TV station teaches you four ways to get traffic quickly

now Baidu is getting more and more harsh with the movie station. Last month my TV station,, was one of the favourites, and now I can’t find it. But in fact, as long as we will promote, do not have Baidu can also IP tens of thousands of, and here are some of the rapid access to traffic methods:

(1). BBS publicity:

first, in the forum propaganda, I opened the way, also is the daily updated movie name and address recorded daily records about 10, write the advertisement text, but the advertising text not too guanggaohua, so it is difficult to let people into more easily by the moderator K. So the flexible use of your advertising wisdom to take more captives, advertising and some new movies are ready, then we will go to visit those high forums, although each forum to several or dozens, but I did not worry so much, is one of the then, from time to time to reply, but I don’t have to this website is my theme, I use the theme to share on this forum propaganda effect is very good, have obviously. read more

WeChat public platform there is wisdom of the choice of advertising

now "fan economy" can be described as fiery, WeChat public number is also popular, has a lot of fans concerned about the amount of WeChat quite a lot. There are fans, on behalf of traffic, there is traffic on behalf of commercial operations can be carried out.

it is understood that now has a certain amount of attention WeChat public platform, its main commercial profit methods are looking for businesses to advertise. However, even advertising has its own knowledge, and in this article, I will tell you how to choose "wisdom" advertising. read more

The organic unity of analysis and thought is the premise of making a good fortune for Taobao custome


customers are now more and more difficult to operate is an indisputable fact, many owners before the operation of Taobao customers, will look forward to future profits, so motivated, but too large gap between the ideal and reality, when I put a lot of energy, the spirit of the Yellow River to the heart does not die attitude to Taobao customer operations after they found and profitable distance seems to be more and more far, Taobao is really off no profit potential? The answer is no, because Taobao does not make money off, only the incorrect operation. In the operation of Taobao passengers on the road, should think and do organic unity. read more

Refute the wheat field how did 51 develop

I haven’t write a blog, online today to see a crop to write "51" is how the development of , suddenly feel that there is something to say, speak out.

I’ll write about my idea then.

wheat field article, I summarized as four (when I was in primary school Chinese language, the text of the central idea is always can not find, now make up missed lessons)

1, the domestic blog is not reliable, whether it is technical personnel or non technical personnel. read more

What is the key to the success of soft Wen daily flow

said soft Wen this word, do SEO are not strange. And write soft text skills is what, Title?. Yesterday in Post Bar issued such an article shocking! France warm-up match, soccer again tackles France ", attracted a lot of traffic, looks like this is the soft knife on the site, said the benefits? You must try to do post title to a good point. Let others have the desire to see. That’s what someone sees. You write better, the title is not attractive, who will look at the Nocturne, analyze the good articles, draw the title, in fact, they write the best. read more

Returning to simplicity might make your online marketing a success

development of China’s network 10 next year, the real development is a few years ago, and now the network is full of exaggeration, as it is now China network transition period, the old heard those what celebrity said foreign cyber source excellent than Chinese, more people say Chinese day wasted 2 million 500 thousand hours to search for an answer, as Americans, for 30 seconds, and Chinese for 60 seconds, the reason is China network garbage, many loopholes. Hear and see these young man, my heart really uncomfortable. read more

How to make the search engine faster and better included site

    submit first of all know] each big search engine site entrance, if you want to quickly search engine included in your website, when the first thing you should be good to the major search engines to submit your site to search engines quickly included in your site, to your website traffic.

major search engine site login portal.

Google site login

Baidu site login

Yahoo site login read more

Do business with more business thinking

has been doing websites for some time, and the income is not high, which is the average level of most webmaster. To observe a period of time, at the grassroots website this one, in fact with most other industries, there are a few star webmaster, can do an annual income of millions or even tens of millions, the rest are located in the middle and lower reaches, the monthly income from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Although many webmaster secret attraction station, such as "how I do a monthly income of tens of thousands of this post, but that everyone can see, there are many marketing and advertising, can really make a lot of money people probably won’t come here to feeble. In fact, many grassroots Adsense dry work is done, group building, pseudo original, mass, are very boring, very energy consuming work. There are many friends are confused, do some time, the effect is not obvious, began to give up, and I have had such experience, but all the way down, or learned a lot. read more

Day P2000 monthly income of over ten million sounds like bragging

once, I asked the graph king – I don’t have to direct the local station asked him what is the monthly income, generally speaking, the famous webmaster are confidential, so for this, I asked him: "how many web site advertising revenue accounted for the total income?" the king said: "1/3


I said that my station (then) only 2000IP, the best monthly income of nearly 10W, Wang Wang surprised, normal can reach 1W/ months, the king Wang answered only one word: "strong" read more

Little yellow recommend a post attracted 900P

now domestic SEO, site optimization of a lot of fierce, here I mainly talk about their own personal experience, experts directly drive away.


small donkey home, Baidu included four individuals, was very pleased, because the domain name from the point of view, only a two level domain, and the space is the people (in fact, the forum of a 5D6D), so the weights of the domain name from the point of view, I have to. Secondly, I’ll try my best to see how to get more IP, hey hey,


I do is a tourist forum in Sanya, most of the information is related to Sanya tourism, but I have set up a special plate for everyone to advertise, I use this section to make IP. read more

Congratulations on your loneliness your 30 day website rank in 1 million

this morning to open the webmaster toolbox to see my site rankings is 940 thousand, yesterday is 1 million 10 thousand. Finally in 1 million, think of this month the establishment of the day, I have mixed feelings.

This website

has more than 200 topics, they are either my original, or I collected, there will be a bunch of my blood; the site has more than 2000 links, each link to pay my energy. For it, I added more than 100 QQ group (many do not add); not registered under the 50 forum, 10; blog space blog; RSS subscription to see hundreds of articles to learn. I even saw every one can leave the URL of the blog to see a message, each rank about the site I will apply for Links in website or, add QQ to pull the friendship. (because Baidu is not included, almost all were rejected.) read more

Does blog marketing choose independent blogs or free blogs

although blog marketing and micro-blog marketing can not be mentioned in the same way, blog marketing is still not to be ignored, celebrity blog is still more popular. Most network marketers still choose to establish connections through blog marketing, blog marketing, blog marketing through the establishment of the studio, engaged in network promotion work through blog marketing, blog marketing is for giving and sharing, content and professional knowledge to attract readers loyal. Blog is a tool for information publishing and transfer. Blog has certain advantages as network marketing. read more

Four key decryption SEO counterparts compete magic

SEO operating model is a business model, is one of the tens of thousands of business competitions in today’s society. The SEO industry is in the network competition, but still you die I die fighting, is not a bullet in the head of the glint and flash of cold steel arena. As long as there are places where rivers and lakes exist, where there are people, there is competition. Since it is the competition of course, to know ourselves, you can. Today, Xiao Bian will decrypt SEO counterparts competition magic weapon, analyze the secrets of SEO. read more

Desert camel king network sales specialty win the initiative

"desert camel king" and his "desert camel king" native products

, a camel king in Xinjiang, Urumqi, is known to most people. In the minds of the surrounding farmers, he is relying on local products and build up the family fortunes wholesale merchant Wang Lubing. In the foreign people’s eyes, it is synonymous with Xinjiang native; facing increasingly fierce competition in the domestic market products, he changed the traditional sales model to network, open up new ways of Xinjiang native to the country, into the world. read more

Case analysis Baidu closely monitor any action on the site

with the adjustment of Baidu algorithm and the increasing improvement of Baidu search technology, Baidu has recently become more and more strict in monitoring the website. Previously, if the site navigation column, website forum to do minor alterations, as long as it does not involve the title of the website or web site keywords, Baidu basically does not make what punishment to the website, but now is not the same, even if the navigation section of the site to do a little modification, with the coming of the results is: home page snapshot of a file, site keywords ranking fell below for instance. read more

nvestment or investment projects grassroots individual owners look at entrepreneurship and investm

editor’s note: the author is a happy day of the week star (micro-blog Monternet founder ID@ happy dream master Zhou Xing, blog address, read only one impression, grassroots webmaster dare dare to do, you feel:

looked at 36 krypton recent "face no profit model of entrepreneurial projects, investors how to see, how entrepreneurs break" article, there are some feelings, nagging, nagging.

, like most of the webmaster, I’m just a grass root, without the bad background of the big guys at the GMIC conference. But I have long contact with the average net friend and know what they think. read more

Do garbage stations should also be targeted to do

is not a survey did not have statistics, do not know every day to A5 webmaster in how the industry is doing, and how much is the so-called dumpster, no investigation no right to speak, at least I know I can say that the 10 circles are 9.5 webmaster do garbage station, regardless of whether he is a month to earn ten thousand or one hundred, others have seen on definitions shown in the dumpster, saying is to get in on your site in other sites can bring to you, but there is a copy of another website only, and not in the whole Internet large value. In fact, the real innovation on the Internet, the one and only what and how many do, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, who would not say he is a garbage station, but Sina News on the ninety-five percent can be found in several other news portals verbatim, the network itself is the one you copy me, I copied you. Or how will the world network a large copy of the statement, happy net 001 and Thousand Oaks fake happy is an example! So I referred to in all the garbage station is defined as: all rely on search to earn money on advertising and profit site called read more

Ah Jiang site to professional but also simple


does not know how long, the Internet is considered as a technology, even once the Internet and drove together as one of the two technologies in twenty-first Century must grasp, Internet is mysterious, is a high-tech. But now, the network is no longer a tool, and became a toy, men and women old and young, understand the computer do not understand the computer, there is no culture of culture, will not typing typing, everything on the Internet, no one came, you just tell him which is the power switch the Internet, which icon, point which icon on the line chat. read more

A probe into the profit model of online shopping websites creative articles

‘s online shopping website has been around for a long time. In 2004, a website called woot was born in the United states. So many people will ask, only selling a product every day, then this site turnover can there? Can sell a few goods? Can maintain the website operation? Can realize the site’s profit? With this problem, we find a series of data.

as everyone knows, in 2008, the global financial crisis, and is triggered by the subprime crisis in the United States, that is the most serious area should belong to the United States, then, in the United States woot year turnover reached $100 million, the other countless websites look helplessly. read more

mprove the user experience improve the conversion rate of e commerce sites

we know, the user experience for any Internet products is very important, it can be said that the product life.

, and for the electricity supplier, the user experience is directly reflected in the conversion rate. Ultimate KPI purchase conversion rates spin off KPI as the core task in the process of conversion rates at all levels.

simply stated in the following formula:

purchase conversion rate = conversion rate, 1* conversion rate, 2* conversion rate, 3* conversion rate 4…

Description: conversion rate 1,2,3,4… Refers to the completion of the core task of the electricity supplier network – purchase tasks must go through the process of each step of the conversion rate. Use group buying network as an example: read more