft in.

when we decide whether to look at this time, we are the first to see this article, the title of the article, think in the heart, this article is worth reading, whether to help us, is not a waste of time not worth watching, most of the people before deciding whether to see a soft have this idea, after all, with the quickening pace of the society, people’s consciousness of time is more and more strong. Therefore, the title of the article point to the novel, a little to attract people. The title of the soft center to clear thinking, know what the focus of the introduction of soft. read more

The new engine do experience the snapshot timely content included experience

second is at the first station, the hair is pulled out during the birth, because of previous experience, the current situation is still relatively smooth development, establishment of 40 days, the Bo.

first sites, is a blog, but appeared in the middle of the episode. This is because at the time of establishment, Taichong busy, before the use of a cheap foreign VPS independent IP is used to study the Linux system because before use windows. Only $1 a month. The domain name is the special offer of $1.99. Procedures for the use of the legendary friendly WordPress casually looking for a set of templates placed 2 keywords on the hands, when opening the station 48 hours to find the site to be included in a page, about a week to release a few pages. The snapshot is the next update, and tool tools to query br actually has 2, of which 2 words into the first page of Shanghai love. Day to the 20-30 IP I still don’t know why. Only during 3-4. The soft article found to have a key words wrong, want to change but I know a snapshot will certainly pause, heart a horizontal or changed. Not the second day snapshot fixed day by day. At week 4 the general thought big update day wondering should update. Second days a look dumbfounded, pulled the hair, a page without. But a bit unwilling, check the log, the spider is still climbing. Well, continue to update a week passed or no movement, during the 2 pieces of hair soft, and after 1 weeks or no intermediate or a few soft article and some forum replies. Third weeks has no patience. Anyway, love heart Shanghai really BT this killing me. To do this a will not change the title. This station is not him, the distance was plucking 40 days and times for the update to the siet it obediently is finally back, released 30 pages, strange is the chain fell from more than 200 to only 30 a few, Br weight 2 become 0. This time due to the price of cheap VPS renewals cheating, to find the next box there is a $15 annual pay VPS empty there before the wall. It is stable and practical with the environment, to transfer it to the machine up. And update the 2 articles found, snapshot and fixed, including content lost 10, the chain fell into the 10, known for IP and against Shanghai love oh. The cost is not small. Forget it when the bar, because the hair is pulled out during I to redo second new similar sites also do also included the content about this leave it. read more

Case analysis of website keyword selection and optimization techniques


3. finally love Shanghai Chinese segmentation to determine the target keywords the most competitive. I was on the top of the key words and word, then in combination, then the above words can be split into software, download, share, security. So in the end to determine the "green software download".

Keywords as the template, the anchor text< >

1. website title and keywords echo

1. using the Google Adwords keyword tool to determine the target keywords account. If you select a keyword we must know the keywords and the shrinkage degree of competition, select several alternative keywords on this basis. In my case, I entered "software download". read more

Fuzhou decoration company through the optimization of keywords ranking fast row labels

on the page only


in each picture of each page to alt, in order to let the spider

[H2] [/h2] [H3] [/h3] [H4] [/h4] [H5] [/h5] [H6] [/h6]

is not recognized as a spider video, but the user needs, then how can we let the spider crawling and identification of

[boby] [/boby] is the main body of the HTML, the beginning and end of the middle part of all the content can be displayed in

4, H1 refers to the page title tag is not on the entire website

[br/] [HR] the two is a single marker, refers to the line, after a mean level of read more

Optimization of real feeling Do you need to pay attention to Shanghai following a big problem




website optimization details

6, pay attention to the mobile terminal

not only that, but also pay attention to the density of keywords, keyword stuffing don’t appear the phenomenon, you can find some keywords and a high degree of attention.

1, to choose the right

4, increase the chain

is a high quality the chain can improve website PR value and update rate, will bring a lot of traffic for us, but do not increase too much the chain. Suddenly a lot of more easy to trigger the exception mechanism of search engine, the search engine to determine the site optimization excessive, but The loss outweighs the gain. read more

How to build the chain

you look at these sites are all collected in A5 I submitted to the article, then I collected over the link. This is not reached an article to bring more than 10 links? This is very cool, but the quality requirements are relatively high, I voted three or four times before the time, sometimes have to see people small mood. Each small audit efforts are not the same, it also luck. This is the text of the chain. To write a tempting title, to be attractive enough is the key.

didn’t have a lot of resources, do the chain general on the line. The bigger and stronger can do high weight chain. A high weight website you can top dozens of general chain. read more

From the celebrity blog about how to reduce the website bounce rate Enlightenment

everybody knows this man Lu Songsong, his blog is one of the best individual blog at home, often reading his website can learn from IT industry knowledge, is of great benefit to your future construction site, but his blog is worth learning place than this one, in fact, there are many places are permeated with Shanghai Dragon industry knowledge, such as how to reduce the site bounce rate, below I combined with his blog specifically a summary from his blog about my experience.

single from the number of comments can be seen in the heat. read more

A rookie of the tragic history of Shanghai Dragon

contact Shanghai Longfeng a year ago, started flying into network company what is not, what should start from the grassroots, recording, writing acquisition rules, and then to do. At that time know little of Shanghai dragon, the company itself is actually the price do Sogou, the keywords ranking or know some of the last in the network environment for a long time, have a clear understanding of the Shanghai dragon. At that time, I would like to do, jjpm that money, but if I will Shanghai Longfeng words, I can not spend any cost, you can go to the front of the site. At that time, the idea is really too simple, do not spend money on things which is so easy. But at that time it is a goal to think in this direction development, so I went into the long learning process in Shanghai dragon. read more

Analysis understanding the four basic suggestions PPC

click will appear in the company, Shanghai love marketing staff, marketing bidding business of the company. The first two did not say, this is their own business selling bidding company is to help other companies operating bidding account to earn their business expenses. In fact, the company’s business is not a problem. In theory they help companies save hire SEM personnel and the study and practice of SEM time. The enterprise pays the cost of the corresponding bidding business of the company, each one takes what he needs. But there are some less moral bidding business companies will like business rivals, using software malicious click bidding link. The formation of the company can not control the SEM well, which prompted the hiring of auction business company. read more

Herd how to improve the conversion rate of single page program

analysis and single page:

We all know that

sales, shopping guide websites conversion rate is very important, but the site optimization flow up, too, but no single transaction, is quite "Cup". So the flow does not mean there will be sold, these are to be studied. The single page program for several months the two station search flow more than 200 per day, but also often have zero turnover situation, so also is what causes the conversion rate so low? Below we share a few possible reasons. read more

Give love from Shanghai included new and good rankings on new optimization

uses what program is helpful for your site and the optimization. Some programs are popular on network such as CMS is optimized for search engines, but also conducive to search engine included. A small station building their own is the use of CMS architecture, for the structure of the site also made some adjustments, such as voting drove some small area, so the lands network website looks relatively simple Puso Mi. Using this program, the station is in the afternoon had been included, this for me as a rookie webmaster, or more exciting, the original station is ten genius included. read more

Analysis WeChat search in the end of the road to decide on what path to follow

The limitations of the

, the first WeChat search. In the first strategy, WeChat platform cannot replace the development of the Internet, WeChat search is only relative to the great changes to the WeChat platform, although WeChat platform public number grow very fast, have a lot of contact users, but WeChat search is provided by the public number of articles and the account number, and so this huge there is no direct relationship between user groups. The second is the WeChat search is also confined to the WeChat platform internal superiority, in the practical application itself has great limitation. This is an important reason why the WeChat platform is temporarily unable to expand, WeChat search is WeChat platform to build a gateway to the environment of the export of a can and outside the same channel. read more

From the Shanghai dragon is dead to talk about his own views

cat chat in the A5 Marketing Group official today, found that many do Shanghai dragon buddies of Shanghai dragon lost confidence that Shanghai dragon is dead, it’s better to have sex in Shanghai auction, but also said a lot of examples. The cat that, as long as the search engine exists, Shanghai dragon will not die, a short time bidding is better than the optimum, but from the long-term perspective, Shanghai dragon must have more advantages than bidding. The cat here, certainly not willing: Hey buddy, Kitty, you all talk, look at our medical industry, do not bid live, also make Shanghai dragon have no food to eat and so on, for such remarks, the cat can only say: the optimization measures for different industries take it to the appropriate adjustment, the optimization is not immutable and frozen, Baidu had to modify their algorithm, then why are you the same buddies ideas to consider their own website way? Let’s let the cat say for you. read more

Google file blackout and Solutions

ironically, Google to 24 hours in the published to encourage enterprises to trust their data blog post, Google Google documents based on cloud outages experienced about 30 minutes. The blog post, Google is based on the normal running time of the first half of 2011 years 99.99% of Google’s data to encourage enterprises to believe the scalability and reliability of Google.

thank you!

Google issued the following statement to the user after power failure:

we are aware of a problem Google file and now we are trying to solve it. We will regularly update the application status table. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. read more

For some Links

website optimization, in these optimization work, the author has done the chain, looking for the chain, outside the chain on the forum, blog culture, library upload files to stay outside the chain, Shanghai love to know ourselves from a site, classified information website to stay outside the chain, write text, and don’t change the friendship the link and so on, has recently been focused on Links for this work, according to the nearly two months for Links work, I have some thoughts and share with you. read more

Experience the similarity detection tool reliable

second, the original article may be collected by self similarity detection tool.

: first the original detection tool can only be detected before dozens of words.

is now the most difficult to do Shanghai dragon is not technology, but the content of the website. With the high quality of Shanghai dragon ranking of great help. Many people think that the original article is high quality articles, so there are a lot of the original detection tools, and some kind of acquisition software to combine different paragraphs of this kind interpret out of context, operation method really on the website of Shanghai dragon did not help, not completely reliable. read more

A little view of writing soft Wen promotion

second: combined events, the most popular hot. A soft, successful or not, it is another aspect, how many people are willing to read this article, or are interested in reading. This is the soft writers keen observation, always pay attention to the latest and most popular news really blew hot, they want to put the things together in propaganda. Give a simple example, a health care propaganda soft Wen can with the most concern at home during the Spring Festival, how difficult, how long did not return home, had not reunited with their parents and so on, all this is very good to watch, but also easy to get everyone’s sympathy. read more

On the site include reducing several internal and external factors

included reducing the general can be divided into subjective and objective reasons. The reason is that we charge the site title, but this is generally caused by the main reason the site not included. The objective reason why is some external factors influence, for the site collection is also playing a certain role.

1: site content quality can not keep up. As the author of the site of the case, because the site is a business site, there are some limitations in the contents of the article, there is not enough content. So through some duplicate content or some pseudo original content only to enrich the site. The search engine algorithm can distinguish early site and repeat some low quality content, this is the main cause of the site is not included and included reducing. So I think the blame as the main reason for the site collection stop reduced and its factors of quality content. read more

Clever use of love Shanghai algorithm enhance the vertical mall ranking method

electronic mall operation mode basically monopolized by Tmall, Suning and other Jingdong very strong comprehensive website, but the Internet retail and retail entities under the line also has a similar pattern of development, such as Tmall or Jingdong is offline store, while Dangdang and vip贵族宝贝 a similar line stores, Taobao bazaar shop that is equal to the line number if the ox hair retail stores, so that the electricity supplier website has been large website monopoly, but its diversified development pattern has become an important development trend of current. read more

How many know the bare chain and chain chain construction in the role of you


examples are as follows:

3, external links voting mechanism to enhance the link weight of the target page, which affects the target page collection and core keywords ranking;

is more than two kinds of chain exist: anchor and bare chain, most of Shanghai Longfeng Er will meet these two conditions, many owners will think subjective chain than the bare chain effect is good, of course, "the little lost reptile is not denied this chain the role is better than bare the chain effect, why do you say that? Here I’ll webmaster friends share for a bare chain and chain" lost small Crawler "is how to understand. read more