TV station teaches you four ways to get traffic quickly

now Baidu is getting more and more harsh with the movie station. Last month my TV station,, was one of the favourites, and now I can’t find it. But in fact, as long as we will promote, do not have Baidu can also IP tens of thousands of, and here are some of the rapid access to traffic methods:

(1). BBS publicity:

first, in the forum propaganda, I opened the way, also is the daily updated movie name and address recorded daily records about 10, write the advertisement text, but the advertising text not too guanggaohua, so it is difficult to let people into more easily by the moderator K. So the flexible use of your advertising wisdom to take more captives, advertising and some new movies are ready, then we will go to visit those high forums, although each forum to several or dozens, but I did not worry so much, is one of the then, from time to time to reply, but I don’t have to this website is my theme, I use the theme to share on this forum propaganda effect is very good, have obviously.

(2). Blog:

blog publicity, and some people will ask what the blog publicity method, then I tell you what method. First of all, blog is the most fiery WEB2.0 keyword, and now, almost every Internet user will have blog, good nonsense, not much to say, to enter the topic. Although some people do not optimistic about this blog, but he is conducive to search engine included, we apply for a blog in each blog site, and then establish a link, and the above forum propaganda every ten new movies, published a blog, such as search engine spider, you will be have repercussions link and GOOGLE pr. I pro test. The effect is very good.

(3).QQ publicity:

In fact, some Adsense

misses the point that the QQ group of advertising, most of the webmaster is to add some Adsense technology related groups, but I did not do so, my QQ group what classes are, games, music, animation…… Many, many, I will not enumerate. On the QQ group, we can also conduct propaganda to that forum propaganda, also is the daily updated ten movies all the time in the group, do not send more, here, some webmaster friends will ask, "now a lot of virus and advertisement leads to QQ users not to point site. What is the use of QQ group propaganda." Oh, I want to explain this point, all means of publicity is need to rely on the brain to complete, if direct such information will be the main group to fly out or we feel that no one is virus to the point, but you can send in with you before the way, to provide you with free online movies to watch, so I don’t think you are in the virus or advertising, you just information >

WeChat public platform, there is wisdom of the choice of advertising

now "fan economy" can be described as fiery, WeChat public number is also popular, has a lot of fans concerned about the amount of WeChat quite a lot. There are fans, on behalf of traffic, there is traffic on behalf of commercial operations can be carried out.

it is understood that now has a certain amount of attention WeChat public platform, its main commercial profit methods are looking for businesses to advertise. However, even advertising has its own knowledge, and in this article, I will tell you how to choose "wisdom" advertising.

select advertising, consider the eastern and Western aspects, such as the strength of the business, how much benefit can be gained by itself. In my opinion, the choice of advertising only needs to follow 2 basic principles:

1. selects ads that produce higher value. The foundation is a win-win cooperation in the establishment of the advertising advertisers and WeChat advertising platform, high value of advertising on behalf of businesses to obtain greater value, through advertising, businesses are willing to pay more to find the value of WeChat advertising, are more likely to form the next cooperation.

2. selects ads based on WeChat platform. Advertisers need to choose advertising platform, you need to consider the platform traffic, quantity, quality, conversion rate, summed up, that is, to take into account the effect of advertising. Similarly, WeChat public platform also choose advertisers.

does not damage the user experience, selection and positioning, WeChat similar similar advertising, such advertising is not too high damage to the WeChat user experience and image, to minimize the impact; great resentment and localization of WeChat platform advertising will lead to be quite different users, not because the price is higher, the greater the choice of what kind of interest the advertisement, especially deceptive advertising, may have fatal impact on WeChat’s public platform, resulting in the loss of users.

of course, if advertising can consistent with the WeChat platform positioning is of course ideal state, such advertising is advertising information into normal content information, so that users will not be advertising as advertising, but as the normal content of information push. In fact, this advertising effect is also the most user acceptance, the effect is also the most ideal.

there is also a case of advertising is to achieve cooperation with the interests of businesses, WeChat’s own long-term development can have a favorable impact. For example, the local WeChat theater information push and cinema line advertising a two-dimensional code of cooperative advertising, which has a favorable influence on the growth of WeChat users public platform, this type of advertising is the preferred one of the WeChat advertising platform.

, however, I think, WeChat platform advertising short-term operation is acceptable, but not long-term strategy, the introduction of their own brands, the best way to position.

article source Peng Jinjie blog: Micro signals: Peng Jinjie’s Internet circle (ID:QQ751269767). Reading wise [club]. "

The organic unity of analysis and thought is the premise of making a good fortune for Taobao custome


customers are now more and more difficult to operate is an indisputable fact, many owners before the operation of Taobao customers, will look forward to future profits, so motivated, but too large gap between the ideal and reality, when I put a lot of energy, the spirit of the Yellow River to the heart does not die attitude to Taobao customer operations after they found and profitable distance seems to be more and more far, Taobao is really off no profit potential? The answer is no, because Taobao does not make money off, only the incorrect operation. In the operation of Taobao passengers on the road, should think and do organic unity.

one, think about how to execute and achieve strong execution

why do as a force? Because the force is continuing forever, the operation of the website also is a continuous process, so the need to continue the execution, the execution is also plagued many webmaster, as long as the web site operators to the right track, it can become shuaishouzhanggui, obviously this is not true, even Taobao looks very successful, but if not until execution, without the correct operation, will soon become the past, replaced by others.

So how to

execution power? Is the source of executive power, executive power is to do and the organic unity, before Taobao’s passenger operations, you think you have no power to do Taobao customers, for the products you want to do have a very deep understanding or interest, these are the source of power if there is, then, should be how to do every day, but also should think of emergency plan carefully, because you may plan to do every day, always because of various defects caused can not be completed, then your emergency plans in where, how to solve these problems.

two, Taobao will do with them and think off

At first glance seems to run Taobao

off with a mysterious coat, but it is undeniable that now what to do should go, if you must trend, it will obviously win unless you have a head broken and bleeding, the ability for small and medium long, this ability even if there is, it is do not get enough financial support, so as a webmaster, should be in the trend of environment, find a method of innovation, so that make the pot of gold belongs to own in this situation.

is now running Taobao off the trend where lies in social sharing, beautiful and natural core power to promote this trend, as a webmaster, how to rely on this trend to find their own profit, you need some innovative ideas that, if blindly, you certainly have no chance to Taobao customers because, as personal webmaster is difficult to manage the large social sharing Taobao off site.

because you can imagine, when you operate social sharing sites, although the user can rely on elaborate to share website attracted traffic, but the inevitable emergence of Taobao store manager active release >

Refute the wheat field, how did 51 develop

I haven’t write a blog, online today to see a crop to write "51" is how the development of , suddenly feel that there is something to say, speak out.

I’ll write about my idea then.

wheat field article, I summarized as four (when I was in primary school Chinese language, the text of the central idea is always can not find, now make up missed lessons)

1, the domestic blog is not reliable, whether it is technical personnel or non technical personnel.

2, ant net is the other two XX nets, XX net 5-8 times a day increase the number of users.

The essence of the development of

3 and is "51 is resolutely throwing money out of BBS users, and it is still smashing.". That’s the essence of the 51 development model,

4, made an advertisement to recruit.Net programmers.

I’d like to make my comments about him at 4.

1, domestic blog published something not reliable must all bloggers to combat domestic such a large area, it is proud of it, I love Hong Bo kseo blog in the famous words. "I do what I think. You read with your intelligence. Don’t think I have any interest in misleading you.". To believe that they have been misled by the intellectual disabled half sorry for you."

2, website traffic can be advertised, but VC are not stupid, I do not have any good way to investigate the flow of each site, using a less reliable way, alexa. I grabbed two drawings and just scratched them.

the first 360 laps of the campus, Mayi happy at home, the campus obviously higher than everyone. (forget to add


In addition to seeing an explosion of happy growth,

second did not see ants 5 or 6 times more daily than others. Did I choose the comparison site wrong? Ha ha, do not know the wheat field and who else, trouble wheat field to talk about.

3, the wheat field, said, "51 is firmly hitting BBS users with money and is still hitting it.". "This is the essence of the 51 development model." I basically disagree. My view is that losing money is necessary at the right time, but it is not the key to success. Where is the key to success? I think it is "any Internet product success is the essence of his inner quality, namely the word-of-mouth marketing" we say it is good, can not satisfy the user in a certain aspect of demand; Internet products, users can.

What is the key to the success of soft Wen daily flow

said soft Wen this word, do SEO are not strange. And write soft text skills is what, Title?. Yesterday in Post Bar issued such an article shocking! France warm-up match, soccer again tackles France ", attracted a lot of traffic, looks like this is the soft knife on the site, said the benefits? You must try to do post title to a good point. Let others have the desire to see. That’s what someone sees. You write better, the title is not attractive, who will look at the Nocturne, analyze the good articles, draw the title, in fact, they write the best.

I think this is the user experience bar, before writing soft text, to stand in the user’s point of view, what is the most they want to see, what can attract their eyeballs?. Take the happy farm game. What does he mainly catch?. Steal this behavior is condemned in real life, this desire has sunk into the subconscious forever. But in this virtual game, you naturally love it when you release such unwarranted possession of other people’s belongings without punishment. Then we want is the title, the success of soft Wen daily flow of thousands of what is the key, Title?. Secondly, it is content. Without a good title, readers are lazy to see, the title should go deep into the reader’s heart, and resonate with it, or dispute, your soft Wen will be half of the success. How do you write the title,


first, the road line.

Such as "

" shocking! Won Bin sat between Jang Dong Gun legs

do not take into "GG" or "handsome cover of Won Bin’s FANS in HC" because both FANS and FANS only yuan in look, and the first title, at least can help you attract more accounted for more than 50% and the number of energy-saving energy-saving. It can arouse curiosity and gossip. Title add magic, shock, super ray what.

second, friendship line type.

this is familiar to everyone. For example, you would say that Li Xiang married life with Lee diamond is not harmonious, you certainly can not take the title of "Li Xiang married life", you can go salon perceptual route: "after marriage half, Li Xiang bitter inhuman who know" or "soft violence go concert route: Women’s innocent husband beat evil? Li Xiang Li Xiang after marriage life again", which can cause a wide range of compassion to others.


good at giving systematic guidance

this is simple, that is, to lower IQ, that is, let others think of you, or you want to express the kind of thing is really speechless. "Such a wife, who can endure?" in short, must belittle their intelligence, so that everyone who come in to see how low the level, there are words to say, let him think he is higher than you. After all, everyone has a heart to heart. This is temptation.

fourth digital extraction, quantitative change, eventually affecting qualitative change.

digital extraction is multifaceted, not only combined

Returning to simplicity might make your online marketing a success

development of China’s network 10 next year, the real development is a few years ago, and now the network is full of exaggeration, as it is now China network transition period, the old heard those what celebrity said foreign cyber source excellent than Chinese, more people say Chinese day wasted 2 million 500 thousand hours to search for an answer, as Americans, for 30 seconds, and Chinese for 60 seconds, the reason is China network garbage, many loopholes. Hear and see these young man, my heart really uncomfortable.

Chinese website is only in recent years crazy growth, China’s large population base, will hear the webmaster, rich, in the network the number of fishing gold, all want to join this emerging industry. Can be hard to do stand but not much, want to take a shortcut to the PR value, hang black chain, in order to get spam links everywhere; traffic, looking for a popular search term, and add their own stand completely irrelevant things in their own website, lead to invalid flow, in order to satisfy their vanity; money, find loopholes, BUG.

but we found out that those who are clever, are finally getting the punishment they deserve, or they feel so meaningless and give up, that is to say, these websites have disappeared. What’s left is a website that does what you’re really doing and helps people’s lives. You would say that a batch of garbage stations fell, another came, and more. Will be more, and I just said, this is a transitional period of Chinese network, I ask you, you do a dumpster, fail down, can you do the dumpster? The rest to practice is to put a speculation, finally also fail, wait for reincarnation. The real strength of the site, the more, the search engine will take the trash to the front row? At that time, the inside of the front engine is that batch of websites that are really useful, garbage station will never stand up. At that time, China’s network will mature, and will become the current situation in foreign countries, we all feel that search efficiency is high.

nagging a lot, you will think that I am writing with the title out, no, I am going to do in order to "simple" these 2 words, above a large margin, also highlighted the "simple" station will have a way out. What is "simple", if you are the master, here is the simple diligently do stand, if you are a network marketing, here is simple and honest.

the whole network is full of exaggeration. People prefer simple things and prefer plain language. Here, for example, the same sales tea, a sales with a paragraph to advertise: XX tea from XX when, where the bubble out, tea clear, fragrant overflow, make tea, please choose XX tea. Another sale uses a web page to pick up the tea scene, the production process, and so on. When you see the ad in front, you will consider whether you want to buy it and try it, and when you see the ad behind, when you >

How to make the search engine faster and better included site

    submit first of all know] each big search engine site entrance, if you want to quickly search engine included in your website, when the first thing you should be good to the major search engines to submit your site to search engines quickly included in your site, to your website traffic.

major search engine site login portal.

Google site login

Baidu site login

Yahoo site login

Live site login FORM=WSDD2

Dmoz site login

Coodir web directory login

Alexa site login

Sogou non-commercial login

China search site login

iAsk site login

search engine included query

Youdao search site login

Accoona site login search engine batch submission http://www.oneb>

Do business with more business thinking

has been doing websites for some time, and the income is not high, which is the average level of most webmaster. To observe a period of time, at the grassroots website this one, in fact with most other industries, there are a few star webmaster, can do an annual income of millions or even tens of millions, the rest are located in the middle and lower reaches, the monthly income from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Although many webmaster secret attraction station, such as "how I do a monthly income of tens of thousands of this post, but that everyone can see, there are many marketing and advertising, can really make a lot of money people probably won’t come here to feeble. In fact, many grassroots Adsense dry work is done, group building, pseudo original, mass, are very boring, very energy consuming work. There are many friends are confused, do some time, the effect is not obvious, began to give up, and I have had such experience, but all the way down, or learned a lot.

recently studied the practices of some low key experts on the Internet, and felt new experiences in doing this. In fact, the website is also a business, we don’t want to do website and site, in order to the chain outside the chain, the site as a business to think, in fact, a lot of confusion will disappear. Imagine a web site and a roadside shop is not what is different, the cost of the website server, shop to rent, websites need to flow, also need to store customers at the roadside shop in order to attract pedestrians on the road, the site is possible to attract traffic, shop to attract people what to do. Publicity, advertising, if a lot of people feel good, then there is a reputation and brand, website to attract traffic, it is nothing more than advertising, the chain, content construction and reputation. If you tell people well, if someone finds a new client for you, you deduct the percentage from him. On the Internet, this is the advertising alliance,.

all the way down, we will find that the website and the actual business is actually not what different nature, different only in its existing form, and the site also has its special advantage, effect is not influenced by geographical space, the cost is relatively low. If you are a manager, you certainly want to please one or two assistants, actually we truly visionary webmaster, also part of the website construction and propaganda work please people to do, but not by their own toil to do. Because of the success of the webmaster, should focus on the direction and decision-making to grasp, construction details if Qinliqinwei words is a lot of energy, the efficiency is not high, can put some trivial details to more professional people to do.

that’s why I say do have business thinking, and now I have a monthly income website have come up with some fixed investment to ask people to do advertising and promotion, monitoring their focus on keyword research and the results of SEO life much easier than before, but also more stable income in fact, the site is essentially a burn cause, if you can’t increase but continue to use the human way of investment, that you may never be able to this industry further.

Day IP2000, monthly income of over ten million (sounds like bragging)

once, I asked the graph king – I don’t have to direct the local station asked him what is the monthly income, generally speaking, the famous webmaster are confidential, so for this, I asked him: "how many web site advertising revenue accounted for the total income?" the king said: "1/3


I said that my station (then) only 2000IP, the best monthly income of nearly 10W, Wang Wang surprised, normal can reach 1W/ months, the king Wang answered only one word: "strong"

it sounds incredible – – it’s really incredible – but after listening to me, you’ll see.

first, positioning your site, most of the webmaster is consciously or unconsciously to your site is set into an information platform, after all, is an information center, is the carrier of all kinds of information released. But if you only know this, as a personal website, for now, unless you are strong in the category of your site, you will have a high income, because the information needs is authoritative media. For example, when you think of webmaster information, you think of CHINAZ, think of ADMIN5, why? Because in this category, they’re the boss. But any one category, can serve as a boss on a few stations; from the consumer psychology in terms of each category, the subconscious mind only accepted and recognized a few boss, everyone can not act as a boss, otherwise there is no boss.

I want to say here is another level, do not easily put your site as simply as an information platform, even if the attribute of each website has information platform, but only this location is not enough; unless you are the one and only creative, you find or create a category. Virgin, as long as you start immediately become the whole category of the boss, but this innovation was so difficult! So, your website and then add new attributes, this belongs to the sales force, the smart people already know what I had to say; your website at the same time as a a sales platform, which is not only a platform for information dissemination, so your site will have vitality.

Djedje network (JJ88.COM) did not put all the attention on the structure of the information platform at first, but it was the joint effort of an information platform and a sales platform. Never do anything that states that the law forbids it. Jejenni is a financial stock station, we will first think, as the stock station that is "to send the horse, make dirty money", this is the first location to violate the law, it shall do so, also do not long. My position is: make a not make investors money platform, but to make a money platform help investors, I made a commission of a group purchase platform, share knowledge and learning platform, a stock real exchange platform; of course I have known this requires very high on the stock to and this is a very important premise; so I said to do their own expertise, if you do not have the expertise, is not possible.

Little yellow recommend a post attracted 900IP

now domestic SEO, site optimization of a lot of fierce, here I mainly talk about their own personal experience, experts directly drive away.


small donkey home, Baidu included four individuals, was very pleased, because the domain name from the point of view, only a two level domain, and the space is the people (in fact, the forum of a 5D6D), so the weights of the domain name from the point of view, I have to. Secondly, I’ll try my best to see how to get more IP, hey hey,


I do is a tourist forum in Sanya, most of the information is related to Sanya tourism, but I have set up a special plate for everyone to advertise, I use this section to make IP.

previously worked in a SEO article read a word, remember: "edge ball" and pornography, actually here "pornography" is not only the mapping out of the erotic, interest, hobby, lure is…… So, I made a recent movie we are more concerned about the information, and said "download", then the URL to Baidu Post Bar in a ip500, the first day, second days, more than 300 days, third is affixed to the top, then the top more than 100…… If the administrator does not delete, before the movie came out, every day you top, every day there are more IP.

above information looks a bit like cheating IP, but I have not done so, or honestly do site, road to life.

posting for the first time, the content is very rough, please point out,


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